Fun And Stimulation

Have some smart playtime with your baby! While you have fun, these simple games create the brain connections needed for future learning.

Jackie Silberg


Here's My Finger - For ages 0-3
This game strengthens a baby's hands and fingers:


  • Hold your infant in your lap.
  • Put your index finger in your baby's hand.
  • She probably will grasp your finger, as this is a natural reflex with newborns.




  • Each time she grasps your finger, say positive words like, "That's my wonderful girl!" or "You're so strong!"
  • This game also develops tracking skills.


What brain research says:
Just reaching for an object helps the brain develop hand-eye coordination.

One, Two - For ages 6-9 months
Make up rhymes as you hold your baby's hand and let him touch different parts of your body. Here are some ideas:

One, two, touch my shoe.
Yellow, red, touch my head.
Dippity dips, touch my lips.
Apples, pear, touch my hair.

  • Each time you say the body part, put your child's hand on that part. When you say, "One, two, touch my shoe," put his hand on your shoe.
  • Reverse the game and touch your baby as you say the rhyme.


What brain research says:
Babies need touching experiences to "grow" the brain and grow the brain and the body. They are as critical as nutrients and vitamins.

Where's My Baby - For ages 0-3
This is a game that strengthens the back and neck:

  • Lie on your back and put your baby on your tummy.
  • With your hands firmly around his chest, raise him in the air and up to your face.
  • Say the following and do the actions:


Where's my baby?
There he is. (lift him up to your face)
Where's my baby? (bring him back down to your tummy)
There he is. (bring him back up to your face)
Where's my baby? (bring him back down to your tummy)
Up high, high, high. (bring your baby up high over your face)

What brain research says:
Developing strength and balance lays the roundwork for crawling.

Switching Pitches - For ages 0-3

  • According to brain research, when a baby hears a high-pitched voice (like "parentese"), her heart rate increases, indicating that she feels secure and cheerful.
  • When you speak in a lower pitched voice, your baby feels soothed and content.
  • Try singing a song in a high voice and then repeat the same song in a low voice. Watch the reaction of your baby to the two different sounds.


What brain research says:
When babies are in the womb, they are able to distinguish the sound of human


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