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  1. Holiday Gift Guide: Playtime

    The holidays are a time of togetherness, sharing, love, warmth and family. A few fun, playtime gifts under your tree for your baby...
  2. Holiday Gift Guide: Bath and bed

    Taking a bath and going to bed happen every day in your home. These bath- and bedtime-themed gift ideas are perfect for the baby or...
  3. Mom in Washington has giant 15-pound baby

    Even if you've had a couple 12-pound babies, you wouldn't expect your third to weigh nearly 15 pounds — but that's exactly what...
  4. Monaco welcomes royal birth of twins

    Reigning monarch Albert II of Monaco and his wife, Charlene, welcomed two babies to the royal family Dec. 10, 2014.
  5. Holiday Gift Guide: Getting dressed

    Who says clothes are boring holiday gifts? Babies and toddlers don't think so, and even older children dig new threads. Here are a...
  6. Holiday Gift Guide: For Mom

    Whether you have a pregnant family member or friend on your shopping list or a new mom, these cute gifts will be right up her alley.
  7. Holiday gift ideas for babies and toddlers

    Holiday shopping for babies and toddlers can be tricky. You want them to open something for Christmas, but let's face it: They'll...
  8. The benefits of pregnancy massage

    Yes, the rumors are true: I indulge in near monthly massages during my pregnancy. But I swear, my reasons are justified.
  9. New dad gets shot over a bottle of wine

    A would-be wine thief opens fire on a new dad who's hoping to celebrate his new baby's birth. Fortunately, he'll recover.