If you've decided not to co-sleep, you're likely shopping for a good crib mattress. Your best best is to go...
If you've decided not to co-sleep, you're likely shopping for a good crib mattress. Your best best is to go organic. eco crib mattressMany, in fact most, traditional mattresses are made with PVC, polyester, and or foam. After production these mattresses are covered in flame-retardant chemicals and PBDE's. Some of these chemicals have been implicated in SIDS - although not all research backs that up. Additionally consider that babies spend quite a bit of their time on their mattresses, and their smaller bodies are affected by chemicals and pesticides, more so than ours, you have to wonder why not go organic. Read, Five Problems With Crib Mattresses to get the full scoop on unsafe sleeping areas for babies. Organic and natural mattresses used to be way more expensive. Currently, you can get a nice deal on one. In most cases you will still pay more for organic, but your child's health is worth it. Where to find decent priced healthy baby crib mattresses: Naturepedic - nice selection of , including round. Ecobaby Organics - great selection plus cribs and bedding. Right now they have free shipping until Easter too. EcoChoices Natural Living Store

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