I know I'm always on the lookout for great toys, so I thought I'd share a recommendation of my own. I got Holden the Together Tunes music cube from TRU for Christmas. It was normally $60 (I think) but I found it at a store that is going out of business, for only $20. I had no idea what it was when I ordered it, and I was so pleasantly surprised.
Real Moms

It's a big, soft musical cube with interactive "Nursery Rhymes" on each side. It plays the song associated with whatever side is at the top of the cube. For example, if "Pop Goes the Weasel" is at the top of the cube, it plays that song. The singing is really cute and not at all annoying. The cube also has a memory. It plays one verse at a time, and is triggered to play the next verse by bumping the cube. Even if you come back and bump the cube two hours later, it remembers what verse it left off on.

Anyone else have a great toy recommendation they'd like to share? - Lee

My mom got this for Alec for Christmas Mozart Magic Cube and he loves it so much! It's the same type of concept. If he's fussy, I will play it and he calms down instantly. He also is learning now that each side he presses makes different music and has been having fun with that. - Kristen

I think Hannah's favorite toys are her touch and feel animal books (big hits are the dog basket and kitten whiskers). Her music table (Little Tykes not Leap Frog) and her Fischer Price Star Stacker (plays music and lights up.) But my big Tupperware bowl and a plastic spoon are huge hits too! - Jen

I can't say we have any favorite toys - we got some peek-a-blocks after Christmas and she truly loves them - holds on to them for dear life. Another fun toy for her is this thing made by Baby Einstein - it was a Christmas gift but she will rock and roll for this toy...I don't get it? - Olivia

Lee, thank you for the tip! Our block arrived today - what a GREAT toy! I think it is beautifully made...I love all the pictures and flaps and hidden surprises. We don't have the batteries yet (that part slipped my mind) but otherwise I think it is awesome - especially for the price! - Casey PregnancyAndBaby.com

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