Tips On Making Baby's First Easter Special

Spring is here and Easter marks the season's most colorful and festive holiday. Though your baby may be too scared to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap for a great photo, you can snap some candid shots of your own while your little one is enjoying his or her first Easter complete with lots of fun activities. Here we suggest some fun and easy ways to make the most of your baby's first Easter.

Molly Cerreta Smith

Making baby's first Easter fun and memorable involves getting her involved with age-appropriate activities that commemorate this special day.

Dress the part
Okay, we know that half the fun of holidays is dressing up your child in a darling three-piece suit or frilly dress, tights and newly buffed Mary Janes. But trying to play in those clothes isn't much fun for baby! Of course we wouldn't dare say to skip it — just take some pictures and video while they are all dressed up, then change them into something more comfortable that they can move around and get messy in. After all, they're babies!

If you are crafty, jazz up a plain white onesie or romper with some Easter cheer. First, cut fun Easter shapes such as eggs, ducks and bunnies out of clean sponges. Next, dip the sponges into pastel paint colors of your choice and "sponge" the onesie. Or, use this as an opportunity to capture your baby's footprints or handprints. First, wash and dry their hands/feet. Then dip them into the pastel paints, and blot excess paint lightly onto a paper towel before pressing their hand or footprint onto the onesie! Make sure you use a non-toxic paint that is made for fabrics. Allow the onesie to dry completely, and then wash it before you try it on your little one.

Bask in the fun
Instead of just buying a pre-made, prepackaged Easter basket at the store, get innovative and personalize one for your baby. Craft stores such as Michaels have great baskets that you can dress up yourself. Purchase some beautiful pastel ribbon to weave through the basket and it's handle. Or cut Easter shapes — such as bunnies, chicks, and eggs — out of pastel colored felt and affix them onto the basket with a hot glue gun. You can also find great little wooden shapes that you can paint and then glue to the basket, if you have the stroke of an artist.

Fill it up
A beautiful basket is great, but it's what inside that really counts! Customize your baby's Easter basket for his or her specific age. Since this is baby's first Easter, he's under one year old and too young for chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps and jelly beans that would typically fill an Easter basket. Instead, fill the basket with a soft and cuddly stuffed bunny, duck, chick or lamb, some teething rings, rattles and colorful plastic eggs. Be sure not to fill the plastic eggs with anything — if it can fit inside the egg, it is most likely a choking hazard for your little one at this stage. Babies will love the brightly colored eggs – even empty!

Hide and seek
A good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt can be modified so infants can join in the fun! Stick with plastic eggs here, since baby may unintentionally smash or bite into the real kind, and could possibly swallow some pieces of shell. Let baby watch you hide the eggs under his blankie or an overturned bucket or in a large bowl. Then help her "find" them by playing peek-a-boo to reveal the hidden eggs. She may enjoy sorting the plastic eggs into piles of like colors or putting them all into, then taking them back out of, a bucket, bowl or Easter basket.

Easter eats
Remember that babies younger than one year old should not have eggs, chocolate, honey and other treats that go hand in hand with Easter. Many Easter candies such as jellybeans and M&Ms are choking hazards and should be kept out of little ones' reach. Once your child is over the age of 1 (and you do not have a history of egg allergies in your family), feel free to let your tot enjoy protein-packed scrambled eggs. Until then, stick to her normal food (she won't know she's missing out on anything) and focus on other fun Easter activities.

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