Often babies can develop what appears to be baby dandruff - both on their heads and sometimes on their eyebrows....
Often babies can develop what appears to be baby dandruff - both on their heads and sometimes on their eyebrows. Luckily it's not a serious problem, and you can help minimize it. First off, this issue, really called cradle cap, not dandruff, is not the same itchy dandruff some adults get. Cradle cap looks annoying, but it's probably not bothering your baby any. Secondly, cradle cap is a normal occurrence, so don't panic thinking your baby is the only one with this problem. Why it happens:  Most of the time when our skin is dry, our hair shaft oil glands secrete oil that decrease dryness. Babies however are born with skin that hasn't yet found that perfect moisture balance - i.e their oil glands are working completely perfect yet. To help decrease cradle cap:  Your baby will outgrow cradle cap, but if it bothers you, there are a couple of things you can do. During bath-time dot a dab of baby shampoo onto a small baby washcloth and massage it in circles over your baby's head - never scrub hard, you could hurt your baby. You can also try smoothing on a little plain old olive oil. Dab a bit onto your baby's head, leave it sitting for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off with a wet washcloth. *NOTE - Never use adult dandruff shampoo on your baby. Never put olive oil on your baby's eyebrows. Don't use other oils to stand in for olive oil (like essential oils - they can sting your baby's head and eyes). If cradle cap is bothering you a lot, hang in there, it'll go away. Of course you can also discuss solutions with your baby's pediatrician.

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