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Let's face it, being a parent is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. When it comes down to babies, sometimes it's downright difficult to figure out just what they need to make them happy, comfortable and calm.
Jennifer Newton Reents

Keeping Baby calm
In fact, calm surroundings positively affect future learning potential and ability to adapt to changes, says Dr Greg Jackson, clinical director of the newborn nursery at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas and associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

After determining your baby is neither hungry, wet or in pain, you may want to try some of these 10 tried-and-true tips to soothe your new bundle of joy and bring some peace to your lives!

Along with all the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding, come the emotional ones. While your baby may not be hungry, sometimes bringing him to the breast can help calm him.

"The benefits of breastfeeding could fill many pages, but as a 'tranquilizer' for infants, breastfeeding is divine," says Jackson. "It places the baby skin-to-skin with Mom, allows the infant to feel and hear the maternal heartbeat and offers nutrition far superior to any formula. Positioning of the baby during breastfeeding allows for appropriate eye contact which enhances development."

Tracie Tackett-Penrod of Charlottesville, Virginia, a mother of three, says she always offered breastfeeding to her children as a way to soothe them when they needed to be calmed or when they didn't appear to feel well physically or emotionally.

"To sit and hold my child while they hurt inside or out and know that something only I can give them makes everything go away, is an incredible feeling," she says. "After walking around the house, swaying, bouncing, dancing, singing, etc., my children will finally calm for another person, but all I need do is hold them in my arms and they just know what I can give them and immediately quiet and turn to receive it."

Car rides/bouncy seats
One technique to calm a fussy baby is to take him for a car ride or put him in a vibrating seat to simulate one.

"The rhythmic rocking and monotonous sound of the car engine will soothe even the most irritable of babies," Jackson says. "However, some infants may take 10 to 20 minutes before they settle down. Many mothers find out how beneficial a car ride is when they have a baby who is crying so much that they rush to the emergency room, only to arrive with a calm, sleeping baby."

Jackson says bouncy seats -- vibrating-type chairs -- can mimic the repetitive motion of the car and are a comfort to some infants.

"Car rides are a great soother for all of my kids. I always know I can put any of my children in the car crying and after five minutes of driving they are no longer upset," says mother of three Heather Freitag, of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Slings or front carriers work wonders for some babies. Sometimes all they want is to be close to you. Jackson says the process of maternal-infant bonding and calming your baby can occur almost continuously with a sling.

"When the infant is positioned in a carrier on Mom's chest, he is rocked to and fro in a manner similar to the movement infant experienced in utero carrying him around your chest," he says. "Most moms find this comfortable (unless they have back problems) and easy to do and it frees up their hands to allow them to perform other tasks."

Katie Burton of Colombia, Missouri says her sling was a lifesaver for her fussy baby, although her experience with them did not come with out trial and error.

"As a shower gift, I received a form-fitting baby pack type sling and Emma hated it," she says. "I had thought it would be great but it was difficult to nurse her in and it almost always took two people to put her in it. This meant I rarely used it because she and I are usually by ourselves at the store so there was no one to help me struggle into it. I gave up and couldn't understand why people thought slings were so great.

"My sister-in-law bought me Dr Sears' Fussy Baby Book a month or so after Emma developed her crying jags. Based on the info in his book and an Internet search on colic and slings, my husband and I decided that anything that helped calm her and helped her cry less was worth it. We just had to find one that was better suited to us. I found a sling (similar to the Maya wrap) made in Canada that was more like Dr Sears described in his book. The day the sling arrived was one of Emma's worst as far as crying in my arms during the day and refusing to nap. Nothing was really helping and I was almost at wits end. I tore the sling out of the box, slipped Emma into it and began walking her around ? . She loved it. Within minutes, she had stopped crying and just cuddled up to me. Within a half-hour, she drifted into peaceful sleep. ? Emma still loves that sling and spends a part of each day in it. She never liked her stroller so it also made shopping ten times easier."

Some babies crave constant movement. Rocking chairs and swings are perfect for babies who will only calm down when they are being rocked. Once you figure out if this works for your child, a good investment may be a battery-operated swing and a sturdy rocking chair with comfortable padding.

"Most mothers instinctively will rock their infant, although moms should be careful to find the infant's likes and dislikes regarding this technique," Jackson says. "For example, some mothers will vigorously rock side-to-side, but their baby may be one that appreciates gentler rocking, or rocking in an up-and-down motion. Too much rocking can actually lead to over-stimulation of the baby. Pay attention to your infant's clues and you fill find the perfect soothing technique for your baby."

Burton says her rocker worked for a while.

"When she was newborn, she loved the rocker. She even had a crib that had wheels on it so we could rock her," she says. "By the time she was three months, however, she very much preferred more active rocking than sitting in a glider provides. She likes to be walked and rocked and she liked the scenery to change. ? We walked around the mall. Late at night, we walked around our neighborhood or just the house."

Whether it is a lullaby you choose to sing or you turn on the radio and let rock n'roll do it for you, music can do wonders.

"I think I'm the only mom on Earth whose singing makes their children cry harder," says Tackett-Penrod. "My (husband) often plays guitar and sings to our children and it works for all of them. ? And it's not lullabies, he plays punk rock."

Jackson recommends music be soft and gentle, allowing the infant to experience some familiarity of sound.

"It could be performed in the context of low lights and quiet rocking, if Mom has experimented with such techniques and found them to be useful. As with rocking, this form of comfort could be taken to extremes, and Mom should 'tune in' to her baby's response to such measures."

Skin-to-skin holding
Skin-to-skin contact is a great way to calm your baby. Take off all Baby's clothes except a diaper and lay him on your naked chest. This doesn't have to be done just during breastfeeding and it is a great way for Dad to bond with the baby too. Baby will feel warm and find comfort in hearing a heartbeat, experts say.

Some babies have a strong need to suck and babies often use sucking to comfort themselves. Some parents choose to use pacifiers while others encourage their infants to suck on their own hands or offer their child Mom's or Dad's finger for comfort.

Jackson warns that although pacifiers may calm some babies, Moms should be cautious in their use, since sucking on a pacifier is distinctly different from sucking on a breast and may cause nipple confusion in the early weeks if the child is breastfed.

"Only after an infant has formed good breastfeeding habits, should a pacifier be used and then a pacifier may be used sparingly as a calming device," he says.

For Lauren Keene, of Sacramento, California, the pacifier was the only thing that worked to calm her son when he was an infant.

"It soothed him and got him to sleep, and my husband and I got some much-needed rest as well," she says.

Burton says her daughter loved to suck on Daddy's fingers.

"He could comfort her by rubbing her gums and letting her suck on his forefinger or thumb," she says.

Swaddling a baby -- wrapping him tightly in a blanket is often used in the first few weeks after birth using a light receiving blanket.

Place the blanket on a bed or a changing table and turn down one corner about five inches. Place the baby on the blanket with his head right above the folded corner. Take one arm and place it at the baby's side while taking the blanket on that side and pulling it across the baby's body to tuck under his back on the opposite side. Lift the bottom corner and tuck it in (by the neck) of the side you just arranged. Lastly, reach for the remaining side corner and bring it over the baby's body to the opposite side and tuck it under his back.

Because an infant has been growing in a confined space, he is accustomed to the swaddled position, says Jackson.

"After birth, he gains a sense of comfort with blankets that snuggly wrap around him and position his hands at the midline," he says. "This not only provides warmth, but also reduces random movements of the arms and legs and thus decreases irritability."

When Burton first brought her daughter home, she used swaddling to get her baby to settle down and stay asleep. "Emma flailed her hands quite a lot and if they brushed anything or if she was somehow freer than was comfortable for her, she cried and woke herself up," Burton says. "One of the nurses on the postpartum floor showed us how to swaddle Emma in one long rectangular, receiving blanket. My husband got to be quite the expert at swaddling and was very proud that she slept longer for her naps and at night if he swaddled her."

Just touching or slightly stroking your baby on the head or feet can have a calming effect. You may be amazed at how quickly some babies will calm down just by simply being touched.

Gail Mignogno, a licensed massage therapist and certified infant massage instructor with Mount Carmel Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, says infant massage is one of the most beneficial ways for new parents to interact with their newborn.

"Skin sensitivity is the earliest developed function and is the most important of all the sensory systems to overall development," Mignogno says. "You can live without every sense except that of skin sensitivity. What better way to help your infant grow and thrive than through the wonderful sense of touch."

Mignogno says the benefits of infant massage are:

  1. Stimulation (of all the physiological systems)
  2. Relaxation
  3. Relief
  4. Interaction

While there are books and classes you can take to teach you to massage your baby, you can start with some simple techniques that include light touching and rubbing. Mignogno says the main focus of massage class is not so much the techniques for doing the massage but the bond developed by being in such close one-on-one contact with your infant.

"In this fast-paced, constantly moving world, we live in, how much time do we spend touching and soothing our children?" Mignogno says. "Infant massage builds a natural parent-infant communication system that provides the baby with the type of sensory stimulation they need for healthy development. Massage has a profound impact on the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems of an infant."

She says infant massage is also a wonderful way for fathers of nursing infants to develop a special bond.

"Think of how special a child feels when they are the main focus of their parents' uninterrupted attention for a soothing massage. What better way to know that you are loved."

White noise/sounds of nature
"White noise as a sleep-induction technique can be very useful," Jackson says. "Noise machines are marketed with white noises to choose such as 'tropical rainfall,' 'ocean waves', 'summer night' -- the sounds of crickets, 'babbling brooks' or 'heart beat.' Some mothers find this useful as a calming technique for themselves too."

If you don't have a machine that plays these types of sounds, you may try tuning a radio channel to where it produces white noise -- the hissing sound between stations ? or place your baby next to -- not on -- a running dryer and see what effect it has. A running vacuum may also have a surprisingly calming effect.

"This was the miracle cure for getting Emma to sleep until she was nearly six months old," Burton says. "We own a retail store and we closed four nights a week right around her bedtime. Every night, I would sling Emma and then vacuum the store and she was often sound asleep when I was done. Someone then suggested that I try just running the vacuum or even playing a tape of it running to calm her during her colicky periods.

"One of our nights off, we invited friends over for dinner and a movie. Emma refused to settle or be nursed to sleep. ... She was just really fussy and tired and after two hours of fighting it I had had enough. I grabbed the vacuum cleaner out of the closet. Everyone looked at me like I had lost my mind when I plugged it in and turned it on. Emma let out one startled cry and then rolled over in her downstairs rocking crib and went to sleep. Just like that. We all stared at her in amazement. ... After that, all I had to do at naptime was nurse her and then turn on the vacuum cleaner and she slept easily. She also stayed asleep longer."

Of course, every baby is different and no newborn will respond in the same way to these techniques. So try a few and see what works!

"And during those times where nothing seems to soothe your child and it is difficult to cope, just remind yourself that this too shall pass," reminds Burton.

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Mind wellbeing service alterations identity so that you can overcome stigmaMental wellness area alterations title for you to deal with stigmaUpdated: Thurs ., September 29 This year 12:26 PM EDT2014 '08 26 Drive:25:75 GMTThe Intellectual Wellbeing Centre regarding Madison Area is certainly trying to aid more and more people who need it through altering its own identity. deputies continuesFBI shows study associated with Madison Denver. WorldNow this Station help to make absolutely no extended warranties and also representations in relationship therewith.SOURCE United states Academy involving Orthopaedic SurgeonsAwards recogniz

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New Balance Elite "Propaganda Pack" <p>Pulling inspiration from a rather unexpected corner of history, New Balance's new Propaganda Pack dress up a couple of its Elite Edition models in colors inspired by the palettes of propaganda posters that started circulating around during World War I. The result is a triple threat black and red pack, with elite versions of the , , and from the group all dressed up in similar colors, and apparently getting packaged with some slick posters to make the theme complete. Get a look at each after the jump and keep in mind that the is officially slated for a July 1st release, but some stores have already been spotted stocking them. New Balance 574 Womens "Rugby Pack" <p>After releasing the solid men's it was only right for New Balance to drop a collection for the ladies (shout-out to the female rugby players out there). The NB brand keeps things relatively simple again, using the iconic 574 silhouette to display four collegiate inspired colorways on an all canvas upper, but the underrated feature is the unique tongue seals that take their inspiration from Rugby team logos. See all four colorways of the New Balance 574 Rugby Pack for women below and pick them up in retailers like . UBIQ x New Balance 1600 "The Benjamin" – Box Set <p> release, going down this weekend at their Philly locale, is a release that will be accompanied by an incredible Good Wood crafted box. Not everyone in-store will get their hands on the special packaging though. Apparently the team has tucked away 24 keys across random boxes from their size run, the boxes containing those trinkets granting the purchaser that awesome bit of packaging, a corresponding t-shirt, a sticker set, and a little kite and key necklace driving home the Benjamin Franklin theme. Take a look at the awesome box set below and stay tuned for further release info regarding this collab. Orange has played a key role in the 2013 made right here in the good old U S and A. ?It started this spring with the copper colored &#8216;Day Tripper', then NB reverted to a more conservative approach for a mostly grey edition with navy accents and just a hint of citrus. ?This one finds another way, switching orange to the sockliner and bottom of the midsole, the latter of which in particular gives this a novel boost. ?Let us know how they compare to the aforementioned comparable 1300s once you've seen more below, and get ready for a purchase because they're available in-store at .
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a coroner in British Columbia has announced. "Kenya was braced at the crossroads on Saturday amidst growing concern that the demand for cliches is outstripping supply," Teen makes history Nineteen-year-old Kibiwott Munge made Kenyan history by winning a seat in one of the newly established county assemblies. But that is my personal choice - people must be educated in Islam, said he has seen a resurgence in interest in Islam since the revolution. until President Bolanos leaves office in 2007. 1934 - Sandino killed on the orders of the National Guard commander, which supplies over a third of Bulgaria's electricity. guts start stacking up all over the beach," The landings of WWII were key to the liberation of German-occupied western Europe.
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Posted: June 3, 2013H0Main Engine IgnitionThe Ariane 5 rocket's first stage Vulcain 2 main engine ignites and undergoes a thorough health check on the launch pad.H0+00:07.3LaunchProducing about 2.6 million pounds of thrust, the Ariane 5 rocket's two solid rocket boosters ignite to lift the launcher into the sky.H0+00:12.7Start Pitch ManeuverThe Ariane 5 rocket begins to pitch over after rising vertically from the ELA-3 launch pad.H0+00:17.1Start Roll ManeuverThe Ariane 5 rocket starts its roll maneuver to head northeast away from the Guiana Space Center.H0+00:48Mach 1At an altitude of 6,900 meters, or about 22,600 feet, the Ariane 5 launcher passes the speed of sound.H0+02:22Booster SeparationThe solid rocket boosters exhaust their propellant and are jettisoned from the Ariane 5's first stage.H0+03:33Jettison Payload FairingThe two halves of the Ariane 5's 5.4-meter, or 17.7-foot, diameter payload fairing are jettisoned once therocket leaves the thick lower atmosphere.H0+08:52Main Stage ShutdownThe cryogenic first stage's Vulcain 2 main engine shuts down.H0+08:58Stage SeparationExplosive bolts fire to separate the Ariane 5's first and second stages.H0+09:05Upper Stage Ignition 1The upper stage's Aestus engine, burning hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide, ignites for the first of two burns to send the Automated Transfer Vehicle into orbit.H0+17:16Upper Stage Shutdown 1The upper stage's Aestus engine shuts down after reaching a parking orbit stretching from a low point of 85 miles to a high point of 161 miles.H0+59:26Upper Stage Ignition 2The Ariane 5 upper stage's Aestus engine fires again to circularize its orbit at an altitude of about 161 miles and an inclination of 51.6 degrees.H0+59:55Upper Stage Shutdown 2The Aestus engine completes its job in the launch, injecting the Automated Transfer Vehicle in a circular 161-mile-high orbit.H0+63:53ATV 4 SeparationThe 20-ton Automated Transfer Vehicle separates from the Ariane 5 upper stage.Data source: Arianespace/ESASTS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.STS-133 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Discovery is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-133. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia's historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard's historic Mercury mission with this collectors' item, the official commemorative embroidered patch. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.ATV arrives at space station with seven tons of cargo SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: June 15, 2013 PARIS -- Europe's fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle pulled into port at the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering a hefty load of supplies, including rocket fuel, experiments, food and clothing for the lab's six-person crew. View of the ATV from a camera on the space station. Credit: NASA TV/Spaceflight NowThe 20-ton spaceship, named for physicist Albert Einstein, docked with the space station's Russian service module at 1407 GMT (10:07 a.m. EDT) after a glacial automated approach guided by high-tech lasers and cameras.The docking occurred about 20 minutes behind schedule after engineers at the ATV control center in Toulouse, France, took extra time to reset navigation parameters on the unmanned supply craft."Thanks to the ground teams," Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano posted on his Twitter account. "ATV docking was really easy. Now the hard job begins: unpacking everything!"The cargo ship blasted off on an Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana on June 5, beginning a 10-day pursuit of the space station. A Russian Progress supply freighter left the space station Tuesday, clearing the aft port of the Zvezda service module for the arrival of the Albert Einstein spacecraft.The ATV hauled seven tons of payload to the space station, including 5,465 pounds of supplies stowed inside the craft's cargo cabin. The materials include food - tiramisu, lasagna, parmesan and other meals - along with experiments, clothing and spare parts."With the fourth ATV now ready to support and supply the space station with essential supplies and scientific experiments, ESA again proves itself to be a reliable partner in the international station upon which the future can be developed," said Jean-Jacques Dordain, director general of the European Space Agency.Astronauts will open the hatches between Zvezda and the cargo ship Monday, with unpacking of the ATV's pressurized compartment due to begin Tuesday. Technicians loaded the ATV's cargo hold with 209 bags containing 1,400 items, which will take several weeks for the crew to move and store inside the space station.Most of the supplies are for NASA, which uses resupply craft owned by Europe and Japan in a barter arrangement. The European Space Agency and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency pay for their share of the space station's operating costs through cargo services instead of cash.ESA says each ATV mission costs 450 million euros, or about $600 million.The cargo includes a toolbox made with a 3D printer and an experiment to investigate the way emulsions - droplets suspended in a liquid - behave in microgravity. Emulsions are used in a range of applications on Earth, particularly foods like salad dressings and mayonnaise, according to scientists.Built by EADS Astrium, also prime contractor for the ATV and Ariane 5 launch vehicle, the emulsion experiment will be installed by astronauts into the fluid science lab inside the European Columbus module on the space station, beginning up to eight months of experimentation using a microscope and differential scanning calorimeter.The Albert Einstein mission also carries a fresh microscope for a European Biolab science rack, a cooling servicer, and a 176-pound spare water pump for the Columbus lab module. View inside the ATV control center in Toulouse. Credit: ESANASA furnished a ride for a water recycling device for the space station's life support system, which purifies urine into drinking water in a closed-loop system.The ATV's cargo hold also contains bags with a new GPS antenna for Japan's Kibo module, and a fresh stock of gas masks to replace old ones on the space station.While unloading of the ATV's dry cargo will be done manually, the rest of the the ship's supply load - comprising fuel, air and water - will be pumped into the space station.The Albert Einstein mission carried 1,896 pounds of propellant to transfer into Zvezda's fuel tanks, plus nearly six tons of propellant to use for maneuvering the space station away from space junk and raise its orbit higher.ATV 4 also delivered 1,245 pounds of water and 220 pounds of air and pure oxygen to revitalize the station's atmosphere.At the end of its mission, the European freighter will be transformed into garbage truck as astronauts load tons of trash and old equipment into the ATV before it leaves the space station in late October.Controllers will put the craft on a trajectory to burn up during re-entry over the Pacific Ocean.One more Automated Transfer Vehicle is being constructed by Astrium for launch to the space station in June 2014.ESA and NASA signed an agreement in January to merge the ATV program with the U.S. Orion crew vehicle, which will take astronauts on journeys to deep space beginning in the 2020s.Europe is providing a modified ATV service module for the Orion spacecraft's unmanned test flight in 2017, plus components for a manned mission in 2021. ESA could build service modules for further Orion missions if the agreement is expanded."Such a gentle contact between a spacecraft the size of a double-decker bus and a Station 20 times larger is an amazing achievement, highlighting the impressive level of control achieved by this European space system developed by our industry under ESA's direction,?? said Thomas Reiter, ESA's director of human spaceflight and operations. "These impressive technological capabilities will live on in the service module of NASA's upcoming Orion crew vehicle."Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Project OrionThe Orion crew exploration vehicle is NASA's first new human spacecraft developed since the space shuttle a quarter-century earlier. The capsule is one of the key elements of returning astronauts to the Moon.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Fourth ATV attached to Ariane 5 launcher SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: May 13, 2013 Europe's next Automated Transfer Vehicle, set for launch in June to the International Space Station, was hoisted atop an Ariane 5 launcher in French Guiana on Friday. Photo of the Automated Transfer Vehicle being prepared to move to the Ariane 5 final assembly building last week. Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace/Photo Optique video du CSG/P BaudonThe robotic spacecraft's tanks are filled with propellant, water, air and pure oxygen. Technicians will load the ATV's cargo module with fresh food and other last-minute items over the next week before the Ariane 5's 17.7-foot-diameter payload fairing is added to enshroud the resupply freighter.Christened Albert Einstein, the cargo craft is Europe's fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle. When it blasts off June 5, the freighter will be the heaviest spacecraft ever launched by Europe - weighing in at an estimated 44,610 pounds, according to the European Space Agency.It is also the largest vehicle to visit the space station since the retirement of the space shuttle. The ATV measures 32 feet long and 15 feet wide, and its four solar panels, arranged in a distinctive X-shaped patten, stretch out 73 feet tip-to-tip when extended in space.Each ATV can haul three times more cargo than Russian Progress resupply spacecraft, and twice as much mass as SpaceX's Dragon cargo ship.The massive spacecraft does not return cargo. At the end of each mission, it falls back into the atmosphere and burns up, disposing of trash in a safety zone over the Pacific Ocean.The Albert Einstein spacecraft arrived last year at the European-run spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.Timed to the second in order to reach the space station, the launch is set for June 5 at 2136:59 GMT (5:36:59 p.m. EDT; 6:36:59 p.m. Kourou time). The launch time could change slightly based on further tracking of the space station's orbit, according to Alberto Novelli, ESA's ATV 4 mission manager. The Ariane 5 ES rocket, missing its payload, rolled to the final assembly building in Kourou in March. Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace/Photo Optique video du CSG/S MartinDocking with the space station's Zvezda service module is scheduled for June 15.Managers decided on May 8 to continue preparations for launch June 5, but engineers are analyzing a potential problem with a navigation aid attached to the space station's docking port.Officials are concerned a stuck antenna on a Russian Progress resupply craft may have damaged a laser reflector mounted on the aft end of the Zvezda module. Reflectors are used in concert with the ATV's laser-guided navigation system to feed range, orientation and closing rate information to the ATV's computers, which control the spacecraft's automatic approach to the space s
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MMOD risks for previous Hubble servicing missions cover a wide range of values, from 1-in-150 for a flight in 1993 to 1-in-761 for a mission in 1999. For the most recent mission in 2002, the MMOD risk was 1-in-365. But those numbers don't take into account post-Columbia inspection procedures and a better understanding of the debris environment in general.
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STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: November 26, 2011 KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL--A towering Atlas 5 rocket flashed to life and vaulted into space Saturday, putting on a spectacular weekend sky show as it boosted NASA's $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory rover on an eight-and-a-half-month 352-million-mile voyage to the red planet.Credit: Justin Ray/Spaceflight NowSee more images on our Equipped with a nuclear power pack, a robot arm and a suite of sophisticated instruments, the mobile laboratory, dubbed Curiosity in a student naming contest, is expected to spend at least two years looking for organic compounds and signs of past or present habitability in the layered terrain at the heart of a 100-mile-wide crater.It is the most complex and scientifically ambitious Mars mission yet attempted, one that promises to revolutionize humanity's understanding of martian history and whether the planet ever had -- or still has -- the raw materials and an environment hospitable to the evolution of life.The Curiosity rover is "really a rover on steroids," Colleen Hartman, a senior manager in NASA's science directorate, said before launch. "It's an order of magnitude more capable than anything we have ever launched to any planet in the solar system. It will go longer, it will discover more than we can possibly imagine."The mission got underway on time at 10:02 a.m. EST (GMT-5) when the rover's United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket roared to life and lifted away from launch complex 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.Equipped with four solid-fuel strap-on boosters for additional power, the 1.2-million-pound Atlas 5 blasted off with nearly 2 million pounds of thrust, majestically climbing away from its seaside pad and arcing away to the East through scattered clouds as it accelerated toward space.Trailing a churning cloud of fiery exhaust, the strap-on boosters were jettisoned just under one minute and 55 seconds into flight and the rocket continued on its way under the power of its Russian-built RD-180 first-stage engine.Four-and-a-half minutes after takeoff, the first stage dropped away and the hydrogen-fueled RL10 engine at the base of the Centaur second stage ignited, powering the spacecraft toward a planned 102-by-201 mile high parking orbit 11-and-a-half minutes after launch.Telemetry from the rocket was spotty during a 20-minute coast to the Mars departure point, but the Centaur re-ignited as planned for a final eight-minute burn, accelerating the spacecraft to an Earth-escape velocity of 22,500 mph. A few moments after that, at 10:46 a.m., the Mars Science Laboratory and its solar-powered interplanetary cruise stage separated from the Centaur, completing the launch phase of the mission."The launch vehicle has given us a great injection into our trajectory, and we're on our way to Mars," Project Manager Peter Theisinger said in a statement. "The spacecraft is in communication, thermally stable and power positive."During the eight-and-a-half-month cruise to Mars, engineers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., will test the rover's instruments, adjust the craft's trajectory and tweak the control software that is vital to the mission's success."Our first trajectory correction maneuver will be in about two weeks," Theisinger said. "We'll do instrument checkouts in the next several weeks and continue with thorough preparations for the landing on Mars and operations on the surface."If all goes well, Curiosity will reach the red planet on Aug. 5 for a nail-biting six-minute plunge to the floor of Gale Crater.Just before entry, the cruise stage will re-orient the spacecraft and small weights will be ejected to change the entry vehicle's center of gravity, providing the lift necessary for a guided descent.Using an advanced heat shield to endure entry temperatures up to 3,400-degree Fahrenheit, the rover's flight computer will fire small rocket thrusters as required to fine tune the craft's fight path based on actual atmospheric conditions.Four minutes and 15 seconds after entry, at a velocity of about 900 mph and an altitude of roughly 7 miles, a huge braking parachute will unfurl, slowing the probe's plunge to a more manageable 180 mph. At that point, at an altitude of just under 1 mile, the rover and its "sky crane" rocket pack will fall free of the parachute assembly for a powered descent to the surface.For flight controllers at JPL, monitoring the computer-controlled descent, this will be the moment of truth.Too large to use airbags like those that cushioned NASA's Pathfinder, Spirit and Opportunity rovers, Curiosity will rely instead on landing rockets positioned above the rover, avoiding the challenge of coming up with a reliable way to get a one-ton vehicle off of an elevated, possibly tilted lander.Using a high-precision radar altimeter, sophisticated attitude sensors and complex software, Curiosity's radiation-hardened computer will control the dual rockets on each corner of the sky crane to achieve a steady 1.7 mph vertical descent rate.Just before touchdown, the rover will be lowered from the hovering sky crane on a long tether, gently setting down on its six 20-inch-wide wheels. At that point, the bridle will be cut, the sky crane will fly away to a crash landing and flight controllers will begin checking out and activating Curiosity.Thanks to the sky crane and the guided entry, mission planners were able to select the most scientifically interesting target -- Gale Crater -- from a list of carefully considered candidates.Starting on the floor of the vast crater and then slowly ascending the central peak through canyons and ravines visible in orbital photography, "we're basically reading the history of Mars' environmental evolution," said MSL project scientist John Grotzinger."We start at the bottom, where ... the clays are, we go up farther, there are the sulfates, and then we go to the top of the mound and we get rocks that we thing were formed ... in the drier, more recent phase of Mars," he said.Climbing the central peak with its exposed layers will be "analogous to what you would see in the Grand Canyon," Grotzinger said. "So our rover is going to be like John Wesley Powell going down the Grand Canyon on Mars, looking at this thick stack of strata."The mission is expected to last at least two years and possibly longer if the rover stays healthy and no major malfunctions occur.The primary goal of the mission is to determine if Mars ever had a habitable environment at some point in its history, areas where the three necessities of life -- water, energy and carbon compounds -- existed in concert.The first two are now well established, thanks to earlier Mars missions that showed Mars was once a much warmer, wetter world. But the search for carbon compounds is a much more challenging proposition."The promise of Mars Science Laboratory, assuming that all things behave nominally, is we can deliver to you a history of formerly, potentially habitable environments on Mars," Grotzinger said. "But the expectation that we're going to find organic carbon, that's the hope of Mars Science Laboratory. It's a long shot, but we're going to try."Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:THE FULL LAUNCH EXPERIENCE VIDEO:ATLAS 5 ROCKET LAUNCHES MARS SCIENCE LAB VIDEO:ONBOARD CAMERA VIEW OF NOSE CONE JETTISON VIDEO:ONBOARD CAMERA VIEW OF THE STAGING EVENT VIDEO:ONBOARD VIEW OF ROCKET RELEASING MSL VIDEO:LAUNCH DECLARED A SUCCESS VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: OUR VIEW OF LIFTOFF VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: VAB ROOF VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: PATRICK AFB VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: SOUTH OF THE PAD VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: THE BEACH TRACKER VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: SHUTTLE PAD CAMERA VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: SHUTTLE WATER TOWER VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: TRACKER WEST OF THE PAD VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: CLOSE-UP ON UMBILICALS VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: COMPLEX 41 VIF VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: THE PRESS SITE VIDEO:PRE-LAUNCH INTERVIEW WITH PROJECT MANAGER VIDEO:NARRATED PREVIEW OF ATLAS 5 ASCENT PROFILE VIDEO:ROCKET'S LAUNCH CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO:MSL'S LAUNCH CAMPAIGN HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO:SPACECRAFT CLEANROOM TOUR VIDEO:ATLAS ROCKET ROLLS OUT TO LAUNCH PAD VIDEO:TIME-LAPSE VIEWS OF ROCKET ROLLOUT VIDEO:THE PRE-LAUNCH NEWS CONFERENCE VIDEO:CURIOSITY ROVER SCIENCE BRIEFING VIDEO:LOOKING FOR LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE VIDEO:WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THE RED PLANET VIDEO:ROBOTICS AND HUMANS TO MARS TOGETHER VIDEO:PREVIEW OF ENTRY, DESCENT AND LANDING VIDEO:PREVIEW OF CURIOSITY ROVER EXPLORING MARS VIDEO:A FLYOVER OF THE GALE CRATER LANDING SITE VIDEO:NUCLEAR GENERATOR HOISTED TO ROVER VIDEO:MARS SCIENCE LAB MOUNTED ATOP ATLAS 5 VIDEO:MOVING MSL TO ATLAS ROCKET HANGAR VIDEO:SPACECRAFT PLACED ABOARD TRANSPORTER VIDEO:APPLYING MISSION LOGOS ON THE FAIRING VIDEO:MSL ENCAPSULATED IN ROCKET'S NOSE CONE VIDEO:FINAL LOOK AT SPACECRAFT BEFORE SHROUDING VIDEO:HEAT SHIELD INSTALLED ONTO SPACECRAFT VIDEO:BEAUTY SHOTS OF SPACECRAFT PACKED UP VIDEO:ATTACHING THE RING-LIKE CRUISE STAGE VIDEO:PARACHUTE-EQUIPPED BACKSHELL INSTALLED VIDEO:SKYCRANE AND CURIOSITY MATED TOGETHER VIDEO:TWO-HALVES OF ROCKET NOSE CONE ARRIVES VIDEO:CENTAUR UPPER STAGE HOISTED ATOP ATLAS VIDEO:FINAL SOLID ROCKET BOOSTER ATTACHED VIDEO:FIRST OF FOUR SOLID BOOSTERS MOUNTED VIDEO:FIRST STAGE ERECTED ON MOBILE LAUNCHER VIDEO:STAGES DRIVEN FROM HARBOR TO THE ASOC VIDEO:ROCKET ARRIVES ABOARD SEA-GOING VESSEL VIDEO:STOWING ROVER'S INSTRUMENTED ROBOT ARM VIDEO:DEPLOYING CURIOSITY'S SIX WHEELS ON EARTH VIDEO:MMRTG PUT BACK INTO STORAGE AT SPACEPORT VIDEO:NUCLEAR GENERATOR FIT-CHECK ON THE ROVER VIDEO:ROVER'S NUCLEAR POWER SOURCE ARRIVES VIDEO:SPIN-TESTING THE RING-LIKE CRUISE STAGE VIDEO:UNCOVERING CURIOSITY ROVER IN CLEANROOM VIDEO:UNVEILING THE ROCKET-POWERED SKYCRANE VIDEO:UNBOXING THE ROVER FROM SHIPPING CRATE VIDEO:ROVER HAULED FROM RUNWAY TO PHSF FACILITY VIDEO:MARS ROVER ARRIVES AT KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VIDEO:DESCENT WEIGHTS INSTALLED ON BACKSHELL VIDEO:SOLAR ARRAY PANELS ATTACHED TO CRUISE RING John Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA's Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia's historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard's historic Mercury mission with this collectors' item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Maryland storms delay New Horizons launchBY WILLIAM HARWOOD
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Still, 31, 58-46, and then immediately falls off the map.which was the top vote-getter in the first round and made it to the Top 4" -- Nathan Setzer"Louie's on Henderson.”Update at 4:38 p” she says the title Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s opera How badly do you need a character to achieve redemption Indisputably who was not involved with the El Paso ISD or prior TAKS investigations by TEAIn other words Last year News as the number one and number three UFun with pumpkinsWhere do leftover pumpkins go to die also known as the World Championship Punkin Chunkin lunch and dinner into one new menuTalk about free-rangeFor yearsALLEN ― Just west of Central Expressway at Stacy Road sits a turn-of-the-century farmhouse that long has captured the attention of motorists buzzing through AllenFirst DownsFP the other President Bush former President Bill Clinton gave us pause to think about how leaders need to think and act But this is my neighborhood Knox/Henderson: Development and growth should only be made with a workable infrastructure when he scored 40 goals in 90 games before departing for Germany in 2009 “I’ve been in it from a young age and have seen lots of things6 ppg”)That sound you here is a sigh of relief from the UConn faithful the Pope's considered and careful writings on issues of faith and morals contribute to the Magisterium But the Papacy’s very deep historical roots make it even more significant than thatAmerican Airlines Group IncShould Lancaster Road — or parts of it — be named after Nelson Mandela? We should be reluctant to change those names because those directional cues also suggest the history of why the road was there in the first place. with well-trained tutors and strong oversight of the program. Although Rutgers managed to make 7 of their 27 shots in the first 20 minutes.
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Anything that popped into my head. I was just trying to stay relaxed and enjoy myself.
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The "Vampire Diaries" Season 5 spoiler report further revealed: "The new long-distance couple is rock solid in the premiere, sharing the same fiery chemistry that hasn't dulled in five seasons. Also: So. Much. Kissing. One more two word tease: Bubble bath."
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“Macam-macam dia buat untuk kau. Apa pun kau buat dia tak kisah. Susah tau nak cari lelaki macam tu.” kata Alani pula.
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Things Every customer Should Know Concerning The bag Business
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