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  1. Stomach flu, or labor and delivery?

    A woman had no idea she was expecting her second child — instead, she thought she was suffering from the stomach flu. Surprise!
  2. Spring allergies and babies

    Sure, spring brings lot of warm weather and fun is in the air — but it also brings allergens.
  3. Mom went for mani-pedi, also had a baby

    Even though she was in early labor, a New Jersey woman thought she'd have time for a quick mani-pedi. As it turns out, her baby had...
  4. The secret to natural childbirth

    I've seen a lot of women give birth. Naturally, with the help of an epidural, and some with a mixture of methods that worked for...
  5. Help relieve Baby's colic

    Listening to the non-stop earsplitting cries of your newborn is enough to break any new mom's heart and enough drive her a little...
  6. Why breastfed babies don't need water

    I'll never forget the first time I came home from work and saw that my daughter's grandma had given my 4-month-old an entire glass...
  7. Do you have prenatal anxiety?

    Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time. But if you're spending more time worrying than celebrating your baby's impending arrival,...
  8. Disconnected from Baby?

    If you're not instantly connected with your baby, don't fret. Find small ways to bond during the course of your pregnancy.