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  1. Idaho mom gives birth while driving

    Talk about a surprise birth — a mom-to-be in Idaho had her baby while she was actually behind the wheel of her car… and driving.
  2. Moms share their first pregnancy symptoms

    When you're hoping to become pregnant, it can be maddening to try to decipher whether the symptoms you're experiencing are from...
  3. How I overcame my postpartum depression

    You would think that an OB nurse would recognize the signs of PPD, but I have to admit, that I totally didn't. I was in complete...
  4. Baby born in children's library

    Instead of dropping her kids off at school, a British mom-to-be unexpectedly had her baby in a children's library.
  5. Is your toddler getting enough of this ?

    You made sure your baby got plenty of this when you were pregnant, and now experts are saying toddlers need it in their diet. Find...
  6. Recall: Graco infant car seats

    On the heels of a huge Graco car seat recall comes another recall — this time targeting the company's infant car seat line.
  7. Nursing challenges?

    New mothers are faced with many first-time challenges when it comes to breastfeeding. We've got real solutions for all your nursing...
  8. Decoding Baby's skin

    Describing something as "smooth as a baby's bottom" isn't always accurate. Things can be less than smooth and perfect — on their...
  9. Essential oils and babies

    Every time I get on Facebook, I am invited to yet another "essential oil" party. But what is the movement? And is it safe for babies?