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  1. Find the right daycare for baby

    Going back to work after welcoming a new baby and enjoying some much-deserved maternity leave can be difficult at first. However,...
  2. Holiday shopping guide: Baby care

    For wonderful baby care ideas this holiday season, these gifts will help you pamper the little ones in your life in style.
  3. Best Christmas gifts for babies

    "We are not getting her anything for Christmas," my husband told me sternly on the eve of our first Christmas shopping trip as...
  4. Postpartum anxiety

    Having a baby brings joy for many new parents. However, for some, parenthood creates new feelings of anxiety.
  5. U.S. pregnancy rate reaches 12-year low

    Over the last decade, the pregnancy rate in the U.S. has steadily declined, with 2009 showing the lowest pregnancy rate in 12 years.
  6. Top 10 education gifts for babies

    Babies love to keep busy with toys that are interactive. With different playthings that teach cause and effect, coach hand-eye...
  7. Recall: Manhattan Toy Quixel baby rattle

    Manhattan Toy has recalled their Quixel baby rattle because some parts can break off and become choking hazards for babies. Do you...
  8. Seasonal fun with baby

    If this month marks baby's first holiday season, get ready for some fun! Treat baby — and yourself! — to some holiday firsts.
  9. Another identical triplet birth reported

    In September, a rare identical triplet birth took place. Now, just over a couple of months later, this remarkable event happened to...
  10. Holiday shopping guide: For Mom

    Do you have a new or expectant mother on your holiday shopping list, or looking to flush out a list of your own? These gorgeous...