This morning we looked at some common child poisoning dangers during the holiday. Now we should take a look at...


This morning we looked at some common child poisoning dangers during the holiday. Now we should take a look at some dangerous holiday plants. We'll start with a common concern of parents; the Poinsettia. In an upcoming post we'll look at some other holiday plant dangers. Poinsettia For a while, I worked at an organic greenhouse. We mainly grew wheatgrass and during the holidays, poinsettias. A common misconception about poinsettias is that they're very poisonous. They're actually not a serious ingestion danger. You absolutely should not allow a child to munch a poinsettia, but overall, your little one would need to eat pounds of this plant in order to get sick, and even then, it's likely that only slight stomach issues would occur. In fact, a study at Ohio State University showed that a 50 pound child who ate 500 bracts would possibly have a slight tummy ache." Additionally, POISINDEX, the national information center for poison control centers, supports the Ohio State study, noting that a child could easily ingest 500-600 leaves and still not be near a toxic level. That said, poinsettias still pose a risk. The Drug and Poison Information Center (DPIC) notes that children who touch the leaves of the poinsettia, then rub their skin or eyes, may experience redness and irritation. Also, while poinsettias won't easily poison a human, your child could choke on the firm leaves if he eats them. Furthermore, just because poinsettias aren't poisonous in general, it doesn't mean your child won't be allergic and have a reaction. Plants, like nuts or dairy can cause a reaction in one child, and not another. You should always keep Poinsettias up and out of reach of your child. And the best thing to do if your child eats any plant is to call call poison control. You never know from child to child if a plant will cause a negative reaction or not. How to recognize a poinsettia: Poinsettias can range from traditional red to creamy white to various shades of pink and orange. Sometimes they're sold under the name "Christmas star" or "Christmas plant." Here are some images: 16766_poinsettia-with-pink.jpgwhite_poinsettia-plant.jpg


Later we’ll look at some other common holiday plants that are harmful to children. If you want more holiday safety tips right away, read the following:

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