Playtime is not just fun time for your baby; it might look that way but many of the activities you...

Playtime is not just fun time for your baby; it might look that way but many of the activities you and her do together are insuring great baby development and helping her learn skills she'll use for the rest of her life. Not to mention all the smiles playtime brings. happy_baby-250×187.jpgThrow that ball around! Well, technically babies don't throw balls at first -- but they do love to hold and roll them. Watch your baby as you roll a ball to her. She'll focus right on it's every move which helps to develop great eye-body coordination. Even if she isn't reaching for the ball yet believe me she's thinking about it and pretty soon she'll be diving for it. Balls also help to improve your baby's sense of the world around her or what's known as her spatial awareness which can help her when she starts to puzzle out tougher questions. Puppet play: I talk about puppet play all the time because I've never met a baby who doesn't adore a great puppet show. Add in dolls and stuffed animals and you have a great base for your baby to start learning real world tasks. Imagination with furry friends is far different than imagination time with parents or peers. Your baby and soon to be toddler uses her stuffed pals to act out what she sees going on around her. Dolls get loved, fed, diapered, punished, and played with which helps your little makes better sense of her own world. It helps to think things through and then act them out. Water fun: Bath time fun, swimming, and pouring water from small cups into bowls is science in action. Water is a strange substance and from the get go your baby will try to make sense of it by playing with it. She'll learn what floats and what sinks; how one tall cup looks like it has more water when really it hold the same amount as a short fat one. She'll see it evaporate and turn to ice. She'll see sand clump in it and watch how a sponge can soak it up. She'll feel it cold, warm, and a little too hot. Water when played with around an adult it a great starter toy for even small babies that can get their little brains stimulated. Make sure to get a heaping helping of playtime in every single day. Use books, blocks, toys, water, sand, the great outdoors and anything else you can think of for a well developed, smarter, and happier baby.

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