With So Many Types Of Formula Available, How Is A Mother To Know Which One To Choose? These Questions And Answers Will Help Guide You To Choosing The Best Formula For You And Baby.

Are you an on-the-go type of mom or do you stay home with your baby? Do you enjoy convenience or don’t mind a little extra effort, especially if it saves money? The type of mom you are will probably determine the type of formula you choose for your baby. And luckily, with so many choices available today, you can find the right fit for your lifestyle. Here are some questions that will help you determine which type of formula is best for you & baby.

By: Deanna Sletten

Will you be feeding formula exclusively to your baby?

For new moms who have decided to feed their baby formula exclusively, using liquid concentrate formula may be the right fit for you. Concentrate is economical, easy to store before use and you can make a day’s worth of formula at once, refrigerate and have it ready to use when needed. You can also make up one bottle at a time and store the unused concentrate for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator.

Do you need convenience or Are using formula as a supplement to breastfeeding?

Moms who are busy and always seem to have their hands full or moms who are supplementing breastfeeding with formula may find powdered formula to be their best bet. You can make one bottle at a time, it is the most economical type and it can be easily stored in the cupboard for up to one month after opening. It's easy-to-open lid is perfect for moms to use while holding baby. For days on the run, you may want to try powder packets -- individual packets that are pre-measured to make a four ounce bottle of formula.

Will another caregiver be responsible for feeding baby during the day?

Moms who are going back to work may find ready to feed formula an easier choice for baby and the baby’s caregiver. Because it is already prepared and easy to take anywhere, the caregiver only needs to pour a bottle for baby at feeding time. Once opened, the formula can be stored in the refrigerator and is good for 48 hours.

Are you always on the go or traveling with baby?

On-the-go moms or moms who travel with baby may find the ready to feed bottles of formula the simplest choice. Prepared bottles come in two ounce and eight ounce varieties, can be stored at room temperature and then disposed of when baby is finished.

What about using all three types of formula?

Busy moms may find it convenient to use all three types of formula. Bring ready to feed formula to baby’s day care or caregiver, carry powder packets for excursions and use concentrate when at home. All three are nutritious ways to feed baby and the convenience of each type makes mom’s life easier.

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