It's been a germ-filled day today. We looked at why you shouldn’t fight germs, some places that germs hide, and...
It's been a germ-filled day today. We looked at why you shouldn’t fight germs, some places that germs hide, and we saw some adorable stuffed germs. To wrap up, let's look at a few more places that germs hide. It seems like germs are hiding all over huh? Library books: I went to college officially for nursing, and that means you take a ton of science. In one science course, microbiology, we basically had to grow germs. In short terms this means you swab something; money, a desk, etc, place the swabbed germs in a petri dish and grow away. I various library book and guess how many icky germs I grew? You don't want to know. Library books are chalk full of germs, and there's not much you can do about it, because you can't really clean pages of a book. You best to avoid the worst of these germs is to make sure your baby is not chewing on her library books. Petting zoos: Petting zoos were in the news recently because a few had been linked to E. coli outbreaks. What the experts recommend is that kids under three years of age not pet the animals, because it's hard to stop a baby from petting an animal and then putting her hands in her mouth. After going to the petting zoo your child needs to wash her hands very well. Public restrooms: These are of course germy zones, but not as bad as others. For example, studies show that park play equipment harbors more germs than a public bathroom. Take precautions but don't be a germ freak about public restrooms. Check the seats for any ickies before your child uses the toilet, and then wash up well afterwards. Public water fountains: Public water fountains are BIG germ baddies. One study found more germs in the water in a public fountain than in toilet water in a public restroom. YIKES - I'm not the type of parent who is bothered much by germs, and this even freaks me out. I suggest you carry reusable water bottles vs. facing public fountains. If your child must drink from a fountain, you can allow some water to run first and don't let her mouth touch the actual drinking spigot.

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