Welcome Your New Baby With The Comforts Of Old. Shabby Chic Is A Delightful Trend That Begs Decorators And Designers To Recreate The Lovely Atmosphere Of Days Gone By. Shabby Chic Offers A Delightful Theme For A Nursery, And The Options Are Endless.

Welcome your new baby with the comforts of old. Shabby chic is a delightful trend that begs decorators and designers to recreate the lovely atmosphere of days gone by. Shabby chic offers a delightful theme for a baby nursery, and the options are endless.

Mary Fetzer

What is shabby chic?
Shabby chic means a little something different to everyone. It’s more of a feeling than a textbook design style.

Carpenter, designer, and television host Brian Kelsey describes shabby chic as “casual, clean, whimsical, but rough around the edges, and distressed whites with contrasting wood tones.”

Donna H. Baumann of DHB Designs agrees, sort of. To Baumann, shabby chic is “pure comfort living… a room that has slipcovered upholstery, washable linens, and a clean crisp color palette.”

Interior designer Natalie Umbert believes shabby chic is “an effortless combination of comfortable, gently lived-in furnishings and charming fabrics that are luxuriously soft yet practical.”

Pictured, right, is the Baby Pink Toile Crib Bedding from KooKoo Bear Kids.

Shabby chic baby furniture
Kelsey, Baumann, and Umbert didn’t use the words “old” or “antique” to define shabby chic. Instead, the words “clean” and “comfort” were the more common themes.

This is important when selecting baby furniture. As tempting as Grandma’s antique crib may be, it’s not safe. Older furniture items carry serious safety risks such as lead paint and wide-spaced slats, so resist the urge to bring home that gorgeous flea market find for baby’s room. Get safety tips here on buying used cribs.

Kelsey has two young boys and turned to online resources for new furniture—specifically the crib and changing table—with antique styling.

Kelsey faced the same dilemma when looking for nursery furniture—specifically the crib and changing table—for his boys, so he turned to online resources. KooKoo Bear Kids and Kt Steppers. “It will serve as décor now and a practical and useful item for your toddler down the road!”

Shabby chic nursery details
Once you’ve found the perfect shabby chic crib, you can build the rest of the nursery around it.

Kelsey associates shabby chic with particular design elements. “I always associate shabby chic with faded wide-strip patterns,” says Kelsey, “but you can’t go wrong with simple white walls complimented by pink or blue accents.”

Shabby chic is appropriate for girls and boys alike. Baumann suggests using white and ruffles with a dash of pink for little girls. “For the boys,” says Bauman, “I would stick with white and keep it very tailored – no frills or ruffles. Perhaps throw in a punch of rich evergreen to keep it masculine.”

“Don’t try too hard,” says Umbert. “Effortlessness is the key shabby chic. Choose only pieces that you love, and let the space evolve as you bring in new finds!”

Why not pick a shabby chic baby name to go along with your nursery? Get baby name ideas here!

For more tips on baby nursery design:


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They will address issues of reimbursement toward funeral expenses, the last medical bill and financial aid package to family members, said officials from the Red Cross Society of China, which runs the organ management center. <a href=http://www.aginko.com/admin.php?air-force-1/>air force 1</a> Police yesterday told Lis parents that their son had been killed and that two suspects were in custody, the report said. It was unclear when the body was found. <a href=http://www.lapal-trading.com/site.asp?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;/> &#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;</a> An increase in rural education problems has been the unexpected byproduct of China's urbanization. <a href=http://www.automobilionuoma.com/last.php?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;11/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;11</a> Also, some petitioners have been taken to court or sent to labor camps under the excuse of disturbing social order. In other Nymex trading in January contracts, heating oil climbed 6.25 cents to settle at US$1.9658 a gallon while gasoline gained 2.88 cents to settle at US$1.8739 a gallon. Natural gas lost 6.1 cents to settle at US$5.462 per 1,000 cubic feet.

The day was marked in the northeastern city of Liaoyuan in Jilin Province with cash rewards issued to 400 "model drivers" selected from professional drivers and private car owners with good traffic records. <a href=http://www.pepinyachtclub.org/newsupload/maps.php?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1</a> On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education, DZHM also showed in the new calculations that the dropout rate at the University of Applied Sciences was only 7 percent. <a href=http://www.my3solutions.com/login.asp?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;/> &#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;</a> Gu's suspended sentence will almost certainly be commuted to life in prison after two years, a relatively lenient punishment resulting from her cooperation with investigators and what the court deemed her mental instability at the time of Heywood's death by cyanide poisoning last November. <a href=http://www.ediasiaf400.com/left.asp?air-force-1/>air force 1</a> Beijing No.1 Intermediate Peoples Court found the 39-year-old guilty of homicide on September 25. The court said he pulled the toddler from the stroller and threw her to the ground in the citys Daxing District on July 23. <a href=http://ou.carrozzerianaviglio.it/outlet-moncler/>outlet-moncler</a> Gasoline for October delivery slipped 1.88 cents to settle at US$1.8324 a gallon, and heating oil fell 1.3 cents to settle at US$1.8279 a gallon.

Many Chinese government administrations and agencies have turned to microblogs to offer information, answer queries, address complaints and sometimes respond to rumors. <a href=http://www.ledlucelighting.com/right.asp?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1</a> Wang Xiaomo, 74, regarded as the father of AEWC in China, said the country had developed a complete AEWC aircraft series with its own technology, the People's Daily reported yesterday. <a href=http://www.ranchiuniversitymba.org/spam.php?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;/> &#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;</a> Among the injured, the oldest was 67 and the youngest was an 18-year-old woman who had just received her letter of admission to university, Henan news broadcasts reported. <a href=http://www.talkingtreecreative.com/images/vido.php?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1</a> Shenyang and Dalian, capital and port city of northeast China's Liaoning Province, respectively, launched 72-hour visa-free stays for foreigners starting on January 1, authorities said today. In an interview with the Beijing Times, she chose not to reveal her identity, saying her background didn't matter, what did was the public response.

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Snowden has gone to ground in the city after blowing the lid on the US's vast electronic surveillance operation and has vowed to fight any extradition request. <a href=http://www.aginko.com/admin.php?air-force-1/>air force 1</a> While acknowledging economic difficulties ahead, Li said Beijing would not let growth slip too far. The government has targeted a rise in GDP of 7.5 percent this year after 2013s actual growth of 7.7 percent. <a href=http://www.lapal-trading.com/site.asp?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;/> &#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;</a> Surveillance camera footage showed the little girl sleeping in her stroller. Her mother is seen bending over to check on her daughter when a white sedan stops nearby. <a href=http://www.automobilionuoma.com/last.php?&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;-&#x30B9;&#x30CB;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;/>&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3; &#x30B9;&#x30CB;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;</a> A well-off China won't come about if people in rural areas can't live a well-off life, he said. Landslides cut off the Guangdong section of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway as downpours have been drenching northern part of Guangdong Province for days, the railway company said.

In March, Guangxi Yingkang Pharmacy Co was ordered to stop selling Yingqiao cold tablets mixed with vitamin C which were available over-the-counter. One of the raw materials used in the tablet, wild honeysuckle flower, was processed with industrial sulphur that contained toxic arsenic and mercury. <a href=http://www.pepinyachtclub.org/newsupload/maps.php?&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;/>&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;</a> The shrinking ranks of wealthy residents in China has also reduced luxury spending. One in three so-called high net worth individuals have already left, or are planning to leave, the country, according to the report, mostly to seek better opportunities for their childrens education. <a href=http://www.my3solutions.com/login.asp?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;-&#x30B9;&#x30CB;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3; &#x30B9;&#x30CB;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;</a> The public must heighten their vigilance as the typhoon will certainly bring strong winds and heavy rains, the weather forecaster said. <a href=http://www.ediasiaf400.com/left.asp?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;-&#x30B9;&#x30CB;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3; &#x30B9;&#x30CB;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;</a> Xi said he hoped the PFP would uphold the one-China principle and continue to oppose separatist attempts for Taiwan independence. <a href=http://ou.carrozzerianaviglio.it/moncler-uomo/>moncler-uomo</a> The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Commerce are reviewing tax rebates for a list of goods, including rubber, non-ferrous metals, steel and construction materials, the newspaper said, citing unnamed sources who are familiar with the process.

RAINFALL was blamed for a highway collapse that killed two people in southwest China's Yunnan Province, local government officials said over the weekend after an investigation. <a href=http://www.ledlucelighting.com/right.asp?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;1</a> According to the local tourism administration committee, in the first four days of the weeklong Chinese New Year holiday, which ended on Thursday, at least 22,000 tourists visited the island. But the growing popularity of Beihai is creating headaches for the local authorities. <a href=http://www.ranchiuniversitymba.org/spam.php?&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;11/>&#x30A8;&#x30A2;&#x30B8;&#x30E7;&#x30FC;&#x30C0;&#x30F3;11</a> The main task of the campaign focuses on building work styles, Xi, said during a tele-conference launching the campaign. <a href=http://www.talkingtreecreative.com/images/vido.php?air-force-1/>air force 1</a> They said they knew surrogacy was illegal in China. They just wanted to have another hospital in Shanghai or Beijing keep their "potential grandchildren" until the state relaxes the rules. Photographs showed that water from blocked creeks flowed into a big hole in the ground, and many other holes had also filled up with water.

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US military officials said Kyrgyzstan halted flights for 12 hours on Wednesday at Manas and were evasive yesterday about further details. <a href=http://www.plasticostrebol.com/post.php?&#x30DB;&#x30EA;&#x30B9;&#x30BF;&#x30FC;-&#x901A;&#x8CA9;/>&#x30DB;&#x30EA;&#x30B9;&#x30BF;&#x30FC; &#x901A;&#x8CA9;</a> Allrounder Shakib followed his first-innings 144 with the bat by snapping up six for 82 with the ball as the hosts bowled out Pakistan, already 1-0 up in the two-match series, for 470 on the fourth day yesterday. <a href=http://www.exclusiverivierahomes.com/land.php?&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;-t&#x30B7;&#x30E3;&#x30C4;/>&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED; t&#x30B7;&#x30E3;&#x30C4;</a> Buckles returned to Oklahoma for a while, then moved to Canada, where he worked a series of jobs before heading for New York City. <a href=http://www.mayurifashions.com/about.asp?&#x9280;&#x5EA7;-&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;/>&#x9280;&#x5EA7; &#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;</a> Portland, Oregon, has spent a total of about US$785,000, much of that in police overtime when protesters were evicted from two downtown parks because of concerns about sanitation and public safety. SCOTLAND Yard has arrested former News of the World crime editor Lucy Panton as part of the investigation into police corruption, a former employee and British media reported yesterday.

Sand from his grave site will be exchanged with sand from the Mahia peninsula on the North Island, which local Maori say will convey his spirit to the mainland. <a href=http://viraladstore.com/risk.php?&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;-&#x901A;&#x8CA9;/>&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED; &#x901A;&#x8CA9;</a> The volcanic ash presence in the airways surrounding Jakarta could cause severe damage to our aircraft and engines which could impair the safety of our operations including passengers and crew, said Azharuddin Osman, director of operations for Malaysia Airlines. <a href=http://www.dynocentral.org/editorfile/neny.php?&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;/> &#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;</a> Golovko is resigned to losing her phone, but still wants its SIM card back since that has her photos and contacts. <a href=http://www.dynamic-relationships.com/game.php?&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;-&#x30D1;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;/>&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED; &#x30D1;&#x30FC;&#x30AB;&#x30FC;</a> Gingrich, whose campaign is gaining momentum after struggling with staff desertions in the summer, was seen as the second-most presidential candidate with 19 percent, 1 point ahead of Cain. Perry trailed at 11 percent. <a href=http://www.mallinhouse.com/same.php?&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;-&#x9280;&#x5EA7;/>&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED; &#x9280;&#x5EA7;</a> Jackson is in a relationship with Lakers executive Jeanie Buss, who said last week that Jackson definitely will coach somewhere next year. But Buss also said her father, Lakers owner Jerry Buss, wasn't keen on paying the record US$12 million salary Jackson was making this season.

ENGLAND will depart for its Twenty20 World Cup title defense in Sri Lanka in good heart after squaring the three-match series against South Africa with an emphatic 28-run win on Wednesday. <a href=http://www.mirigy.hu/help.php?&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED;-t&#x30B7;&#x30E3;&#x30C4;/>&#x30A2;&#x30D0;&#x30AF;&#x30ED; t&#x30B7;&#x30E3;&#x30C4;</a> The attack on the 9-month-old girls happened in Hackney on Saturday night while their parents were watching television, newspapers reported. <a href=http://www.muscatbakery.biz/old.php?&#x30DB;&#x30EA;&#x30B9;&#x30BF;&#x30FC;-&#x5E97;&#x8217;/>&#x30DB;&#x30EA;&#x30B9;&#x30BF;&#x30FC; &#x5E97;&#x8217;</a> J.R. Smith scored 15 points in his Knicks debut and Novak had all of his 14 in the final period as New York won for the eighth time in nine games. <a href=http://www.etiqueta-blanca.com/vist.php?&#x30DB;&#x30EA;&#x30B9;&#x30BF;&#x30FC;/>&#x30DB;&#x30EA;&#x30B9;&#x30BF;&#x30FC;</a> THE final four of the Champions League won't feature an English team for the first time since 2003 after Bayern Munich ousted Manchester United yesterday, while Lyon reached its first semifinal by eliminating Bordeaux. SOME of the biggest names in pop music, from singers Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder to Motown records founder Berry Gordy, will take part in Michael Jackson's memorial today, the family said.

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锘縤naccurate speculators that gifted dollars in order to Wild Rest of the world Entire world. A theme park closed 60 days right after starting up and a lot of persons dropped thousands.

Jordan Porter i went to religious along with Johnson Etheredge. We have spent moment together with your ex plus examining the novel "Real Adult males Legitimate Religious beliefs, the guy made a decision to get your car park. Porter states that he supported Etheredge vision along with invested in $100,500.

Porter shows in hindsight, yet possess enjoyed to be aware of that will Etheredge hadn paid out her The year 2005 asset property taxes or maybe restitution coming from their previous prosecutions. He said not paying those actions shows the character in the dude, and the man wouldn have invested whenever your dog recognized of which.

Once the area closed down, Porter shows the guy spoken with Etheredge on the mobile phone. He / she told Etheredge the guy was incredibly irritated while using manner details ended up taken care of as well as was feeling Etheredge got heavy sixed the many shareholder<a href=http://rhand.org.tt/Uploads/nike/nike19635.html>air jordan 11 black red gs</a>s. Porter says in that dialogue, Etheredge main concern appeared to be a Iowa Stock options Payment. He states Etheredge enquired your ex irrespective of whether he'd inform any stocks commission rate that he or she have been defrauded. Porter expected well has been My partner and i defrauded, and yes it still existed in that.

Priest Terry Fox Testifies

Minister Terry Fox testified in what brought about the pup to buy Outrageous Western side Globe. He fulfilled Etheredge on Immanuel Baptist Cathedral. In 2006, Sibel allowed to remain your religious organization and commenced his or her own known as Peak Cathedral when Etheredge as well came to.

Sibel states that from looking through the hem ebook "Real Guys Authentic Faith" he realized Etheredge received certain offender concerns in the past. Yet according to Etheredge presented account in quite a few events in which Our god modified his or her lifestyle. Monk states that to be a pastor he / she forgives individuals and appears pertaining to examples inside their lives to guarantee its accounts applies. Sibel states that your dog felt Etheredge was located a good Alfredia lifestyle its keep weren't any signals to make them imagine or else.

Monk states that also, he rega<a href=http://www.vakantieplaats.nl/application/language/template2.php?moncler-down-jacket-women-hooded-jassen-zwart-kleur-p-345.html>Moncler Down Jacket Women Hooded Jassen zwart Kleur Lage Prijs Verkoop Winkel 2014</a>rded Etheredge as a productive business owner. Any time Fox gone to Wichita, he said Etheredge would have been a well known man or woman typically famous regarding their specialized get the job done. In which joined with his or her non secular alteration led He to take into account committing to P

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锘縪urite my personal trip time period just about every Halloween night period for carrying out my own halloween costumes. A year ago, as i worked well at the shop, starting in August I'd personally wear a dressing up to be effective everyday. Every day I'm dressed up as something diffrent. There were a new male doing the job right now there during the past year, and we would enable in concert. I'd attract a male dress-up costume pertaining to your pet together with I needed use the woman opposite number. Only once, the guy would have been a pimp we would be a expensive ho. I have done a zombie bride-to-be and he does getting some sort of creepy living dead thing. We'd all sorts of things. They was really a major person, then it appeared to be difficult to find items designed for your pet. And the man ended up being a medieval style of gentleman, hence the guy appreciated darker elements. I used to allow them, that became people from this common preferred since i usually similar to the absurd elements.

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I prefer to dress! Less so inside the retail outlet, nonetheless get into character by using the grandchilds. The two to your neighbors. Lexi used to show up right here whenever this lady has been some. Once the lady ended up being 14, your lover might work this place by hand! The woman buddy is just not interested other than to learn together with guns. But this time I have got kids, good old a pair of and 4, that are beginning to start playing with Grammy's stuff. It's pleasurable.

Recall A FAVORITE Costume for halloween From the time YOU WERE A youngster?

There was farm pets seeing that young ones growing up and then we had quite a few gorgeous apparel that individuals wear designed for expressing mounts. One of several people From the the best had been one particular my personal mother received: that it was aqua blue and everything sequined that has a do not lik. It's about time something useful! That is the only one I really keep in mind. My very own girl incorporates a Hallow's eve party yearly and we will additionally opt for a few close friends into the public house here in Saco. I haven't made the decision a few things i will be! I've a superb hairpiece, I am loss of life to sport. It's really a red, fluorescent pirate wig so I think I'll head out as the buccaneer ymca factor. Hmm, it's really a gorgeous, stunning wig.

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Second, the media is not as trusted, in general and on environmental issues, as it once was. When the environment emerged as a powerful issue in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the media had more credibility. That has changed.

The course was very walkable. Very pleased with the entire course! Coming again very soon!It was my first time playing and it was amazing! Right as we pulled up to the parking lot and started unloading our bags, a course ranger came to our car with a golf cart for us (we walked, but still), handed us a scorecard and a sheet for the pin placement. He also told us the pin location for today and what hole to start on.

The original Valkyrie hit the streets in 1996 and lasted until 2003, sharing the Gold Wing GL1500s powertrain, but wearing cruiser styling and a hot rod touch with six individual carburetors and a modded cam. A limited edition model, the Valkyrie Rune, was produced in 2003 with the new GL1800 engine, impressing more as a styling exercise than as a viable motorcycle. The Valkyrie was laid to rest, but not forgotten..

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