A Saliva Ovulation Test Can Help You Figure Out When You Are Most Fertile In Order To Get Pregnant. To Tip The Fertility Scale In You Favor, Knowing Your Ovulation Cycle Can Increase Your Chances Of Sporting A Baby Bump. But, Charting Your Cycle Thro

A saliva ovulation test can help you figure out when you are most fertile in order to get pregnant. To tip the fertility scale in you favor, knowing your ovulation cycle can increase your chances of sporting a baby bump. But, charting your cycle through temperature and cervical changes isn’t your only option. Find out how to use a saliva ovulation test to know when it is time to drop everything and head to the bedroom.
Michelle Maffei

When using a saliva fertility test, you can predict your fertility by tracking the changes that take place right there in your mouth. Right before your egg is about to be released, your estrogen levels rise, increasing the salt content in your saliva. Lucky for you, this salinity increase is visible through a microscope in the form of a fern or crystal pattern, similar to the way frost on a window may look. That’s where the saliva ovulation test comes in handy.

Determining your peak fertility not only means your body is ready to make a baby, it helps to increase your chances of timing conception just right. “Being educated about the menstrual cycle and when ovulation occurs definitely increases your chances of getting pregnant quicker,” says Baltimore OB/GYN Dr. Saul Weinreb, MD, Senior Medical Advisor of askmyobgyn.com.

“According to the data in one important study, healthy fertile couples who do not time intercourse due to lack of awareness of ovulation timing have reported pregnancy rates of 50% at 3 months, 75% at 6 months, and more than 90% at 12 months, whereas couples who use a method of fertility awareness with timed intercourse observed pregnancy rates of 76% at 1 month and almost 100% at 7 months.”

Timing is everything
Now that you know that knowledge is power in the conception process, the advantage of a saliva ovulation test over other ovulation tests is the ability to follow your cycle changes all month long. With the heads up that fertility is likely to take place within 24-72 hours once you spot the fern patterns, you can plan ahead and be prepared to make the most of your fertile phase.

Helpful hints for using saliva ovulation tests
Saliva ovulation tests can be purchased at your local drug store for less than $50.00, and can be used over and over again. By simply adding saliva to a slide, waiting for it to dry completely, and deciphering the magnified sample, you know in minutes if you should call your partner and let him know you are ready to fan the flames of passion!

According to online sources, these test can be 98% accurate when used properly. Here are a 6 tips to help you get the most accurate reading from your saliva ovulation test:

  1. Test your saliva early in the morning
  2. Do not test after eating, drinking or brushing your teeth
  3. Use saliva from under your tongue for best results
  4. Try to avoid making bubbles on the slide
  5. Allow the sample to dry at least five minutes before reading results
  6. Make sure your sample is not contaminated by using a fresh applicator, a clean dry finger, or applying directly from your tongue

What if you don't see ferning?
Cannot see the signs? Pregnancy, birth control medication, menopause, or estrogen supplements may be interfering with the results. If you cannot spot any ferning over time, your body may not be producing sufficient estrogen, so consult with your physician.

A saliva ovulation test not only helps you predict when your fertility is at its peak, but also helps when trying to prevent pregnancy through natural family planning.  Two good saliva fertility test options are Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope ($27.95) or the  Fertility Scope Ovulation Test ($39.99).

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