What you need to know to keep your little bundle cozy and warm from autumn through the winter months. Your...
What you need to know to keep your little bundle cozy and warm from autumn through the winter months.
  • winter-hat.jpgYour baby should be dressed in the same amount of layers that you're wearing. Just because he's smaller does not mean he needs more layers than the average person to stay warm. So, if you're wearing a teeshirt with a sweater and jacket your baby can wear three layers as well.
  • Hats, hats, and hats. It's a myth that you can catch a cold simply from being cold but babies and kids do lose heat through their heads which can make them feel sick and super chilly. Be sure to get a great collection of cool knit hats that cover his ears.
  • Sunscreen! During the colder months the sun still shines. it's important to use sunscreen in the autumn and in the winter when sun shines off the snow and can reflect more harshly on your baby when you two are out walking. Always slather on the sunscreen year round.
  • If your baby's clothing gets wet due to rain or snow bring him in asap and change his outfit. His tiny body will get chilly quickly in wet clothing. One option for the fall months is a baby rain jacket and in the winter a bunting suit.
lady-bugcoat.jpgCute hats at Groovy Mama. Adorable rain jackets at Yellow Turtle.

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