How To Be A Hot Mama

Postpartum sex – or sex ever again – may be the last thing on your mind after giving birth. Sure, your hormones and body will change, but sex after baby can be great! Follow these tips for postpartum sex and you’ll be back to being a hot mama in no time at all.

Couple in bed

Although the thought of postpartum sex may make your lady parts shudder, sooner or later it will be time to get back to business in the bedroom. Here are tips for making postpartum sex easier -- and hotter, too.

Keep up the kegels

Kegel exercises help things get back to normal down there before you get busy for the first time after baby.

"When you give birth, your pelvic floor muscles relax, and just like any muscle they need work to keep them strong," explains Renee Horowitz, M.D., of the Center for Sexual Wellness. "Kegel exercises strengthen the floor of the pelvis. The best way to figure out if you are doing them correctly is to stop the stream of your urine when you are voiding. Those are the muscles you want to contract and contract frequently."

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Comfort is key

Postpartum sex may be uncomfortable at first, due to hormonal changes. "After birth there is a drop in estrogen levels," Horowitz explains. "Estrogen plays an essential part in vaginal health. Without it, the vagina becomes thinner and easily irritated."

So, say hello to lubricants. "Most women should expect that using lube for vaginal sex after baby is going to make the action much more comfortable and fun," says Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed. Bottom line? Sex shouldn't hurt. If it does, talk to your doctor.

Plan ahead, then take it slow

If you've ever thought, I will never be one of those women who have to schedule sex, think again, Horowitz says. "Plan a night and a time when you can safely assume that at the moment the fireworks go off, you are not being disturbed with the wailing of an infant." Deysach suggests taking things slow without worrying about the big O. "Approach sex after baby with a mind open to the idea that things might be different on many levels for both of you, and set reasonable expectations," she explains.

"Aim for intimacy, not earth-shattering sexcapades at first. Go back to romance -- candles, massage -- things that just make the two of you happy to be spending adult time together exploring each other's bodies and touching each other in ways that maybe you have not in a while."

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Embrace your postpartum curves

If you're not feeling sexy because you're still carrying some pregnancy pounds, put things in perspective. You grew and gave birth to a baby. "Cut yourself some slack and think about what a powerful thing that is," says Deysach. "That said, a new frilly teddy can make you fell sexy and hide any spots you may be more self-conscious about."

Take it easy, make it fun and remember, you're a hot mama!

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