I love this Diaper Tote at Modern Tots. It's nice a big to hold all sorts of goodies, plus it's...
I love this Diaper Tote at Modern Tots. It's nice a big to hold all sorts of goodies, plus it's oh so pretty.


This easy to organize diaper tote comes in coated canvas, and four yummy design flavors. There's a handy outside sling pocket for a blanket, coat, umbrella, or even a newspaper. Interior perks include a coordinating print water-proof lining, dual bottle pockets, and multiple snap and zip compartments. There's even a center divider which keeps all your essentials organized. Bonuses to make your world as a new mama easier include a stroller attachment, diaper wipe case, and changing pad. Look at these gorgeous diaper bag designs:


I can't even decide which bag I like best. If this bag is a little too big, or not quite your style, Modern Tots carries a super neat Logic Bag you have to see. It's a slimmed down diaper bag perfect for mamas on the go. 

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