While it's important to keep all hot liquids out of reach of your newly walking tot, accidents happen. Little kids...
While it's important to keep all hot liquids out of reach of your newly walking tot, accidents happen. Little kids are super fast and it's surprising how quickly they can grab a hot cup of coffee from your hands or a bowl of soup off a table. If the worst happens, and your baby does manage to spill a hot liquid on himself - don't panic and know the following:


DO NOT: Put ice on the area. This is what most parents think to do, and it makes sense, but in my medical classes we learned that placing ice on tender young skin can actually cause a frost bite affect and that affect is worse if you place ice on baby skin already damaged by a burning hot liquid. DO: Remove any clothing on the area and run cool water over the burned area for about ten minutes. Your little one may hate this and cry, but it'll hurt worse if you don't run the cool water over the skin. After ten minutes cover the area with a loose dressing of gauze (something you should have in your first aid kit). NEVER EVER: Put butter or antibiotic cream on a burn your baby gets from a hot liquid spill. This is not only just an old wives tale, but it's dangerous. According to the CDC this can cause infection which is the last thing a burned baby needs. WHEN TO GO TO THE DOCTORS: Not all baby burns require a trip to the doctors. A first degree burn does not normally require a trip to the doctors. First degree burns are superficial and your baby's skin will turn red. A hot liquid spill is often a first degree burn. BUT if the skin blisters you do need to call the doctor. Any second or third degree burns require professional help right away.

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