Poop is not the most amusing topic ever, but in the case of your newborn, it's an important topic, and...
Poop is not the most amusing topic ever, but in the case of your newborn, it's an important topic, and one that many new parents seem to worry about. Newborn baby poop is not that complicated once you catch on. Following is a list of general newborn poop tips that you'll need to know... Poop during the first few days: Newborn poop is sticky, greenish or black, and sticks like crazy to your baby's bum for the first few days of his life. This is not real baby poop but meconium, and it's the same no matter if you breastfeed or formula feed. Changing poop: After the first few days your baby's poop will change. If you're formula feeding your baby will have tan to mustard colored poop that's sort of sticky and pasty. If you're breastfeeding, your baby's poop will be lighter in color, and may appear to have little seeds in it. Frequency of poop: Your baby should be having many smaller bowel movements a day. The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that breastfed babies may even poop after each feeding. As your baby grows poop frequency will decrease, but keep in mind that the decrease in frequency may mean fuller diapers when he does go. Talk to your baby's pediatrician if you have concerns about poop frequency. The smell: Breastfed babies have better smelling poop than formula fed babies; yet another benefit of breast-milk. Don't get too attached to the nicer smell though. As soon as your little one starts solids, his poop will smell ickier no matter if he's breastfeeding or formula feeding.

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