Although pregnancy and parenting don't require a degree, sometimes we can all benefit from a different point of view. Get some down-to-earth advice here from two real-life moms: the wise and witty -- and very opinionated -- Andi and Penelope.
Andi and Penelope

Dear Just Add Baby: My wife won't let me take care of our son on my own -- she's always glued to my side, telling me what to do, how to hold him, how to change him, etc. She's driving me crazy. -- Justin

Andi: We can see how this would be frustrating! But we must beg you to have patience with your wife. That boy has been a part of her for nine months; yet with one snip of the umbilical cord, she is embarking on an 18-year lesson in letting go -- arguably the hardest offered by motherhood.

Penelope: I remember the first time I took just a quick trip to the grocery store without my baby. It felt like I was missing an arm! Still, while that first little break away was a challenge, it was also good for my mental health and a great confidence-builder for my husband.

Andi: So see if she can part with your little one slowly at first. Cover for her on trips to the bathroom and then, trips to the store.

Penelope: Another easy solution to your problem: Leverage her weakness for sleep. Every new mother craves it. Invite your wife to take a nap while you care for Junior, and I can guarantee you that she won't care if you put that diaper on backwards and inside out, as long as you don't wake her up!

Andi: I doubt she'll turn you down if you offer to take over the 2 am diaper change and snuggle-fest.

Penelope: If she'' breastfeeding, have her nurse the baby and tell her you'll take care of the rest. With luck, she won't even really have to wake up.

Andi: I'd stake my firstborn that she won't hover at that hour?Well, at least not after the first week, anyhow.

Penelope: I'm one of the biggest control-freaks on the planet, but I can't stand anything coming between me and my zzzz's.

Andi: Build her faith in your competence when she is most desperate for your help and most unlikely to tutor you. You all win!

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