Baby tummy time is essential for your baby so make sure you fit plenty of it in. There's a theory...
Baby tummy time is essential for your baby so make sure you fit plenty of it in. There's a theory that babies who don't get put on their stomach at an early age won't enjoy tummy time later on. I'm not completely sure this has been scientifically proven. I've seen babies who love it I've seen babies who hate it. Mostly, I've seen babies who don't like it at first but grow to love tummy time. 776066_arush_1.jpgWhen your little one is a few days old you can start putting him on the floor on his belly. Just for a bit at first (maybe five minutes). Try doing this a few times a day and as he learns to like it increase his time on the floor. Which brings me to an important point; safety for tummy time.
  • Never place your baby on his tummy on a couch or other up off the floor place. It's not safe. Even a baby you think can't move, will surprise you by trying to fly off a couch.
  • Don't place your baby on something overly soft; like a bunchy blanket. It's better development wise to have firm floor tummy time and there's no chance of your baby getting caught up in blankets.
  • Never put your baby on the floor and walk away. Make sure you stay and play with him. Talk to him, sing, get out some colorful toys.
Also only put your little one on his belly when he is wide awake. Remember your baby always should sleep on his back -- this is the best known SIDS prevention. Babies who get time on their belly learn skills easier such as holding their heads up, sitting, crawling, and walking; so pencil in some floor time a few times each day.

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