With summer right here in front of us, we've started looking at summer baby issues. We looked at water safety...
With summer right here in front of us, we've started looking at summer baby issues. We looked at water safety and a cool icy lime smoothie for mamas, up today, a good long look at annoying bugs. Summer bugs can be obnoxious. With babies and toddlers, the best cure for bites is actually prevention. summer bug bitesPrevention: Have your baby wear lightweight but covering summer clothing to prevent bugs. Always tuck pants into socks if you live in a tick prone area. Most bugs and spiders are not dangerious - but some are. It's wise not to let your baby ever play with bugs. Also babies will put just about anything in their mouth (yuck). During walks cover your baby's stroller, or your carrier with a lightweight blanket. Check the sand before setting your baby down to play. In New Mexico, it was common to see fire ants hidden in the sand at the park, but other bugs hide in the sand too. Don't enjoy nature when the bugs do - bugs are most frequently outside during the late afternoon and early evenings. Bugs like a good sunset I guess. I know; you do too, but avoid them to avoid bugs. Stay clear of humid water areas - like a lake or river. Mosquitoes love this kind of place. If you're spending a lot of time near the water this summer, you'll likely need a bug spray (stay tuned today for that post). Keep your baby out of long grass, wood piles, piles of leaves, and other dark corners of places bugs might be hiding. The number one reason most bugs bite is because you invaded their little space. Next up help for treating bug bites and what sort of bug spray is safe for little ones.

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