Find Out How Much Your Baby Weighs

Just how big is that baby you're carrying? If your medical professional is measuring your precious baby-to-be in grams, you'll find this conversion chart extremely helpful!

Pregnant woman getting ultrasound |

The ultrasound

Few things are more reassuring to an expectant mother than a successful ultrasound appointment. The information gathered at these appointments depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy.

  • First trimester: This ultrasound helps determine how far along you are and lets you know whether you are pregnant with more than one baby. This visit can also identify birth defects surrounding the brain or spinal cord.
  • Second trimester: With this ultrasound, your technician can estimate the gestational age of the fetus while observing the baby's length, weight and position. Major defects can be detected at this appointment.
  • Third trimester: Ultrasounds conducted during the third trimester confirm that the baby is moving and examine how he or she is positioned. Height and weight measurements provide a good indication of the anticipated birth weight.

Estimating prenatal weight

Your baby's fetal weight is typically calculated by your doctor or an ultrasound technician and, in most cases, is done so in grams. The prenatal weight is generally determined after the first trimester and involves specific measurements of your baby-to-be.

These measurements are put into a program that calculates the baby's weight. While it all sounds very scientific, there is a lot of room for error. Because your little one is positioned so tightly, it can be challenging to get an accurate read on the baby's length. And babies grow at different rates, so the best numbers we can get are merely estimates that are based on averages.

Using the conversion chart

The conversion chart is similar to a tax chart: You simply locate, as closely as possible, the weight in grams and use the column headers across the top to convert to pounds and the row headers down the left-hand side to determine the ounces.

For example, your doctor or technician may tell you that your 20-week-old baby weighs 300 grams. Using this handy-dandy conversion chart, you can convert that to about 10-1/2 ounces. At 30 weeks, your little one may weight 1,320 grams which, according to the chart, is just under 3 pounds.

Baby weight chart up to 6lb 15 oz |

Baby weight chart 7lbs and up |

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