Your pet kitty may have some major issue with your new baby. Especially if your cat has been king...


Your pet kitty may have some major issue with your new baby. Especially if your cat has been king of the land for a good long while. What a cat might do when your baby arrives: Be curious - mostly kitties are curious about any new arrival; not to mention one that smells of milk and makes fun cooing noises. Allow your cat to investigate the new baby, but keep a close eye on both of them. Be angry - some cats can't handle anyone else getting attention. Cut down on kitty anger by giving your pet plenty of attention, play time, and cuddles. Be thrilled - some cats really like babies. Babies are small, cuddly, and extra warm. Many cats think that babies are perfect sleeping pals. However, this is not safe for your baby. Unless you're in the room, you should install a secure net over your baby's crib to stop your cat from making the crib his bed too. See if your kitty is happy with a blanket or stuffed toy of your baby's instead. Other things you should do to help your kitty and baby: Read, get your dog baby-ready, which yes, is geared toward dogs, but all the tips can be adjusted for, and work well for kitties as well. Don't allow rough housing, on either side. Your kitty can't understand that a baby needs to be treated gently. Your cat may bat your baby in the face, bite him, or use his claws on your baby's delicate skin. As your baby grows the tables may turn, because he won't understand pet gentleness. If your baby is allowed to hit, pull on, or mess with your cat, your cat will likely defend himself. To limit incidents, always supervise when your baby and cat are in a room together. Teach your baby right from the start how to gently pet a cat and never allow your babe to be mean to your kitty. Don't allow licking. Your cat should be stopped if he tries to love on your baby with licks. Obviously, try to stop your baby from licking on the cat as well. Distract your kitty with a new cool cat toy while you're trying to get baby care tasks done. Do you have a baby and a kitty sharing the house? How is this going for the family?

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