If you feed with formula, or pump breast milk, you'll need bottles. Obviously, you don't want your baby drinking from...
If you feed with formula, or pump breast milk, you'll need bottles. Obviously, you don't want your baby drinking from baby bottles contaminated by toxic plastics chemicals. It would also be nice if the bottles were easy to use and recyclable. Following are some of the best green baby bottle choices.


Green To Grow: This company uses a BPA-free resin to make their products, uses only 100% recycled paper and soy inks in their packaging, and donates to eco-causes. They sell bottles in singles, but their Welcome Home Sets, in wide or regular neck are really cool because they come with everything you need to get started with bottle feeding. Included are "two 5 oz BPA-free baby bottles, two 10 oz BPA-free baby bottles (all of which come with Beginner nipples, 0 – 3 months); one package of Intermediate nipples (3 nipples per pack, 3 – 6 months); one package of Expert nipples (3 nipples per pack, 6+ months); and a super soft, organic cotton baby cloth, good for burps, slurps, baths, and splashes!"


The Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottle is 100% BPA Free, plus designed for a feeding that highly mimics breastfeeding. An excellent safe bottle if you're both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Adiri's newest design features an easy Fill, Twist and Feed feature as well. Lastly, so far as looks go, you can't beat the beautiful design of the Adiri; very fresh and modern. Giggle is a good place to find and purchase Adiri bottles.


Thinkbaby makes bottles that are free of all harmful chemicals and safe for your babe. Their bottles also have a patented anti-colic system built into their bottle nipples and come with handy travel caps. Thinkbaby is also a growth company , as your baby grows, they offer chemical free feeding tools like sippy cups and bowls. There are actually other good chemical-free baby bottles available. The market is getting bigger. At some point we'll see more, but for now, this gives you three excellent baby bottle options.

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