Your baby will hit cool new milestones all year, but usually, eye contact will be the first major one you...
Your baby will hit cool new milestones all year, but usually, eye contact will be the first major one you notice.


Somewhere between six and eight weeks is when most babies make eye contact for the first time. Eye contact may seem like a small milestone, but it shows that your baby's brain development is on track. It also indicates good development of his communication skills. What you'll see: If this baby milestone is on track, you'll notice good eye contact. Your baby will look at your face, and focus; maybe even gaze into your eyes. A baby who has not reached this milestone yet won't focus, or he'll look beyond you or around you. It may feel like he's looking over your shoulder, or head, rather than at you. There are some studies that discuss babies who don't meet this milestone until three months of age. That's on the late side, but it's smart to keep in mind that all babies are different. When late is really late for this milestone: If your baby is older than three months it's likely your pediatrician will suggest tests to rule out eye problems (such as disease, or limited vision). Secondly there may be tests to look for parent-baby attachment issues, or behavior problems. You can bring up concerns with your baby's doctor, but try not to stress too much. Three months is late for eye contact, but it doesn't always mean a huge problem. Remember milestone time-lines are time-line, not set schedules for a reason, all babies set their own milestone time-lines within reason. Helpful related reading:  Is your baby focusing on your face yet?

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