Athletes' Trendy And Classic Baby Names

Move over, rock stars and Hollywood's finest -- sports celebrities bestow a wonderful variety of traditional, classic and trendy names on their little ones too. What do superstars like Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning and Cliff Lee name their babies? Read on to find out.

Professional athletes are just as much in the limelight as other celebrities, such as actors and musicians. Sometimes athletes choose traditional or common names -- other times they pick unusual, unique or trendy names to bestow on their little ones.

Drew Brees and pregnant wife, BrittanyNFL star baby names

Quarterback Donovan McNabb and his wife, Roxy, have four children with more traditional names -- Alexis, Sariah, Donovan Jr. and Devin. Drew Brees has two boys named Baylen and Bowen. Both of these names are very unique and caused a stir when they were announced. Peyton Manning and his wife have a set of boy/girl twins named Marshall and Mosley. The boy, Marshall, has a more traditional name, but Mosley's name is quirky and unique.

Brett Favre has two daughters named Brittany and Breleigh -- a traditional name as well as one that uses trendy unique spelling. Dan Marino is the proud papa of six children, most with classic or traditional names. He and his wife, Claire, used the following names when their babies were born -- Daniel, Michael, Joseph, Alexandra, Lia and Niki Lin.

Alex Rodriguez and daughter NatashaMLB star baby names

Pitcher Cliff Lee and his wife, Kristen, have a son named Jaxon (a variant of the very popular name Jackson) and a girl named Maci. Randy Johnson, a celebrated pitcher who won the Cy Young Award five times, has five children -- Sammi, Tanner, Willow, Alexandria and Heather. Second baseman Dustin Pedroia has a son named Dylan, a cute name that grows well with a child.

Alex Rodriguez, who has spent a fair share of time in the tabloids in addition to being a popular player for the New York Yankees, gave his two children sweet classic names -- Natasha and Ella. Jim Thome and his wife are the parents of Lila and Landon. Catcher Buster Posey is the dad of twin babies named Lee and Addison.

Kobe Bryant and familyNBA star baby names

Kobe Bryant, who speaks fluent Italian, has two children with his former wife -- girls named Natalia and Gianna, both of which have an Italian flair. Iconic Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan has three children with his former wife. They chose traditional names for their brood -- Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine. Lebron James didn't consult any baby name books to name his first son, who bears the same name as his dad -- Lebron Jr. His second son, however, is named Bryce, which is a great name that suits him well.

Kevin Garnett and his wife, Brandi, chose an unusual name for their little girl -- Capri. Dwayne Wade has two sons with singular names -- Zion and Zaire.

You don't have to be a superstar to give your baby a really unique baby name. Try a search to find the best name for your little one!


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