Often it's recommended to adults to take both ibuprofen and acetaminophen when they have fever or pain; switching off every...
Often it's recommended to adults to take both ibuprofen and acetaminophen when they have fever or pain; switching off every two to four hours. It allows you to double up on pain relief without overloading one or the other. I recently read that it's ok to switch off baby ibuprofen and baby acetaminophen every four hours to reduce high fevers fast. Maybe you've heard this too. Health care providers note that this is a safe solution to try BUT you need to follow some basic rules: You should always try just one pain reliever / fever reducer first, and wait to see if it works. If you do decide to give alternate doses every four hours, you need to check with your baby's pediatrician first. You should also NEVER give your baby any medicine meant for an adult. If the bottle of medicine doesn't say baby or infant, it's not appropriate for your little one. As a mama who has dealt with many a baby fever, I think that baby ibuprofen (like Infant's Motrin) works way faster to lower fever and pain than baby acetaminophen (like baby Tylenol) does - and no I'm not a paid affiliate or anything. Motrin just seems to make Cedar feel better faster - but your baby could respond differently.

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