How Much Do You Need For Twins?

Not sure what to buy to prepare for the arrival of your twins? Finding out you are having multiples is double, triple, (or more!) the joy, but it can also mean double the dollar signs. Before you go out and purchase two or more of everything baby, check out our guide to the gear you’ll need to prepare for your multiples, including tips form Tonia Tomlin’s book, Chaos 2 Calm: The Moms-Of-Multiples’ Guide to An Organized Family.


The Nursery
You may be seeing double (or more!) on the ultrasound, but that doesn’t necessarily mean double of everything in the nursery.

Here’s what you’ll need to buy in singles:

  1. Changing table, pad, and pad covers – One, with extra pad covers
  2. Humidifier
  3. Nursing pillow
  4. Diaper pail
  5. Night light
  6. Rocking chair or glider
  7. Diaper rash cream and lotions
  8. Burp cloths – One set

Tomlin suggestions, “If your home is two level or larger than 2000 square feet you should include a baby changing station in the family room,” stocked with the basics such as a changing pad, cover, diapers, and such.

You should plan to pick up two of each of these necessities:

Cribs, mattresses, and bassinets – Whether you opt to co-crib or place babies in separate cribs, they will eventually need their own space. Register for one of each of these item for each bundle of joy

  • Mattress pads and sheets – Double, with an extra or two to swap out in case of middle-of-the-night leakages
  • Receiving blankets – Double, because babies go through receiving blankets like hotcakes
  • Pacifiers – In the interest of sanitation, you may want to designate a color for each of your children
  • Bedding sets and mobiles
  • Diapers and wipes

Get more tips for creating a baby nursery for twins here.

The Closet
Keeping the closet organized is a tough enough task with single babies, let alone multiples. But, in the closet, you often only need one set of each of these essentials:

  1. Hamper
  2. Dresser
  3. Hangers – one set
  4. Clothes – one set, so long as you can get past the need to match your darlings
  5. Clear, plastic bins for storage – Tomlin suggests using three bins, plus one additional for each child for storing things they’ve grown out of, as well as the next sizes they’ve yet to grow into

The Kitchen
Things can get hectic around feeding time, but as far as quantity goes, one of each is often enough, with a couple of exceptions:

  1. Milk pump and storage bags
  2. Bottle warmer
  3. Bottle brush and drying rack
  4. Flatware, plates, and bowls – one set
  5. Cabinet locks – one set
  6. Bibs – one set
  7. High chair – Double, but if on a tight budget, feeding one tot at a time will do
  8. Bottles, sippy cups – Double, making it easier to keep track of who’s drank what and optimizing sanitation, suggest Tomlin
  9. Booster seat – Double as your babies grow into toddlers

The Bathroom
From the medicine cabinet to the tub, sharing is okay for multiples in the bathroom. You’ll only need to pick up one of each of these items:

  1. Medicines
  2. First aid kit
  3. Spout cover
  4. Infant tub
  5. Potty seat/potty training chair
  6. Towels and washcloths– One set 

On the Go
When you’re out and about, keeping kids safe and organized can be easier when you are properly geared to go with one of each of these:

  1. Baby carrier – Unless you and your partner both want to let your babies ride shotgun at the same time, it’s likely that one baby carrier will do
  2. Pack and Play – “My recommendation is one playpen per every two children,” offers Tomlin
  3. Diaper bag

You’ll want to pack up two of each of these items:

  1. Infant car seat
  2. Toddler car seat and car booster
  3. Stroller – Double if you go with one stroller for each little one; or check out the double strollers for one-parent-pushing capability

Play time
Play things can provide both entertainment and safety when one parent can’t go two directions at once. For these items, you only need one of each, unless you want to have duplicate items in different stations in your home:

  1. Bouncer seat
  2. Exer-saucer
  3. Activity play mat or play gym
  4. Swing
  5. Toys - one set

Now that you know how to gear up your home for your multiples on the way, focus on the fun decorating and great ways to give them each their own individuality. And, in a few short months, you’ll be experiencing baby joy in spades!


More tips on preparing for multiples:

-- 12 must-have products for new parents of multiples

-- 10 secrets to surviving the first year with twins

-- How to breastfeed twin babies

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