SIDS Cases Go Up When Parents Drink Too Much.

If you've got a new baby, New Year's Eve can seem like a good break. You get to have some...
If you've got a new baby, New Year's Eve can seem like a good break. You get to have some adult fun and yes even have a drink or two. However, a scary new study suggests that you may be better off skipping the parties and staying home with a nice movie, or at the very least, better off drinking in WAY moderation. alcohol during pregnancy, alcohol free drink, Alcohol-Free Cocktails, breastfeeding and alcohol, drinking during pregnancy, Non-alcoholic drinks for pregnancy, Non-Alcoholic Margarita Punch, pregnancy-friendly cocktails, baby death, Baby sleep, back to sleep, Co-sleeping, infant cpr, parent worry, sids, sids risks, sids worry, Sudden Infant Death, tummy sleep, worried about baby The new research says that there's a there's a 33% spike in SIDS cases on New Year's Day, and the researchers conclude it's because parents who have had a little too much to drink, may not pay close attention to how they put their baby to bed. The study suggests that parents who are drinking are more likely to place their baby on his belly to sleep, a practice that has a direct correlation with SIDS deaths. After searching through mountains of SIDS dated data, it was found that SIDS deaths do correlate with New Year's Day, which although it doesn’t prove that alcohol was the cause of the problem, it doesn't take a genius to come to that conclusion. The researchers on the study believe the circumstantial case is strong. Now, if you'd like to party on New Year's Eve and you know alcohol will be a factor, just play it smart. Hire a sitter, have grandma stay with the baby or simply drink way less. You might also want to stay clear of alcohol altogether. There are tons of excellent alcohol-free drinks you can make. *Source

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