While babies do learn to walk on different schedules, most do so with few problems. However, sometimes a problem will...
While babies do learn to walk on different schedules, most do so with few problems. However, sometimes a problem will become apparent once your baby starts learning to walk. Know what to watch for... If you notice your tot experiencing any of the symptoms below, you should tell your baby's pediatrician right away. It could be an oddball walking quirk that your baby will grow out of, but it could also indicate a problem.
  • If only one leg is bowing in. This might look like your baby dragging one leg or your baby walking with one of his legs turned toe inward.
  • Pain when your baby walks or crawls.
  • Any sort of limping.
  • Many trips and falls. This is tricky because all babies trip and fall when learning to walk. If your baby doesn't improve over time though, or if trips and falls become more frequent it can be a sign of a problem.
  • Redness or swelling in legs, especially after a walking session.

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