Fat Brain Toys Are Guaranteed To Entertain Your Child While Promoting Learning

Are you looking for toys for your child that are safe, fun and educational? You won’t find licensed Batman toys at Fat Brain Toys (which, let's face it, are not always the highest of quality), but what you will find are toys that promote active participation and learning.
By Mary Fetzer

A Smarter Way To Play
In the fall of 2002, 10 year old Adam Carson received a magnetic building toy for his birthday. Carson was fascinated by the toy and took some of his birthday money online to buy a larger set. Frustrated by the difficulty of finding the toy he wanted online, Carson suggested to his father that they create their own online store to sell the product. Carson’s father, a web developer, ran with the idea, and the family soon began shipping toys out of the basement of their Elkhorn, Nebraska home. Before long, this family toy business settled into a retail storefront and warehouse with an inventory of more than 4,000 different toys, games and gifts. Fat Brain Toys, A Smarter Way to Play, was born.

Toys Promoting Active Participation
Children play, and toys are an important part of their development. For many parents, that means succumbing to the pressure to make sure even their youngest children stay ahead of the game -- seeking high-tech toys, products with Hannah Montana on them or just about anything that’s web-connected, licensed or intensely promoted.

Other parents, however, recognize that the creative toys we played with as youngsters were fun and educational. Traditional toys promoted education, and we enjoyed them so much that we didn’t even realize we were learning! Our toys made us think -- they didn’t do the thinking for us. We were active participants in play, not just spectators.

Fat Brain Toys -- gotta love that name! -- was named a top Internet 500 retailer. This six-year-old toy company offers a fabulous selection for kids of all ages. Shoppers won’t find “licensed, violent, cheaply made toys” at Fat Brain Toys. What they will discover is an array of the best toys from around the world in addition to the single largest selection of American-made toys found anywhere. Fat Brain Toys is committed to providing safe, quality, mind-expanding kid fare and even offers its own original line of educational toys.

User-Friendly Website
Parents understand the challenge of finding appropriate toys for their kids -- and their nieces, nephews, kids’ friends and all the young people on their list. The toy selection at most stores may offer the latest and most-marketed items but very few “quality, open-ended toys, games and gifts that entertain and educate.”

Finding the perfect toy doesn’t have to be difficult. Fat Brain Toys makes it easy and fun.

Best sellers
PlasmaCar: Using the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity and friction, this kid’s race car needs no pedals, gears or batteries. This revolutionary rider supports up to 220 pounds, so even Mom and Dad can cruise! PlasmaCar is an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award winner and was nominated Outdoor Toy of the Year 2006. $69.95

Dado Cubes: Fat Brain Toy’s first original creation, Dado combines art and science for kids of all ages. Dado Cubes’ interlocking pieces can be assembled horizontally or vertically to create an unlimited number of three-dimensional structures. Kids learn architectural principles such as proportion, balance, structure and color, as well as problem solving. $27.50

Band in a Box:  Budding musicians will love the tambourine, maracas, clappers, rhythm sticks, triangle and cymbals in a convenient storage crate. These music makers help kids learn beat, tempo, rhythm and syncopation. $19.95

New toys
Paper Dolls: This all-time classic has been updated for use and reuse … and it requires no scissors. Children attach clothes to paper people with press-on/peel-off adhesive dots (no tabs!). All pieces are perforated and pop out easily for instant play. This keep-all book includes six reversible paper dolls in a variety of skin colors, three paper babies, some paper pets and beautifully illustrated backdrops. Interchangeable and reversible clothes, shoes and hairstyles offer hours of fun. $16.90

 Spy Wire Game: In this fast-moving spy action game, players compete to neutralize the detonators and deactivate the explosive before it blows. The game includes a molded console, 35 tiles, 24 detonator pegs and a divider shield and offers strategy, suspense and sudden-death endings. $27.95

Yo Baby Kick Flipper: The safe alternative to extreme boarding. The Kick Flipper develops coordination, balance, creativity and imagination. Kids can skateboard, surf and attempt snowboarding tricks indoors or out -- on carpet, grass or sand. The Kick Flipper is small and lightweight enough to fit into a backpack. $11.95

Why do Fat Brain Toys stands out from other toy peddlers?
• A wonderful selection of green toys is available, including ant farms, garden labs and solar educational kits.

• Customers can answer five questions about the person for whom they’re buying a toy, and the Incredible Gift Wizard will come up with the perfect toy.

• Shoppers can search toys by age group, best sellers, price, new toy items or even geographic location. Toys are categorized in a variety of ways to make shopping easy.

• Excellent customer service is found in the comprehensive website, 24/7 live help at the 800 number, guaranteed delivery, and more.

• Fat Brain Toys has more than 4,000 items available for sale -- and is based in the US!

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