Baby's Physical Goals

Every day is a new adventure during baby's first year, as she hits new physical, emotional and social developmental milestones week after week. Wondering what the average age is for most babies to roll over, sit up on their own, crawl, walk and talk? Read on to discover when your little one may master these remarkable skills.

Baby on tummy

Birth to six months

Rolling over

Your little one may begin rolling over (and around) at two to three months. Rolling from her tummy to her back is likely to come first, followed by back to tummy around the age of five to six months. This first major skill comes from the development of her neck and arm muscles, which she’ll strengthen by pushing her upper half from the floor to take a peek around during tummy time. Once she masters the art of flipping from one side to the other, watch out! She’ll be on the move to get to you or that toy that has caught her twinkling eyes.

Sitting up

Quick tip: As confident as baby may be with her new ability, always stay close by and cushion the surrounding floor, in case she topples over or gets bored sitting up.

At five months, your little roller may begin to gain control of her upper body and sit up on her own. This happens when her back and neck muscles are strong enough to help her keep steady and she’s learned to put her legs out for support. Not only does this new milestone give her a new perspective on the world around her, it also gets her off of the back of her head.


Between six and ten months, your little one may be ready to take exploration to a whole new level. Getting up on her hands and knees and rocking is the first sign that your baby will soon be on the move, but there are many forms of mobility that count as crawling. Scooting on her bottom, pulling herself with one hand and one leg on her tummy and the traditional tummy-off-the-floor crawling technique all mark your baby’s achievement. Some babies actually skip crawling altogether, so there’s no need to worry if she hops right over this milestone.


This major milestone marks baby's move towards toddlerhood. But don’t expect things to happen overnight. ”Walking does not appear magically one day; the infant must first master sitting, standing while holding on (five to nine months), cruising (seven to 10) and standing alone (10 to 12),” advises Dr. Anatoly Belilovsky, pediatrician and director of Belilovsky Pediatrics, a 365-day medical facility in New York. “Walking unassisted should then be achieved by 12 to 15 months.” Before you know it, her newfound courage and view from up on her own two feet will have her off and running.


Amidst her move towards mobility, your sweetheart will begin to babble. Before you know it, these strings of sounds turn into comprehensible words and she’s “talking” up a storm. “Sometimes, babies say their first word shortly after the sixth month,” says Suzy Martyn, Parenting Consultant and Speaker and author of Enjoying the Ride: Tools, Tips, and Inspiration for the Most Common Parenting Challenges, “[but] more often it is closer to the first birthday (nine to 12 months) and usually typical first words are 'no,' 'dada,' 'mama,' 'up,' 'dog,' 'hi,' 'bye-bye,' following with words and phrases like, 'mine,' 'no want,' 'hi dada,' et cetera.'”

Is your baby feeling shy? Find out 10 Ways to get your baby talking >>

Although each milestone makes you more anxious to witness your little one’s next big feat, try not to rush through this precious time. By the time she turns two, you'll likely find yourself chasing after your tot while she’s chattering a happy “no!” to you before bedtime!

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My baby is nw 5 months bt she doesnt knw how to sit up on her own
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Seventy million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous Period, the Funiu Mountains teemed with dinosaurs or all kinds. Back then the reptiles enjoyed a comfortable average temperature of over 20 degrees Celsius - much warmer than the current average of 16 degrees.
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sanaa October 07, 2014
nothing more beautiful than a baby learning to walk and sometimes you need a little help
there is many product that can help a baby to walk like this one
Anonymous October 04, 2014
The difference in price is basically the brand name. Similarly sunglasses and scarves too are made this way. Many people see sense in buying the designer wear of their choice without paying the heavy label price. Online stores offer the promise of the same product without the big price.
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One opportunity is at Virginia Commonwealth University. Students with mental disabilities receive a special certificate after they take classes for 30 months at VCU. Liz Getzel is the director of postsecondary initiatives at the university.
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锘? We went at this tour as a result of Jim's kid, Todd, Was likely engaged and having a wedding on, Exclaimed hatch-out. "An old Windcrest capital bility councilwoman; We do get the wedding ceremony entirely directly referring to Friday. All chief finished marriage ritual, Always on your wednesday.

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One of them was Mark Bittman , a food writer for the New York Times. Mr. Donohue explained how Mr. Bittman became a food writer.
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lv September 20, 2014
When we saw this flat in Mid-levels, we loved it, Malin said. "The first thing that struck us was the open kitchen which is very American. In the US they say the kitchen is the heart of the home and having it out and open makes it a central point in the house."
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The rich diversity of unexpected sights and sounds at the world's largest non-commercial art exhibition are partly a result of sheer numbers, with shows from 88 countries installed across the canal city in time for the opening yesterday.
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THE card is easy to use - it automatically uploads your photos as soon as it senses an authorized hot spot. After a few weeks of usage, I noticed a remarkable shift in my photographic habits: Without the need to connect my camera to my computer, I found myself taking and sharing more photos, and viewing photography as less like work and more fun. While it would be great if cameras had the always-on high-speed wireless capabilities of a 3G phone, the Eye-Fi is the next best thing. Eye-Fi Inc, based in California, says future products will allow easy uploads directly to YouTube.
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VictorCep February 22, 2013
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In my experience, if you have to keep the lavatory door shut by extending your left leg, it's modern architecture. (c)Nancy Banks Smith <a href=>phrases quotes</a>