Love is in the air! While these names are perfect for Valentine's day babies, they are also suitable any time of year to express love.
  • Ahava/Ahave: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"
  • Ahuva: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"
  • Amanda: English for "Worthy of being loved"
  • Amata: French for "Dearly loved"
  • Amedee: French for "Loves God"
  • Ami/Aimee: French for "Dearly loved"
  • Amora/Amor: Spanish for "Love"
  • Amy: French for "Dearly loved; Beloved"
  • Angel/Angela
  • Cara Mia: Italian for "My beloved"
  • Cara: Italian for "Beloved"
  • Cerise: French for "cherry" or "cherry red"
  • Charity: English for "Benevolent goodwill and love"
  • Chaviva/Chavive: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"
  • Cherish
  • Corazana/Corazon: Spanish for "Heart"
  • Danylynn: English for "Dearly loved"
  • Darelle/Darel: Anglo-Saxon for "Tenderly loved"
  • Darlene/Darline/Darelene: Anglo-Saxon for "Tenderly loved"
  • Darolyn: English for "Dearly loved"
  • Daryl: Anglo-Saxon for "Tenderly loved"
  • Grania: Celtic for "Love"
  • Love
  • Maitane: English for "Dearly loved"
  • Maite/Maitea: Spanish for "Love"
  • Maitena: English for "Dearly loved"
  • Mandi/Mandy/Mandie: English for "Worthy of being loved"
  • Mina: German for "Love"
  • Mindy: German for "Love"
  • Minna/Minne: German for "Love"
  • Ruby: For the color red
  • Scarlet/Scarlett: English for "Red"
  • Valentine/Valentina: Variants of "Valentinus," the name of three Roman emperors
  • Vida/Vidette: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"

  • Amadeo/Amado: Spanish for "Loves God"
  • Archer (for Cupid's bow and arrows)
  • Caradoc: Celtic for "Dearly loved"
  • Chaviv/Chavivi: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"
  • Conaire/Conroy: Irish for "Red"
  • Dabi: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"
  • Daibheid: Irish for "Dearly loved"
  • Darrell: English for "Dearly loved"
  • David: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"
  • Davin: Hebrew for "Dearly loved"
  • Raed: English for "Red"
  • Ross: German for "Red"
  • Royal/Royall: Scottish for "Red"
  • Valentin/Valentino: Variants of "Valentinus," the name of three Roman emperors
Trivia: "Ghost Whisperer" star Jennifer Love Hewitt is known to her friends not as Jen or Jenny -- but goes by the name "Love."

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