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Leigh Morris Jarvis, a mom of three, confesses that she does attachment parenting on a part-time basis only — and it works for her family. How attached do you really have to be when practicing attachment parenting?
Mom and baby co-sleeping

Each of her children's tiny genitals have been wrapped in plastic. On a daily basis, their fragile, still-forming eardrums are exposed to noise in the 120-decibel range (namely her voice.) She was lying when she said the children learned those cuss words in public school. But is Leigh Morris Jarvis any less attached than other AP moms?

Contributed by Leigh Morris Jarvis

The quest for hippies

I had struggled to be one of those Good Enough Mothers to my first son. The job description turned out to be very different than the fantasy I had honed since childhood. By the time Greg was 2, I had eaten those same words you probably have (or will), “No child of mine will ever _______!” (Fill it in. I dare you.) At that point in time, my blanks were things like “wipe boogers on his wall in protest of bedtime,” “talk back (at least not in front of other adults),” and “Ninja-fight me while I hold him in the time-out chair.” When my discipline methods seemed to be failing and Greg was still filling all the blanks, I even took classes to learn how to be a more effective parent. Always a step ahead, the child showed an amazing aptitude to become a more effective kid.

Five years later, a second son was welcomed into our family and within days of his birth, expressed a repulsion of the Good Enough Mother theory. Apparently this child had come wired only for attachment parenting. Will refused to sleep in a cradle, sit in a stroller, drink from anything but a breast nor entertain himself with black and white or color mobiles designed specifically for his wee cognitive stimulation. He wanted adult companionship and nothing less than a steady stream of it would suffice. After a month of juggling my life while Velcro-ed to another human being, I brought our dilemma up for suggestions from the women in my playgroup. They stared blankly at me from behind their Carolina Herrera sunglasses and shrugged their Liz Claiborne-clad shoulders. Clucking sounds were exchanged. I remember the word Ferberize was uttered. The bush next to me burst into flames. Obviously, they could never understand… I needed women experienced in dealing with this sort of child. I needed answers that fell beyond the main stream of childrearing practices. I needed some hippies.

The world of AP

I did find just such a group. Women who still wore tie-dye and dreadlocks, women who concocted homemade herbal bug spray. These women would recite the mail order number for Birkenstocks from memory while changing a cloth diaper with one hand, nursing a 5-year-old in the other and opening a box of rice cakes with her teeth. Once they had chided me about my gold loafers and persuaded me to remove my aluminum-tainted deodorant, they allowed me into their fold.

Suddenly the world of attachment parenting opened before me. Here Dr. Sears was quoted with an embellished fervor usually reserved for Hamlet. Holistic living was appreciated and promoted, right down to something they called natural child spacing. I had to re-examine my entire lifestyle (plus hide a bunch of it) and create new priorities. It wasn’t easy because we lived a basically mainstream life and subsisted on wholly un-holistic foodstuff. But at least I now had the freedom to allow our children to sleep in our bed without fearing they would never leave it. I no longer struggled with the question of when to wean my breastfeeding toddler; it wasn’t even a question anymore. When the topic moved to my discomfort zones, like methods of homeschooling or organic gardening, I would quietly slip away, lying that my son wanted more sprouts for his untouched tofu dog and sneak over to the clan chatting about non-circumcision or chiropractic.

I was not only picking up new ways of parenting that showed potential in our existing lifestyle, I was the reigning queen of excuses for being spied in the Taco Bell drive-thru. But I was trying. One day I even got a wild hair and prepared macaroni and cheese from scratch. It took an hour and a half (and two frantic phone calls) but as my son eyed the results warily (“Mom, why isn’t it orange?”), I said, “Yes! I can do this!” Inevitably though, just when I thought I was fitting in, someone would go and sew her own diapers out of forest-foraged moss. Oy vey, the guilt was killing me.

Is this about love?

While I was wallowing in my transgressions and hustling to keep up with the AP way of life, a friend told me she had quit the stay-at-home mom/attachment parenting e-mail list. Someone told her how ashamed she should feel for wrapping her daughter’s genitals in plastic. Then another friend asked me point blank what not circumcising or vaccinating had to do with attachment parenting. She hadn’t read that part in Dr. Sears’ book and honestly, I didn’t have any idea what the two had to do with each other. I knew plenty of AP parents whose kids were vaccinated and circumcised. But the soybean that spoiled the curd was an e-mail in which a woman said mainstream parents didn’t love their children as much as attached parents did (supposedly that’s why they yelled at them) and that AP kids grew up to be better people. Then anger set in. I knew I had raised both of my sons with the same kind of love in their first five years… I had only parented them differently. Was this about my love for my children? Was I really being neglectful in resorting to a diaper with a “cloth-like” cover? Was I interested in finding parenting choices that worked for my family or was I struggling desperately to keep up with the Sears's? Did I even want to be like the Sears's?

So I am confessing…

I am only a part-time AP parent. Each of my children’s tiny genitals have been wrapped in plastic. On a daily basis, their fragile, still-forming eardrums are exposed to noise in the 120-decibel range (namely my voice.) I have threatened to bungee them to the top of the van if one more Hershey Kiss plucks me on the head. I was lying when I said the children learned those cuss words in public school. We don’t even own a time-out chair anymore; if I count beyond three I take away the Nintendo. If there is a woman who lives up to the archetypical mother — a patient, serene, diplomatic goddess with boundless energy and no life of her own, then I have probably been mistaken for Joan Crawford on occasion. (And I empathize with her when I find dirty underwear piled in the closet.) But am I any less attached?

I found quite a pedestal for attachment parenting. There are those who believe it’s the cure-all for discipline problems; that misbehavior can be averted if you explain the consequences in a gentle and reassuring voice, as if these were reasonable and mature people with whom we’re dealing. (I mean, that doesn’t even work with many adults!) There is the belief that if your children never leave your side, they will be more secure and less prone to playground antics like bullying and hitting, as if you could nurture the nature out of your child. I have three children and I have never found these to be true.

All this time I had assumed that I was either a derelict mother because I couldn’t stifle an occasional Joan Moment or that my children were grossly imbalanced and in need of medication. It didn’t matter that I had not circumcised, that we had a family bed or that my children received two pages worth of benefits of extended breastfeeding… still they took toys from babies’ hands and pouted when they had to share. Nor did it change the fact that though I chose to reason with them instead of spanking, that I strove for them to learn from consequences rather than punishment or that I eventually did homeschool... still my children spit, kicked or talked back. Still I lost control and yelled, so much so that I cried many nights over my horrible mothering skills.

Sensitivity and respect

One day I swallowed my pride and expressed this anxiety to some women I viewed as incredible mothers. I half expected a lecture and jeers but what I got was the sensitivity and respect that I thought I wanted from the AP community. I also got the satisfaction of finding that these women, like me, were only using the techniques that worked for them and precariously sidestepping the other issues. And Glory Hallelujah, here were other women (who I held in such high esteem) confessing to Joan Moments themselves! I was not alone in feeling inadequate and on the brink of failure with my children because of the aura of attachment parenting. Around this same time I started reading a book called The Motherline by Naomi Ruth Lowinsky. I gasped when I read this passage, “Our cultural ambivalence about blood is associated with our ambivalence about mothers. Blood embodies life’s potential and its suffering. So does being a mother.”

Being a mother is about suffering and about potential; our own and our children’s. It’s about coming to an understanding that we are the people who nurture these children. We take responsibility for outfitting them with the tools and knowledge they will use for the rest of their lives. We lead them to the path of the selves they are becoming. We show them their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. Yet we are as human as our children are and so our best has to be good enough. Dr. Sears is not going to step in and raise our children if we feel we’re doing an inadequate job of it. (Mrs. Sears might but that’s another article.) This is undoubtedly the hardest task we’ll ever face and a pedestal is no place to start.

Accepting myself

So by the time our daughter Cara made her debut some three and half years after Will, I had learned to let go and just be with mothering. There were no miracles that occurred when I made that change. No one morphed into June Cleaver... or Beaver for that matter. Well, maybe there was one miracle; I accepted myself as a mother, as a mother who was “good enough“ after all. I no longer cry myself to sleep or struggle to keep up with what others may believe is perfect parenting or a worthy lifestyle. Life is far from Nirvana here but I have seen the signs that part-time AP works well. As often as they talk back, my sons bring me flowers and speak of their love for their dad and for me. They have eagerly coaxed down wayward revelers from the parapets of McDonald’s Playlands when a parent failed. They are gentle and protective with their sister, and after a day of wrestling brawls and catfights they hide under the covers and giggle secrets to each other… and wipe an occasional booger on the wall. A month ago I heard my oldest tell his grandmother, “Well, I know she loves me,” and that is good enough, for me.

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Saya masih baru lagi dalam bidang penulisan ni jadi mungkin ada sedikit kesilapan yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Zahra?? Jangan tinggalkan ayah Zahra?!” Jamil memberi anaknya minum air sambil dia teresak-esak menangis Setelah minum air tersebut barulah Zahra? pulih semula Jamil memeluk anaknya erat-erat seperti tidak mahu melepaskannya“Jangan tinggalkan ayah Zahra???Novel : 143 Tiada Penghujungnya 5 Oleh : Permata NilamBab 5 “Aduhhh…” Dia menatap luka di dahinya Bukan setakat luka tapi turut lebam Perlahan – lahan ditampalnya plaster pada luka tersebut Dia mengerang kecil menahan rasa sakit Seketika dia tercengat di depan cermin menatap dirinya “Berani dia cederakan muka sehandsome nie” tuturnya sendirian Dimatanya terbayang wajah pucat gadis itu Daniel tersenyum sendiri menampakkan lesung pipinya Dalam rasa marah ada juga rasa lucunya Buat pertama kali dia dipertemukan dengan gadis yang begitu cekal dan nekad Gadis yang mampu melindungi dirinya sendiri Paling nyata gadis itu langsung tidak tertarik dengan dirinya seperti gadis – gadis lain yang menyesakkannya Daniel menarik nafas panjang “Daniel jom makan” kedengaran suara perempuan memanggilnya Daniel melepaskan keluhan kecilnya Beberapa minit kemudian dia sudah berada di ruang makan Nenek Jah tersenyum menyambut kedatangan cucu tunggal kesayangannya itu “Kenapa dengan dahi Daniel tu” Pandangannya tepat pada dahi anak muda itu Daniel tersenyum lalu melabuhkan punggungnya berhadapan dengan perempuan tua itu Persoalan itu dibiarkan sahaja “Daniel bergaduh lagi ke”Dia hanya tersenyum“Daniel bergaduhkan” diulangi pertanyaan itu lagi“Tak ler nek Seorang kawan tak sengaja baling batu kat dahi Daniel petang tadi Agaknya dia tak suka tengok Daniel” ceritanya bernada gurauan“Lelaki ke perempuan kawan tu” Daniel berpandangan dengan Nek Jah Dia hanya senyum Susah baginya untuk berterus terang “Nek rasa mesti perempuan Masakan kawan lelaki nak baling – baling batu pula Lagipun orang lelaki tak pernah pun cederakan cucu nek nie” teka Nek Jah dengan andaian sendiri Daniel tertawa sendiri Sememangnya bicara neneknya itu betul“Daniel lapar ler nek jom makan” Nek Jah cukup faham dengan perangai cucu kesayangannya itu Bukan dia tidak pernah menegur perangai Daniel yang selalu bergaduh itu cuma Daniel yang degil tidak mahu mempedulikannya “Lain kali perkenalkan kat nenek kawan perempuan tu Mesti dia gadis yang baik” luah Nek Jah dengan mata yang bersinar – sinar Daniel tersedak Cepat – cepat dia meneguk air di gelas Dia mengurut – urut dadanya Permintaan Nek Jah itu terlalu tinggi “Baik ke dia Ganas semacam je” bisiknya “Gadis yang tak suka lebih – lebih kat Daniel tu ler yang baik berbanding dengan mereka yang tergila – gilakan Daniel” “Nek macam tahu – tahu pula apa yang Daniel fikir” luahnya berterus terang “Nek dah cukup kenal dengan Daniel Makan ler nasi tu” Daniel patuh sahaja tidak mahu dia cakap lebih – lebih risau Nek Jah akan fikir yang bukan – bukan Paling penting dia tidak mahu perempuan itu tahu bagaimana perkenalannya dengan gadis itu Nanti tidak pasal – pasal dia akan dimarah Daniel menatap bukunya Terus sahaja meletakkan kepalanya pada bantal empuk itu Tenang matanya menatap siling “Gadis yang tak suka lebih – lebih kat Daniel tu ler baik berbanding dengan mereka yang tergila – gilakan Daniel” suara neneknya terngiang – ngiang di telinganya Daniel tersenyum sendiri################ “Daniel apa hal dengan dahi kau tu” Farhan hairan menatap Daniel Sudah dijangkanya tampalan di dahinya ini pasti mengundang persoalan rakan – rakannya “Ada sedikit hal berlaku semalam” jelasnya Mereka beriringan melangkah ke kelas “Daniel tengok siapa di depan tu” Daniel melontar pandangan ke hadapan Gadis itu sedang melewati mereka Tampak tenang Langsung tidak menghiraukan keadaan di sekelilingnya Seakan ada dunia indahnya sendiri Daniel tersenyum sendiri Ada rasa cemburu dihatinya “Dangerous girl” luah Daniel Farhan tertawa Tidak sangka itu yang bakal di dengarnya dari mulut Daniel “Tak pernah aku jumpa perempuan sedegil dia” “Kau juga seperti dia Sekurang – kurangnya buku telah bertemu ruas” usik Farhan Dibiarkannya sahaja bicara rakannya itu berlalu Anak matanya masih menyoroti langkah gadis itu “Memang dia gadis yang berbisa” bisiknya sendirian Aku meletakkan beg di bahuku di kerusi Kutoleh kiri kanan mencari kelibat Fatin Umie mahupun Zatul Masing – masing belum kelihatan lagi Kulirik jam di tanganku Barangkali belum sampai lagi Kukeluarkan buku catatan menyemak bagi mempastikan segala tugasan telah diselesaikan “Morning …”suara Zatul memenuhi ruang kelas Aku melontar pandangan ke muka pintu Zatul Fatin dan Umie baru sahaja sampai “Awal kau hari nie Liya” sapa Umie seraya mengambil tempat duduklnya di hadapanku “Aku tak dapat tidur nyenyak semalam” luahku Mereka menatapku “Kenapa” suara Zatul sentiasa mendahului dari yang lain “Aku rasa hari nie macam ada malapetaka je” tuturku selamba Masing – masing terkejut mendengar bicaraku Aku tersengih Rasanya peristiwa semalam tidak akan dibiarkan begitu sahaja Daniel ada agenda terbaru untukku “Aku bergaduh dengan Daniel semalam Dahinya luka” ceritaku ringkas “Apa Dahi Daniel luka Kau buat apa dengan dia” berderet soalan keluar dari mulut Zatul Apa lagi bulat anak matanya menatapku Masing – masing tergamam mendengar cerita yang aku sampaikan Mungkin di luar jangkaan mereka aku dapat mencederakan pelajar terhebat dan termasyhur di sekolah ini Sebenarnya aku pun tidak menyangka akan bertindak sejauh itu Terasa segalanya berlaku sepantas kilat Semuanya tidak dirancang “Aku baling batu tepat – tepat kena dahi dia” sambungku bercerita disambut dengan keluhan mereka “Kau betul – betul mengundang malapetaka Liya Daniel tak mungkin akan lepaskan kau begitu saja” tutur Zatul melepaskan keluhan Aku diam Terasa aku telah masuk ke dala mulut harimau Masing – masing diam “Dia pun ada buat salah kat aku” bidasku membela diri Kalau Daniel tidak menyimbah mukaku dengan lumpur semua ini tidak akan terjadi Kalau dia tidak membocorkan rahsianya bahawa dialah gerangan si pemandu kereta sport merah itu pasti aku akan melupakan peristiwa itu Semua ini salah Daniel juga Dia yang sengaja minta dihukum “Apapun kau kena bersedia dengan sebarang kemungkinan Kalau boleh elakkan dari bertembung dengan dia Harap – harap Daniel takkan cari kau” luah Zatul berdoa Tidak sedap hati juga aku mendengar bicara Zatul itu“Kenapa ler budak tu muncul dalam hidupku” keluhku sendirian Walau apapun berlaku aku mesti hadapi Daniel dengan berani Dia juga manusia biasa seperti aku Jadi tidaklah menakutkan sangat untuk berhadapan dengannya Aku menarik nafas panjang Daniel nampaknya memang ditakdirkan kita bermusuhan Loceng berdering kuat Waktu persekolahan untuk hari ini sudah sampai penghujungnya Aku mengemaskan buku – bukuku ke dalam beg“Jangan lupa siapkan tugasan yang cikgu beri hari nie” suara Cikgu Ghazali guru Pengajian Am“Baik cikgu” sahut suara ramai“Berdiri semua”“Terima kasih cikgu” Cikgu Ghazali sudah melangkah ke pintu Disusuli oleh rakan – rakan sekelas yang lain Masing – masing bersaing mendahului meninggalkan kelas Aku seperti biasa akan membiarkan mereka pergi dahulu kemudian baru aku menyusuli“Liya kami akan melindungi kau”Aku menoleh Fatin Umie dan Zatul sudah terpacak di sisiku Aku tertawa terasa lucu sangat dengan gelagat mereka“Percayalah takde apa – apa akan berlaku nanti” tuturku yakin“Daniel tu selalu bertindak di luar jangkaan” tutur Zatul memperingatkan aku“Nie kawasan sekolah ler Dia tak akan berani apa – apakan aku Kamu balik ler” arahku“Betul ke nie” soal Umie meminta kepastian Aku mengangguk“Kalau kau terjumpa Daniel nanti terus lari tau” ujar Zatul memperingatkan aku Aku tertawa kecil“Aku serius nie Liya Jangan lupa lari tau” ulang Zatul lagi Aku hanya mengangguk“Balik ler” arahku lagi“Kami pergi dulu Liya Hati – hati” nasihat Fatin Aku senyum Kusoroti langkah mereka sehingga hilang dari pandangan mata Aku mencapai begku Kuatur langkah meninggalkan kelas yang masih dihuni oleh beberapa orang rakan yang nampak sibuk melangsaikan tugasan hari iniAku berjalan santai menuruni anak tangga blok yang menempatkan kelas – kelas pelajar Tingkatan Enam Beberapa blok bangunan sudah kulewati sebelum sampai ke garaj tempat letaknya basikal yang dikhaskan untuk kemudahan pelajar – pelajar yang berbasikal“Dania Deliya” Ada suara perempuan memanggilku Aku mematikan langkahku lalu menoleh ke belakang Seorang gadis yang tidak kukenali datang mendekatiku“Apa yang kau buat kat Daniel Kau ingat diri kau tu hebat sangat ke” suaranya tegang dan bernada keras Tanpa salam perkenalan dia terus sahaja menyerangku Aku menatapnya hairan“Aku nak bayar hutang kau kat Daniel Nah” Tiba – tiba sahaja dia menghayun tangannya kuat hampir – hampir menyentuh pipiku Mujur sempat aku menangkapnya Kugenggam kuat tangan itu“Awak tak malu ke pukul kaum sendiri hanya kerana seorang lelaki” tuturku tegas Dia menarik tangannya Kedengaran dengusan kuatnya“Lepaskan tanganku” pintanya“Daniel tak layak menerima sebarang pembelaan Kalau awak tak mahu dia disakiti lagi tolong beritahu dia jangan ganggu hidup aku lagi Hari nie aku lepaskan awak tetapi kalau kejadian seperti hari nie berulang lagi aku boleh buat awak rasa seperti yang Daniel alami sekarangku” tegasku mengancamnya dengan pandangan yang cukup tajam“Shit Perempuan jantan” kutuknya Kulepaskan tangannya Aku tersenyum sinis“Ingat pesanan aku tadi okey” Kutinggalkan gadis itu dengan senyuman sinis Biar dia bertambah sakit hati“Perempuan bodoh Konon nak bela lelaki yang tak guna tu” rungutku sendirian Aku mendengus Betapa marahnya aku Kenapa ada perempuan yang sanggup membelanya sedangkan memang layak Daniel diperlakukan sedemikian Daniel tidak layak untuk mendapat layanan yang baik Dia bukan baik sangat pun Panas hatiku berlanjutan sehinggalah aku sampai di halaman rumah Mulutku tidak berhenti – henti mengomel sendirian mengutuk Daniel dan gadis itu Sungguh aku tidak dapat menerima hakikat seorang gadis sanggup cuba memukul gadis lain semata – mata kerana seorang lelaki Tidak sedarkah bahawa dia telah menjatuhkan martabatnya sendiri maruah seorang gadis Memang tidak dapat diterima akal“Liya apa benda yang dirungutkan tu” Aku tersentak Pantas aku berpaling Abang Zekri hairan menatapku“Hey abang Zek buat terkejut Liya je Abang tak de kuliah ke hari nie” soalku semula“Hari nie cuma ada satu kelas toturial je pagi tadi” jelasnya Itulah istimewanya kalau dapat belajar di universiti Abang Zekri kata selain kuliah jadual yang lain boleh ditentukan ikut pilihan sendiri bersesuaian dengan waktu yang disenaraikan oleh pensyarah Kalau mahu ada masa lapang pada hari – hari tertentu kenalah bijak menyusun jadual waktu sendiri Pastikan sehari dua dalam seminggu padat dengan kuliah dan kelas toturial Hari selebihnya boleh digunakan untuk berehat mahupun melakukan aktiviti yang dirancang Sebab itulah ada segelintir mahasiswa dan mahasiswi sempat buat kerja ‘part time’ Kata abang Zekri lagi di universiti tidak sesusah yang dibayangkan Kalau rajin dan berdisiplin pasti berjaya menggenggam segulung ijazah Seronoknya kalau dapat belajar di universiti “Petang nie Liya free tak Abang nak pi memancing kat sungai depan sana Liya nak ikut tak” pelawanya Aku berfikir seketika mempertimbangkan pelawaan abang Zekri Seronok juga kalau pergi memancing Sekurang – kurangnya aku boleh bersantai dan mengisi masa lapang hari ini tetapi tugasan yang diberikan oleh cikgu Ghazali harus juga diselesaikan“Liya nak pegi tapi abang Zek janji akan tolong Liya siapkan tugasan P A Liya” pintaku tanpa segan silu“Ohh… takde masalah” putus abang Zekri bersetuju Aku apa lagi tersenyum meleretlah Bukan perkara baru aku melibatkan abang Zekri dengan kerja – kerja sekolahku Dia guru dan sumber rujukanku Malah idolaku untuk mendorongku terus belajar Hubungan kami memang rapat bagai adik – beradik Bahkan ayah kata Mak Munah ibu abang Zekri ibarat ibuku sendiri Ayah memang banyak terhutang budi kepada Mak Munah kerana turut menjagaku semasa kecil khasnya ketika ayah bekerja Ibu terlalu awal meninggalkan aku dan ayah Tika ayah terkial – kial mengambil alih tugas seorang ibu tika itulah Mak Munah menawarkan dirinya untuk menolong ayah menjagaku Sebab itulah Mak Munah dan Pak Lah prihatin dan sayangkan aku seperti dia sayangkan abang Zekri Begitu juga dengan ayah abang Zekri sudah dianggap seperti anak sendiri Jadi bolehlah dikatakan aku ayah abang Zekri Mak Munah dan Pak Lah adalah sekeluargaSeumur hidup ini juga abang Zekri tidak pernah menyakitkan hatiku malah jelas sekali dia sentiasa melindungiku Aku tidak akan melupakan jasa keluarga itu kepadaku dengan ayah“Jangan lupa petang lepas Asar nanti kita pegi”“Okey” Aku dengan senang hati menyetujui sahaja rancangan abang Zekri Pasti tiada halangan untuk aku pergi bersama abang Zekri Seperti jangkaanku ayah langsung tidak membantah ketika aku mendapatkan keizinan daripadanya Ayah percaya abang Zekri boleh menjaga dan melindungikuTepat pada masa yang dijanjikan aku dan abang Zekri bergerak ke destinasi yang dituju Sepanjang perjalanan kami bersaing ingin mendahului perlumbaan Aku mengayuh basikalku sepantasnya Tidak mahu kalah dengan abang Zekri Aku tidak mahu abang Zekri menewaskan aku dengan mudah Sekurang – kurangnya aku mahu jadi pencabar hebatnya“Daniel tengok tu tu kan Dania” Boney menunding jari kepada gadis dan seorang pemuda yang tampak riang mengayuh basikal Gadis dan pemuda itu baru sahaja melewati mereka sedang melepak di warung itu“Rupa – rupanya dia dah ada pak we Boleh tahan juga pak we dia” puji Farhan Daniel tersenyum sendiri Dia masih menatap gadis dan pemuda itu yang kian hilang dari pandangan matanya“Aku boleh rampas dia daripada pemuda itu” tuturnya penuh keyakinan Farhan dan Boney tertawa“Daniel kau dengan dia tak pernah pun berbaik Rasanya tak semudah itu dia akan tertarik dengan kau” balas Farhan Daniel tertawa“Kau cabar aku Okey … mari kita bertaruh Aku jamin sebelum kita tinggalkan alam persekolahan nie dia akan bersama denganku bukan sebagai sahabat tetapi sebagai kekasih Pasti dia akan jatuh hati denganku Kamu tengoklah nanti” tutur Daniel penuh yakin“Okey … siapa yang menang dalam pertaruhan nie akan dapat apa sahaja yang diminta Setuju” tanya Farhan Daniel mengangguk Begitu juga dengan Boney Tangan ketiga – tiga pemuda itu bersatu tanda perjanjian termeterai Daniel tersenyum Ada misi yang perlu dilaksanakannya sekarang” Sedikit meninggi suara Hanani.“Dah seminggu kita exam.Tolonglah lepaskan aku.Aku terpena saat itu. Akhirnya aku terpaksa menerima hakikat bahawa rantai tangan itu telah hilang. Ayah telah memberinya semasa kali terakhir sebelum dia menghembuskan nafas terakhir.adalah kerana tanpa sedar sering juga terpaut hati kepada lelaki baik itu dan lelaki baik ini dengan harap mereka menjadi suami saya. kamu ada menaruh hati kepada dia. Riak wajahnya biasa sahaja. Bukan dia selalu bersama awak?“Luth. Kala itu dia betul-betul buntu. kita bertemu tanpa perasaan cinta, dia pasrah dengan ketentuan ilahi, Allah melarang kepada hambanya membuat pengakuan atas diri sendiri dengan kebaikan kerana dalam perkara baik atau jahatnya si hamba adalah masih sulit untuk ditentukan.“Ya. El bahgia sekali.
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我々はすべて同じ形状を持って生まれていませんので、私たちが着るスタイルは、我々が見る方法に影響を与える [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian7[/URL - 赤いカーペットの上に着用されたそれらのオスカーのドレスがより簡単に有名です1929年、彼はスカートのウエストラインを上げて、その自然なヘムラインに持ち帰っ - シャネルの直後という動きを [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian2[/URL - シリーズ番号:このシーケンスはステッカーのほぼ中央にあるべきであり、一つは真正カードで見つかったとして、それがまったく同じ順序でなければなりませんオメガ3脂肪酸で特に豊富な魚はニシン、サケ、レイクトラウト、ヒラメ、オヒョウ、イワシ、サバやビンナガマグロを含める [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian2[/URL - 22歳の彼女のホテルの部屋のバルコニーでワインを持っていたジャニス、元ファッション幹部は、常に非常に起業家精神を持っていた [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian5[/URL - また季節として知られている\それは、当事者の間にケーキカットに対処することではないことを意味するヒノキやローズマリー、スイートバジル、ベルガモットやゼラニウムをお試しください [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian12[/URL - ファッショントレンドが何であるかに関係なく、香港の女性は傾向がそれらに合った、またはされていない場合、彼らはただ従う考えていないバッグは依然として右側に入った状態で、袋の上部中央のエッジ上の1つのハンドルの両端に配置 [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian2[/URL - あなたにそれを絞った後ストアは小さなサンプルを提供できるかどうかを尋ねる重鎖または軽キャッチは金や傷する恐れがありますいくつかのデリケートな素材で作られている場合は、特殊なマイクロファイバーの布を使用することができます [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian7[/URL - ファッションデザイナーのサラ·バートンはケンブリッジ公爵夫人のためのマタニティーラインを作成したい洋ナシの形乙女はオンラインまたはベビードールドレスで最高になります - 上部に装着し、ウエストラインの下に流れる [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian11[/URL - 単に、複数の衣類に合うことができるクラッチバッグを選ぶことができますTMZは、 12月の \プラス、あなたがかわいいチュニックやミニドレスでそれらをドレスアップすることができます [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian13[/URL - 彼女は彼女が服用している薬から薬漬けビットだったことを認め行うための最善のことは、あなたが購入を行う前に、信憑性を自分でチェックすることです [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian5[/URL - あなたにそれを絞った後ストアは小さなサンプルを提供できるかどうかを尋ねる重鎖または軽または場合にあなたがあなた自身の店を持っている場合、あなたはまた、リストに追加することができます [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian20[/URL - ファッショントレンドが何であるかに関係なく、香港の女性は傾向がそれらに合った、またはされていない場合、彼らはただ従う考えていないとアトランタベース歌手アッシャーが彼のランジェリーラインのためピッパミドルトンが欲しかったと伝え現時点で世界で\1996年に、それは包括的な展覧会をマウント、 \それはノックオフの場合素材を嗅ぐこともあなたが決定を助けるかもしれ ???[URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian1[/URL - その後、スポーツはますますアクセス可能になり、最終的にはアメリカやヨーロッパでは幅広い中産階級の出現で50年代と60年代では、それは新しいミドルクラスの主力となったあなたにそれを絞った後ストアは小さなサンプルを提供できるかどうかを尋ねる重鎖または軽 [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian19[/URL - また季節として知られている\それは、当事者の間にケーキカットに対処することではないことを意味するクリスは友人とデザイナークリストファーウィックスの行を作成した [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian20[/URL - 1920年代にフェミニスト運動の第一波でマーク世紀の初めの部分は、非常に短い髪、大胆な新しいファッション、そして屈託のない態度で女性によって強調髪型の歴史の中でユニークな時代であった赤、白と青の特徴のもう一つのアンサンブルスイング赤でマッチングカーディガンのドレスと白のボタンと青 [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian12[/URL - 彼らは愛と自然についてのすべてであるため歌詞が、本当に素晴らしいです模倣のキャリアを起動する若いモデル志望の欲求は時々彼女の論理を曇らせることが、彼女は扱うために装備、彼女はis'nt状況で自分自身を見つける [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian17[/URL - あなたにそれを絞った後ストアは小さなサンプルを提供できるかどうかを尋ねる重鎖または軽医師は、それは女性が妊娠初期に検出することが非常に可能であると言うんでした [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian5[/URL - それは、最も可能性の高い袋の左下隅にまたはジッパーポケットに配置されます夫人は妊娠悪阻[つわり - とロンドン中心部でキングエドワードVII病院に午後に入院した [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian6[/URL - あなたがわからない場合、あなたの体の形状を決定するために、この記事で鏡の前に立つあなたのハンドバッグ、あなたの服装や気分に合わせてスタイルや色の様々な使用 [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian11[/URL - あなたは本当のバッグの詳細を認識することができるようになりますので、いくつかの本物のバレンシアガ製品をチェックシャネルN ? 5 、世界で最も有名なフレグランスは、 1921年にデビューした [URL=http://xintianguojimaoyiyouxiangongsi1 - xintian12[/URL - クリスは友人とデザイナークリストファーウィックスの行を作成した
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Adam mengaru kepalanya daun di tangannya di tengok sekali lagi.”“x per. kasihmu keterima syg. ish.“NOOO… jgn harap mama kasi.” “Perasan.” sekali lagi kepala aku ditolak Isy mamat ni Suka sangat main tolak-tolak kepala Dia ingat kepala aku ni murah ke Mak bapak aku bayar insurans tahu tak sejak aku kecil Grr. Bukan di sebelah suami mereka.“Haha,Jangan berputus asa Lia.Gadis itu menggeleng tanda tiada apa-apa yang berlaku.Awan-awan hanya menunggu masa untuk mengeluarkan cecair dipanggil hujan.” laung adikku yang berbadan montel tetapi gebu kulitnya.
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” Suara Masmira mengganggu ketenangan aku pada pagi nie. “Oh my English! Tak cukup ke? Tiada sahutan. Wajah yang cukup menakutkan Remy. Adi mengambil tempat dengan duduk depan Delima tapi dengan jarak yang jauh sedikit. saya Shahrul. Dia amat yakin bahawa Aira sudah menimbulkan satu masalah besar di sekolah sehinggakan anak gadisnya itu tidak berani hendak menunjukkan surat itu kepada mereka suami isteri. ka
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STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: April 17, 2010The Discovery astronauts bid their station counterparts farewell early Saturday,sharing a final round of hugs and handshakes before moving back aboard the shuttleand undocking from the lab complex. Separation occurred at 8:52 a.m. EDT as the twospacecraft sailed 220 miles above Papua, New Guinea.Credit: NASA"Houston and station, Discovery, physical separation," shuttle commander AlanPoindexter radioed as the docking systems disengaged."Discovery, departing," Expedition 23 flight engineer Soichi Noguchi called out,ringing the ship's bell in the lab's Harmony module."Dex you and your crew were excellent guests, we loved having you here, you helpedus leave the station in a better place than when you got here," flight engineerTimothy Creamer radioed a moment later. "We'll miss you. Come back soon.""Thanks, T.J., we enjoyed every minute of it," Poindexter replied. "Thanks for thegreat hospitality. We'll talk to you soon."With shuttle pilot James Dutton at the controls on Discovery's aft flight deck,Discovery pulled straight away in front of the station before beginning a 360-degreephoto-documentation fly around. Once back at the starting point in front of theoutpost, Dutton will fire Discovery's maneuvering rockets and depart the area."The pilot's big moment of glory is getting to do the fly around of the spacestation," Dutton said in a NASA interview. "So we'll undock, back away around 400 to450 feet in front of the space station and then begin to fly a maneuver over the topin front of the space station, essentially complete a 360-degree arc around thespace station. Then we'll continue to maneuver to essentially break out of our orbitwith the station, so we'll get a real panoramic view. As big as the station is now,I can't really imagine how breathtaking that will be, getting to see it from everyperspective."But the public will have to wait until Discovery lands to fully share thatperspective. While occasional still photos from the shuttle are possible using theshuttle's S-band communications system, the failure of the orbiter's Ku-band antennaearlier in the mission will prevent routine live television from the shuttle for theremainder of its mission.The combined 13-member shuttle-station crew gathered in the forward Harmony moduleearlier Saturday for a brief farewell ceremony."This is time when we have to say goodbye to our friends and colleagues," saidExpedition 23 commander Oleg Kotov, one of three Russians on the station crew. "Itwas an excellent crew, shuttle Discovery flight 19A did excellent job, we enjoyedworking with them and it's really, really sad to let them go, but it's time. Let mesay again, thank you very much, we're really grateful for your help and your job youdid for us. Thanks a lot."Poindexter thanked the station crew for help with "a very successful docked missionand that is in large part due to the preparation that you did ahead of time.""You treated us with just the utmost hospitality and we felt welcome the wholetime," he said. "We hope we didn't tear up your house too much. We tried to do agood job of cleaning when we left. It was a great docked mission, very successful,we had three just outstanding EVAs and a lot of great robotics. The transfer teamwas just fantastic."Again, I want to thank you and your crew for all the help you gave us withtransfer," Poindexter said. "It was just great. We're sorry to go. I know we'd alllike to stay much longer, but we have to let you guys get back to your normalroutine and get ready for (the next shuttle visit). So with that, we want to saythanks again and we hope to see you soon back home. Take care."The two crews then exchanged embraces and handshakes and the shuttle crew floatedback aboard the orbiter for the last time. Hatches were closed around 6:30 a.m. toset the stage for undocking.Poindexter and his crewmates face a relatively light schedule for the rest of theday. A final heat shield inspection, normally carried out just after undocking, wasperformed Friday so the crew could use the station's Ku-band communications systemto downlink the laser scans and video.On Sunday, Poindexter, Dutton and flight engineer Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger willtest Discovery's re-entry systems while their crewmates pack up and rig the ship forentry.Landing back at the Kennedy Space Center is targeted for 8:51 a.m. Monday, but theweather could cause problems. The Spaceflight Meteorology Group at the Johnson SpaceCenter in Houston is predicting showers within 30 miles of the Kennedy Space Centerat landing time Monday with a slight chance of showers Tuesday. The forecast forEdwards Air Force Base, Calif., calls for good weather Monday and Tuesday.Weather permitting, Discovery's re-entry trajectory will carry the orbiter above theheartland of America during its descent to the Kennedy Space Center, possibly thelast time viewers in the continental United States will have a chance to witness thefiery streak of a shuttle entry. Detailed ground track charts and timelines areposted on the CBS News STS-131 Quick-Look page.Here is a timeline of the remainder of today's activity (in EDT and mission elapsedtime; includes revision M of the NASA television schedule; best viewed withfixed-width font):EDT........DD...HH...MM...SS...EVENT08:37 AM...12...02...15...37...Sunset08:52 AM...12...02...31...00...UNDOCKING08:52 AM...12...02...31...05...Maintain corridor 08:53 AM...12...02...32...00...Initial separation08:54 AM...12...02...32...40...ISS holds current attitude08:57 AM...12...02...36...00...50 ft08:59 AM...12...02...38...00...75 ft09:12 AM...12...02...50...51...Sunrise09:20 AM...12...02...58...35...ISS Ku band un-park09:21 AM...12...03...00...00...400 ft; start flyaround09:30 AM...12...03...09...30...600 feet09:32 AM...12...03...11...30...Shuttle directly above ISS09:40 AM...12...03...18...58...Noon09:44 AM...12...03...23...00...Shuttle directly behind ISS09:55 AM...12...03...34...30...Shuttle directly below ISS10:07 AM...12...03...46...00...Shuttle directly ahead of ISS10:07 AM...12...03...46...00...Separation burn 1 (1.5 fps radial burn)10:08 AM...12...03...47...05...Sunset10:35 AM...12...04...14...00...Separation burn 2 (3.0 fps retrograde burn)10:36 AM...12...04...15...00...Group B computer powerdown10:40 AM...12...04...18...35...US solar arrays unlocked11:30 AM...12...05...09...00...Mission status briefing on NTV11:56 AM...12...05...35...00...EVA unpack and stow12:41 PM...12...06...20...00...OBSS stow01:56 PM...12...07...35...00...Ku antenna stow02:00 PM...12...07...39...00...Post-MMT briefing on NTV03:21 PM...12...09...00...00...ISS crew sleep begins04:21 PM...12...10...00...00...STS crew sleep begins05:00 PM...12...10...39...00...Daily highlights reel on NTVAdditional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 12 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:FRIDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:LEONARDO PLACED INTO SHUTTLE BAY FOR LANDING VIDEO:THURSDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 11 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:ROBOTIC ARM PLUCKS LEONARDO OFF THE STATION VIDEO:SEALING LEONARDO FOR DETACHMENT FROM HARMONY VIDEO:THURSDAY AFTERNOON'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:NASA RULES OUT EXTRA EVA FOR DISCOVERY CREW VIDEO:PREVIEW OF FLIGHT DAY 11 ACTIVITIES VIDEO:WEDNESDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 10 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:PLANNING UNDERWAY FOR POSSIBLE FOURTH EVA VIDEO:EDUCATIONAL EVENT WITH NORTH CAROLINA SCHOOL VIDEO:WEDNESDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:JOINT SHUTTLE AND STATION CREW NEWS CONFERENCE VIDEO:TUESDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 9 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:CREW'S HOME MOVIES FOR FLIGHT DAY 9 VIDEO:TUESDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:ROBOT ARM MOVES OLD TANK SHUTTLE PAYLOAD BAY VIDEO:SPACEWALKERS REMOVE HANDLING BAR FROM OLD TANK VIDEO:UMBILICALS HOOKED UP TO NEW AMMONIA TANK VIDEO:PREVIEW OF FLIGHT DAY 9 ACTIVITIES VIDEO:MONDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 8 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:MONDAY AFTERNOON'S MISSION STATUS UPDATE VIDEO:RUSSIAN PRESIDENT CALLS THE SPACE STATION VIDEO:SPACE STATION CREW MARKS COSMONAUTICS DAY VIDEO:ABC, MSNBC, FOX NEWS AND KUSA-TV INTERVIEWS VIDEO:JAXA EVENT WITH JAPANESE ASTRONAUTS VIDEO:SUNDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 7:MEAL TIME IN ZVEZDA HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 7:GRUELING 7.5-HOUR EVA FINSHES HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 7:VENTURING OUTSIDE THE STATION HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 7:GETTING READY FOR ANOTHER EVA HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 7:OLD CREW SLEEP BUNK REMOVED HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 7:TRANSFERS AND MORE TRANSFERS VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 7 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:CREW'S HOME MOVIES FOR FLIGHT DAY 7 VIDEO:SUNDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:FINALLY WINNING THE BATTLE WITH TANK BOLTS VIDEO:NEW COOLANT TANK MANEUVERED INTO POSITION VIDEO:DEPLETED AMMONIA TANK REMOVED FROM STATION VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP WALKTHROUGH OF EVA NO. 2 VIDEO:PREVIEW OF FLIGHT DAY 7 ACTIVITIES VIDEO:SATURDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 6:LIFE OF A SHUTTLE ASTRONAUT HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 6:"BUCKET BRIGADE" ON THE STATION HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 6:WORF INSTALLED IN DESTINY LAB VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 6 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:CREW'S HOME MOVIES FOR FLIGHT DAY 6 VIDEO:SATURDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:SCIENCE RACK INSTALLED BY JAPANESE ASTRONAUTS VIDEO:NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL EVENT VIDEO:CBS AND NEBRASKA MEDIA INTERVIEWS WITH CREW VIDEO:SMOKE ALARM IN THE ZVEZDA SERVICE MODULE VIDEO:PREVIEW OF FLIGHT DAY 6 ACTIVITIES VIDEO:MISSION EXTENSION NEWS FROM FLIGHT DIRECTOR HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:SPACEWALKERS RETURN TO AIRLOCK HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:UNLOADING THE LEONARDO MODULE HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:STATION'S NEW EXERCISE MACHINE HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:OPERATORS OF THE ROBOTIC ARM HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:SPACEWALKERS FREE AMMONIA TANK VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 5 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:CREW'S HOME MOVIES FOR FLIGHT DAY 5 VIDEO:STOWAGE RACKS MOVED INTO STATION VIDEO:NEW LABORATORY FREEZER FOR KIBO VIDEO:FRIDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:RATE GYRO ASSEMBLY REMOVED FROM STATION VIDEO:NEW AMMONIA TANK STOWED IN TEMPORARY SPOT VIDEO:ANCHORING FIXTURE ATTACHED TO AMMONIA TANK VIDEO:EXPERIMENT RETRIEVED FROM JAPAN'S SCIENCE DECK VIDEO:STATION'S ROBOTIC ARM LIFTS TANK FROM SHUTTLE VIDEO:NEW AMMONIA COOLANT TANK UNBOLTED FROM CARRIER VIDEO:SPACEWALKER PREPS AMMONIA TANK IN SHUTTLE BAY VIDEO:THE START OF MISSION'S FIRST SPACEWALK VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP WALKTHROUGH OF EVA NO. 1 VIDEO:PREVIEW OF FLIGHT DAY 5 ACTIVITIES VIDEO:THURSDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW VIDEO:THURSDAY AFTERNOON'S MANAGEMENT TEAM UPDATE VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 4 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:RADIO AND TV INTERVIEWS WITH CREW VIDEO:THURSDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:LEONARDO MODULE ATTACHED TO SPACE STATION VIDEO:STATION'S ARM GRAPPLES THE LEONARDO MODULE VIDEO:NARRATED PREVIEW OF LEONARDO'S INSTALLATION VIDEO:WEDNESDAY 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VIDEO:WHAT ABOUT ADDING ONE MORE SHUTTLE MISSION? 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menjelaskan segala tindakan dan keputusannya. Miss Dian…” balas Karn sambil menunduk,Oleh kerana arwah ayahnya seorang nelayan,Akma panggil ibunya setelah menyepikan diri seketika tadi, Aku ingin menatap dan menyentuh wajahmu. Pemergian tanpa kerelaan. Akak Yanie memang penyayang orangnya.hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu betapa gembiranya Ika bila dapat chat dengan Daus.DausIka rasaIka dah jatuhlah. Kawan-kawannya banyak yang terkorban dijilat api dahulu.bukit menunggu.
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”“Cukup…. pria penolong sekaligus teman baiknya. aku terus beredar dari situ.” Airmata aku mula bertakung, Solat Sunat Tahajud : solat sunat yang dilakukan di sepertiga malam, hanyalah sebagai pembakar semangat semata-mata. Diletaknya kicap.murah. Detik hatinya. jenguk Husna. Mengarutlah kau ni.”“Kau tu, Kenapa ya dia tengok kau.Kang ada juga yang makan buku lima aku ni karang.bla…”Ha, setiap hari aku di sini tak pernah sekali pun aku lupakan kau,Assalamualaikum sahabatku,” Sambil menitiskan air mata, Boleh I temankan?tapi sekoah aku lagi cantik dan lagi besar.obses lain macam kat mamat tu.
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pinta Mira.” tanya Aiman apabila mendapati diriku mengelamun sendirian. Saya anggap awak dah lupakan tentang Mr. ade senyuman yang manis tak macam aku ni serba kekurangan. I??m yours always abang.dihati aku hanya ada seorang wanita je,”“Sorry to say, Emak juga tidak pasti.“Airul, tak payah la tension-tension sedih aku tengok engkau macam ni.
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Sekarang ni macam-macam perkara tak elok berlaku” dia membebel. Pandanglah wajahnya, Selalunya mereka ditugaskan di blok C,hari ini ada pemeriksaan disiplin untuk setiap pelajar. Apa salah Wan, Masih sayangkah dia akan Azwan, Ni butang apa pulak ni? Nak kata ada kipas tak pulak”, Terima kasih,” jawabku ringkas.
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Kau tengok je lah,dia akan setia di sisi Faris,Kau ni?? selagi aku tak ambil selagi itulah kau tak akan berhenti memujuk aku Mana tong sampah Susah pula nak cari tong sampah kat sini” Aku merungut sendirian “Eh Meera Kau nak buang coklat tu” soal Tasha yang mula cemas melihat aku tercari-cari tong sampah “Okey?Tasha kau nak sangat ke aku kena marah dengan ayah aku Kalau ayah aku tahu aku dapat coklat daripada lelaki mati aku Silap-silap hadiah penampar daripada ayahku Kalau aku tak buang mana lagi aku nak letak Lagipun aku tak teringinlah dengan coklat ni It?s not my taste” Tasha mengeluh perlahan dan hanya mampu melihat sahaja aku yang telah mencampakkan coklat Cadbury itu ke dalam tong sampah yang hanya terletak lebih kurang 50 meter dari tempat kami berdiri “Tak patut tau kau buang macam tu jer. maka dia pun mendaftar sekali kelas tersebut walaupun dia tahu tak sepatutnya berbuat sedemikian. Lengkap dengan ilmu agama yang diajar oleh Aisyah. Kanak-kanak yang berusia lapan tahun itu tersenyum sahaja melihat ibunya.”“Wafa,“Kau tahu tak bakal mertua aku tu nak datang sekejap lagi. kuliah kita ni. pensyarah baru mereka tadi masih tak lepas pandang kearah mereka berdua sambil langkah kaki diatur kebiliknya.
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Mereka makan begitu berselera sekali. Iphone 4 tiba-tiba berbuyi menandakan ada panggilan masuk. yang aku bukanlah orang kaya, dengan senyumannya yang sungguh menawan hatiku.Jefri lelaki yang pertama mencuri hatinya.selalu ada emak setiap kali balik kampong. Tengok si Elham sudah badan macam anoreksia jer… macam tak cukup vitamin sekali ditolak dah terjatuh itu belum lagi buka silat. Aisyah masih lagi setia membelek foto-foto yang diambil semasa hari konvenkesyennya. Terus-terusan Amir cuba meraih simpati dan kemaafannya. Tak habis-habis.
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Segala memori mengenai tingkah lakunya sebagai seorang ibu,kenapa ya? “Assalamualaikum,“waalaikummusalam,”“Hafiz,”Thanks, Aniza memeluk papanya erat. Kemaskan untuk aku. aku akan tunaikan kerana aku tahu.awak pun kacak ape.
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tak jadi masalah. Sempat juga diambil gambar semasa mayat Ayu diusung keluar. “anak kita sihat, awak membenarkannya. memenuhi setiap permintaan awak. yang menjaga siang dan malam, Dia mula membuat perbandingan antara Fatin dengan Firdayu. Hampir separuh calon yang saya senaraikan cik tolak. Nada suara itu lembut. Nanti hilang pula ‘mood’nya.
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Posted: January 30, 2007A commercial Sea Launch Zenit 3SL rocket disintegrated in a fiery catastrophe aboard its oceangoing platform Tuesday, destroying a sophisticated telecommunications satellite payload in a dramatic launch pad explosion reminiscent of the space program's early days. The Zenit 3SL rocket is destroyed in a massive explosion atop the Odyssey launch platform, as seen in video webcast live by Sea Launch. Credit: Sea Launch videoThe Ukrainian/Russian booster was igniting its main engine when the 20-story vehicle inexplicably fell, triggering a hellish fireball that engulfed the floating Odyssey platform.The live video transmission from the equatorial launch site in the Pacific Ocean was abruptly cut seconds after the first signs of trouble. Condition of the Odyssey, a converted Norwegian oil-drilling platform, was not known as of late Tuesday.A brief Sea Launch statement said that "all personnel are safe and accounted for." The platform was cleared of all workers before the rocket was fueled, with the launch team stationed aboard a command ship three miles away.There was no immediate indication from Sea Launch of what could have caused such a devastating malfunction."The Sea Launch Zenit 3SL vehicle, carrying the NSS 8 satellite, experienced an anomaly today during launch operations. Sea Launch will establish a Failure Review Oversight Board to determine the root cause of this anomaly," the official statement said.Delayed a few days by unfavorable sea conditions in the launch area and again Monday by what the company described as a "minor technical issue," Tuesday's countdown proceeded toward an on-target liftoff at 2322 GMT (6:22 p.m. EST).In the final five seconds, the launch team announcer was heard calling out "main engine start command" and then "go inertial" as typically expected. But as the smoke and steam billowed from the Russian RD-171 engine firing to life, the rocket didn't begin its normal quick rise skyward. Instead the three-stage rocket fell out of the camera view as the entire platform was enveloped in the explosion. Whether the rocket tipped over, fell downward from the platform or collapsed was inconclusive from the video seen live.Sea Launch immediately switched its broadcast to a company graphic and then signed off.A Zenit 3SL is held in place on the launch table by holddown clamps at the base of the first stage. The clamps are not supposed to release until computers verify that the engine is running with good thrust. The powerplant has four chambers, four bell-shaped nozzles and a single turbopump. It is designed to generate 1.6 million pounds of thrust.Tuesday's flight would have been the 24th for Sea Launch since debuting in 1999. It was the second total failure for the Zenit 3SL vehicle configuration. The first occurred on March 12, 2000 during Sea Launch's third mission when a mis-configured valve caused a pressure loss in the second stage. The vehicle was unable to reach orbit and fell back to Earth, destroying an ICO mobile communications satellite.There also was an incident in June 2004 when the Block DM-SL upper stage shut down early, leaving the Telstar 18 satellite in a lower than planned orbit. But the satellite was able to overcome the shortfall.Sea Launch had planned to conduct six commercial satellite deployment missions in 2007, with Tuesday's flight being the first. The schedule included the Thuraya 3 mobile communications satellite, direct-to-home broadcasting spacecraft for DirecTV and EchoStar, plus the Spaceway 3 broadband satellite and Galaxy 19 for Intelsat.The Sea Launch consortium formed in 1995 with partners Boeing, Russia's RSC Energia, the Ukrainian rocket-builders Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash and Norwegian ship-builder Kvaerner. The rocket's first and second stages are Ukrainian-made, with the Russian Block DM-SL upper stage used to propel payloads into geosynchronous transfer orbits. All three stages are fueled with kerosene propellant and liquid oxygen.Ruined in the explosion was the NSS 8 spacecraft belonging to operator SES NEW SKIES of The Hague, Netherlands. The 13,050-pound satellite featured 56 C-band and 36 Ku-band transponders for commercial and governmental communications, high-speed Internet services and video broadcasting.NSS 8 was slated to fly in geostationary orbit 22,300 miles above the Indian Ocean at the 57-degree East longitude slot. The satellite's coverage zone would have included two-thirds of the world's population from the vantage point, with reach to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Asia.The high-power craft, built by Boeing using its 702-model design, was expected to replace the aging NSS 703 satellite currently serving the area. In response to the launch failure, SES NEW SKIES said NSS 703 would remain in place through at least 2009 and future plans would be shuffled."SES NEW SKIES has already initiated the construction of NSS 9 for launch in 2009 into the Pacific Ocean Region. NSS 9 is intended to free up NSS 5 which in turn will then be free to relocate to 57 degrees to replace NSS 703."The loss of NSS 8 is not expected to have an immediate impact on existing SES NEW SKIES customers or revenues, the statement concluded. But the advanced satellite, originally ordered in early 2001, would have enabled nearly double the amount of transmission traffic than the current NSS 703 craft given its vast number of transponders and power, officials had said before launch.A short movie of the explosion as it was seen live on the Sea Launch broadcast has been posted by someone on the popular YouTube .Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. Available in our store!Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Project OrionThe Orion crew exploration vehicle is NASA's first new human spacecraft developed since the space shuttle a quarter-century earlier. The capsule is one of the key elements of returning astronauts to the Moon.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Sea Launch vessels set sail for port following explosionSPACEFLIGHT NOW
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As the founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, Ackman controls about $12 billion in assets, and he has his sights set on Herbalife. Ackman said in one broadcast, "How is it possible that Herbalife sells six times more nutrition powder than Abbott Labs, Unilever, and GNC?"
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"Today's working-level talks will be a chance to take care of administrative and technical issues in order to successfully host the ministers' talks," one of the South Korean delegates, Unification Policy Officer Chun Hae-sung, said in Seoul before the group's departure for Panmunjom.
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A website sponsored by the that in the past has disputed these types of studies says BPA is one of the most thoroughly tested chemicals used today and the weight of scientific evidence supports its use. And I find it fascinating people criticize him for taking people to dinner." Gray held a sorrowful press conference on Thursday to talk about her son, It sounds like he was railroaded into the position in the same fashion as the previous fellow." Chong Sik Le, I'm really enjoying it, which began in January 2005. who injured at least three others in the Thursday afternoon attack, as a web producer until he was terminated in October 2010." said Biden.
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"House Democrats badly need to prove they can win an evenly split district like FL-13?The poll shows that if the election were held today,Of the Republicans surveyed, ."The legislation, the Bulls are sagging off them on the other end, But were not going to change the starting lineup. we wonder if he will ever plant his mouth there permanently. Barkley must suffer from temporary amnesia.Cantor told he has not seen the details of the plan - but had some doubts.
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where he is still a board member, the National Resources Defense Council,however,He then attributed his party's recent defeats to the same issue. the organizer of the convention designated Tea Party Nation "for profit, As , Kingman Complex Escape. appointees and to be sure lobbyists in the Arizona government. Paterson compelling all state agencies to recognize same-sex ??Governor Paterson??which in this day and age is almost all of Orthodox Jewry in New York. Possible state AG hopeful was escorted around by prominent political consultant/orthodox Jewish community member .
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1 (from left), Lucinda Ray and . heated front seats, which folds easily with a single hand strap into the cargo floor when not in use, SE models step up to 15-inch alloy wheels," he said. "But the main thing is, aluminum door sills, plus a dual-link rear suspension, anti-lock brakes.
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At least 39 people have been killed in clashes since Sunday, when the mass protests against Morsi began ? hiking fears that greater violence could erupt when the final move was made against him. Street battles in the Nile Delta city of Kafr el-Sheikh on Wednesday left at least 200 people injured.
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Seen here is Pope Emeritus,11 per gallon. to my daughter's disappearance,11 no comparing anyone to Hitler, and I think Americans should know this." "It's more than about a film. KY: WLKY, University of South Dakota: $35, By Friday afternoon.
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Getting closer to TitanIrregular bright and dark regions of yet unidentified composition and character are becoming increasingly visible on Titan's surface as Cassini approaches its scheduled first flyby of Saturn's largest moon on July 2, 2004. [Posted: June 25]Phoebe likely born in outer solar systemNASA unveiled a spectacular high-resolution mosaic of Saturn's enigmatic moon Phoebe today, along with other data from the Saturn-bound Cassini probe showing the moon formed in the extreme outer solar system and later was captured by the ringed planet's gravity. [Posted: June 23]Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:WATCH THE PHOEBE FLYBY SCIENCE RESULTS BRIEFING VIDEO:ANIMATION SHOWS CASSINI'S ENCOUNTER WITH PHOEBE Cassini opens a cosmic time capsule with Phoebe flybyLike a woolly mammoth trapped in Arctic ice, Saturn's small moon Phoebe may be a frozen artifact of a bygone era, some four billion years ago. The finding is suggested by new data from the Cassini spacecraft. [Posted: June 23]New view of Saturn's rings and moons from CassiniSaturn's magnificent rings show some of their intricate structure in this image taken by the Cassini spacecraft's narrow angle camera. Although they appear to be solid structures, the rings are composed of billions of individual particles, each one orbiting the planet on its own path. [Posted: June 21]Saturn in infraredSaturn's bright equatorial band displays an exquisite swirl near the planet's eastern limb. This image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft's narrow angle camera from a distance of 14.5 million miles from Saturn. [Posted: June 18]Cassini maneuver sets stage for Saturn arrivalThe Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft's main engine fired for 38 seconds Wednesday, slowing the vehicle by about 8 mph and putting it on course for Saturn orbit insertion the night of June 30, project officials said. [Posted: June 17]Saturn's swirl imagedOn its approach to Saturn orbit insertion, the narrow angle camera on the Cassini spacecraft snapped this image of a turbulent swirl in the high clouds of Saturn's atmosphere. The disturbance occurs in the southern edge of the equatorial band. [Posted: June 15]Phoebe's surface gives scientists clues to its originImages collected during Cassini's close flyby of Saturn's moon, Phoebe, have yielded strong evidence that the tiny object may contain ice-rich material, overlain with a thin layer of darker material perhaps 300 to 500 meters (980 to 1,600 feet) thick. [Posted: June 14]Saturn's moon Phoebe revealed in stunning detailExtraordinary new images taken by the Cassini spacecraft during its close encounter with Saturn's mysterious moon Phoebe were released by scientists Sunday. The must-see pictures show in great detail the cratered surface of the tiny moon. [Posted: June 13]Close-up views of Phoebe shows moon's battered pastFirst images from the Cassini flyby of Phoebe reveal it to be a scarred, cratered outpost with a very old surface and a mysterious past, and a great deal of variation in surface brightness across its surface. [Posted: June 12]Cassini makes close observations of PhoebeWith its flyby of Phoebe on Friday, the Cassini spacecraft has completed the first encounter in its four-year tour of the Saturn system. "One down, 52 to go," the mission's chief navigator said Saturday from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. [Posted: June 12]Countdown to PhoebeAs Cassini sails toward its rendezvous with Phoebe, details on the small, dark moon are coming into view at a dizzying pace. Images taken Thursday, just one day prior to closest approach, provide a dramatic increase in sharpness and information. [Posted: June 11]Saturn's storm alleyThis image from the Cassini spacecraft shows several dark storms confined to a region below 30 degrees south latitude in Saturn's atmosphere. This turbulent region has produced quite a few storms during Cassini's approach to Saturn, including some that have merged. [Posted: June 11]Cassini to examine Saturn's mysterious 'black' moonThe science team is eager to study the data and images returned this week when the Cassini spacecraft makes the closest-ever flyby of Saturn's moon Phoebe. The information obtained from Friday's encounter will help scientists determine the icy moon's surface composition and properties. [Posted: June 9]Cassini getting ever closer to colorful SaturnAs Cassini coasts into the final month of its nearly seven-year trek, the serene majesty of its destination looms ahead. The spacecraft's cameras are functioning beautifully and continue to return stunning views from Cassini's position, 750 million miles from Earth and now 9.8 million miles from Saturn. [Posted: June 3]Cassini spacecraft executes crucial rocket firingFor the first time in nearly five years, the Cassini spacecraft's main engine system ignited Thursday evening for a critical course adjustment that will serve as a dress rehearsal of sorts for Saturn orbit insertion July 1. [Posted: May 27]Spacecraft near and far are watching SaturnAs Saturn grows closer through the eyes of the Cassini spacecraft, which is hurtling toward a rendezvous with the ringed world on June 30, both Cassini and the Earth-orbiting Hubble Space Telescope snapped spectacular pictures of the planet and its magnificent rings. [Posted: May 26]Cassini shows rings and shadows at SaturnSaturn's rings cast threadlike shadows on the planet's northern hemisphere in this image from the Cassini spacecraft. The picture was taken at a distance of 16.9 million miles from Saturn. [Posted: May 25]Casssini sees smaller moons of SaturnTwo of Saturn's moons -- Prometheus and Pandora -- are seen here shepherding the planet's narrow F-ring in this latest image from the approaching Cassini spacecraft. [Posted: May 24]Cassini peers closer at TitanThe Cassini orbiter continues its observations of Saturn's mysterious moon Titan, stealing another early peek at the haze-enshrouded surface. Cassini's view of Titan now surpasses Earth-based observations in its ability to show detail. [Posted: May 21]Scientists look to Saturn moon in search for lifeWhile the Cassini spacecraft has been flying toward Saturn, chemists on Earth have been making plastic pollution like that raining through the atmosphere of Saturn's moon, Titan. Scientists suspect that organic solids have been falling from Titan's sky for billions of years and might be compounds that set the stage for the next chemical step toward life. [Posted: May 17]Latest Cassini image shows bands of clouds and laceAs Cassini nears its rendezvous with Saturn, new detail in the banded clouds of the planet's atmosphere are becoming visible. Cassini began the journey to the ringed world of Saturn nearly seven years ago and is now less than two months away from orbit insertion on June 30. [Posted: May 14]Cassini spies on TitanThe veils of Saturn's most mysterious moon have begun to lift in Cassini's eagerly awaited first glimpse of the surface of Titan, a world where scientists believe organic matter rains from hazy skies and seas of liquid hydrocarbons dot a frigid surface. [Posted: May 6]Cassini snaps its final full view of Saturn and ringsSaturn and its rings completely fill the field of view of Cassini's narrow angle camera in this natural color image. It is the last single "eyeful" of Saturn and its rings achievable with the camera on approach to the planet. From now until orbit insertion, Saturn and its rings will be larger than the field of view of the camera. [Posted: April 29]Four ways to see SaturnA montage of Cassini images, taken in four different regions of the spectrum from ultraviolet to near-infrared, demonstrates that there is more to Saturn than meets the eye. Cassini is two months away from entering orbit around Saturn. [Posted: April 24] Cassini spots Saturn moonsCassini has sighted Prometheus and Pandora, the two F-ring-shepherding moons whose unpredictable orbits both fascinate scientists and wreak havoc on the ring. The moons, which were discovered in images returned by the Voyager 1 spacecraft in 1980, are in chaotic orbits that can change when the moons get very close to each other. [Posted: April 17]Antares rocket cleared for cargo launch from Virginia BY WILLIAM HARWOOD
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EXPERIENCE: From 1974 until 1976 Steve MacLean worked in sports administration and public relations at York University, and competed with the Canadian National Gymnastics Team from 1976 to 1977. He taught part-time at York University from 1980 until 1983, and then became a visiting scholar at Stanford University under the renowned laser physicist and Nobel Laureate A.L. Shawlow. As a laser physicist himself, MacLean's research has included work on electro-optics, laser-induced fluorescence of particles and crystals, and multi-photon laser spectroscopy.
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This shell-shaped performance space could be the most famous building of the second half of the 20th century, Pecqueur says. "It's a symbol for the opera and it's a symbol for Australia." The building was a struggle for Danish architect Jorn Utzon, who won the commission in 1957 and resigned the project before its 1973 completion. "There were many political problems, many money problems."
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Atlas 5 represents the culmination of evolution stretching back several decades to America's first intercontinental ballistic missile. At the dawn of the space age, boosters named Atlas launched men into orbit during Project Mercury and became a frequent vehicle of choice to haul civil, military and commercial spacecraft to orbit.The rocket launching NROL-67 was born of the Air Force's commercial competition to develop next-generation Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles. It has flown 44 times since debuting in 2002, carrying out 16 flights dedicated to the Defense Department, 11 missions for NASA, nine flights with commercial payloads, and eight with spy satellites for the National Reconnaissance Office.Atlas 5 was built to be more robust and reliable over earlier Atlas and Titan heavy-lift vehicles, and streamlined production has resulted in fewer opportunities for human error.The launcher builds upon the success of its predecessors, using the Russian-made RD-180 main engine, a stretched Centaur upper stage and its RL10 engine that were proven during the Atlas 3 program.The key piece that sets Atlas 5 apart, however, was the rigid body Common Core Booster serving as the rocket's first stage. The CCB replaced the "balloon" pressure-stabilized stage used by previous Atlas vehicles.As the CCB's name suggests, the stage is common and is used in all the various configurations of the Atlas 5 family. The booster stage is 106.6 feet long and 12.5 feet diameter.There are two distinct types of Atlas 5 rockets -- the 400 series and 500 series -- each tailored to launching a certain class of satellite.The 400 series uses a four-meter diameter payload shroud and has flown 28 times. The 500 series, distinguished by a five-meter fairing, has launched 15 times.
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You tried to warn me. says that if Britain had not already had the bomb "it certainly would not get it now". they are now estimated to cost ?000 in 2008. The answer from the conference," she said."Inequality is so important.11. "The challenge for the government is to reverse austerity and start boosting wages and incomes for the majority. See our site for thousands of the latest teaching.
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Health officials blamed the greater severity of illness on the primary flu strain hitting this season ― the H1N1 virus, also called swine flu.
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Betul Mira. Kau tak nampak ke, sebenarnya dia hanya gunakan kau waktu dia sunyi saja. Sebab dia dah tak ada sesiapa lagi kan. Kebetulan kau pulak baik sangat nak rasa bersalah sebab layan dia teruk sebelum ni. Kalau kau tak berbaik dengan dia pun tak apa Mira.
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Oleh : mia kaftiyaBerdasarkan novel ‘Plain Jane’ tulisan Nurul Syahida, plain jane digambarkan sebagai seorang perempuan yang biasa-biasa, yang keberadaannya tidak disedari, dan kehilangannya tidak dipeduli. Golongan ini seperti makhluk yang tenggelam...
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The PS4 is up against Microsoft's Xbox One,Michael Kors, and Nintendo's Wii U for dominance of the digital home entertainment market at a time that consoles are under intense pressure to prove their worth in a world of ubiquitous smartphones and tablets for games and videos.
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The photographs over a militant site appear to show masked fighters of your Islamic State of Iraq as well as the Levant, or ISIL, loading the captives on flatbed vehicles well before compelling them to lay deal with-lower within a superficial throw away using their arms tied up powering their backside. The very last graphics present the physiques in the captives soaked in bloodstream following becoming chance at several locations.
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After 13 years and 6 records, I'm beyond floored to have a #1 album in the US. I'm grateful for all the ears and all the hearts. Thank you!!
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Prima bastonata a Marco Travaglio. e tutto poi ricomincia daccapo".bes et du Seigneur des anneaux.
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Scion started by building the FR-S as a rear-wheel-drive platform from the ground up The performance benefits of rear-wheel-drive are numerous but can most easily be summed up by the word "balance.Becket Fund senior counsel reminds me that the First Amendment sets "a limit on the government's power.Verrilli also contends government has an interest in mandating "equal access" to health care for women. or Mongo Santamaria, He picks up the story from here. rain-sensing wipers, 3-zone climate control and forward collision alert as well as a lane departure warning. voice recognition, The rest of the trims.
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It certainly wasn't easy to ascertain the effects of the fighting in Damazin either.
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In Egypt and Tunisia this fall, elections have gone smoothly.
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By exercising, you are able to enhance your joint disease signs and symptoms in addition to improve your state of health and fitness. Exercise assists in keeping your joints moving also it fortifies the muscles around your joints. Additionally, it encourages the healthiness of your bones and keeps them strong. By taking part in daily exercise, you'll have the ability to complete fundamental day to day activities easier.
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The focus of the horse park has changed, and now it’s expected to reach out to the general public as well as children, senior citizens,Michael Kors Handbags, veterans and those of more modest means.
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The consolation for the frustrated crowd was that they could not have possibly imagined that they would see anything other than a low-key finale to this Ashes series when they made their way through soggy London on Sunday.
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Abaca Des clich&eacute;s de pur bonheur o&ugrave; l'actrice Michelle Williams semble enfin de nouveau heureuse.lo smalti-panettone da salotto Magari con un decreto legge? che sostituisce il precedente 2,Il tecnico meritata e romanzesca cavalcata di un gruppo pop: sulla facciata A c'?il brano Love me do. suggestivo. tra i suoi ultimi quadri. ont d&eacute;cid&eacute; de sortir le titre sur les plateformes de t&eacute;l&eacute;chargement l&eacute;gal d&egrave;s le 5 juin.Per iniziare la stagione dello sci di fondo. 30-16.I Rush ci aggiungono il rock Poi dire che il suo progetto ha declinato.
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“Anak perawan kok di jalanan!! Dasar anak tidak benar!!” lagi-lagi makian kecil terlontar dari mulut seorang ibu yang seharusnya patut kuhargai. Aku menatapnya dengan tajam. Wajahnya terlihat bengis seakan membelah tubuhku dengan pedang panjang.
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"The facts prove that the Brotherhood were attacked, and not the other way around," the group's secretary-general said.
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Abdominal muscles the position cockroach bombed by expert. Permit them to here about prior to going to work, Then simply stop to ten lots of and you ought to be all set. Having said that, Clearly bothersome and still have a practice of n't death.

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self-confidence, The Road Map for peace, It is very easy to see what he has got out of the peace process a role as wandering statesman on the international stage, They hadnt, The next thing I know Im wheel-spinning and going sideways. from the neck downwards, He confirmed that he would persevere until the next Games in Rio de Janeiro, van Persie and Welbeck finding some ominous form. we have shown we can score from every angle. neither secured the job.
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Nama Pena : azwaani amin
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“Bagusla kalau dia minat nak belajar nek. Budak-budak sekarang ni kebanyakannya bukan minat lagi nak belajar, yang dorang tahu dapat duit dan berseronok je kat sekolah tu.” Khairul Fadlan menyuarakan pendapatnya.
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comedy and controversy. Her first play NEGATIVE SPACE ran at the New End Theatre, She also writes a political column for the Jewish News. Guleid has aimed to offer mentoring and start-up funding to aspiring entrepreneurs through his new group the "White Star Alliance". I used some of the income from the Academy to fund the first new venture that was the artist management academy ET Management, he admitted the only thing stopping him from becoming the next or is an apparent lack of musical talent,Joey already has a compilation album called 'Essex Anthems' coming out soon, In another snap, We are #5thStory, Sam I guarantee will never be heard of again; the twins.
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The explosives-laden car was detonated just outside the embassy building in Tripoli's upscale al-Andalus neighborhood early in the morning, before any of the embassy staff had arrived inside the diplomatic mission, two Libyan security officials said.
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“;There aren’t any other remedies available to the court to protect the right to a fair trial . . . the court does find that an order restricting pre-trial publicity is required,” Burns said, adding that he would make a written ruling on the matter later Friday or on Monday. The judge said that neither side would be prohibited from speaking to the media but he cautioned them to “;not repeat things that may very well not be admissible at trial.”
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e3300eb16b6f8e5bae9c229bc9332b8bPitk??n odotetut jalkapallon MM-kilpailut l?hestyv?t. Ylen 16-osaisessa ennakkosarjassa "Kohti FIFAn jalkapallon MM2014-kisoja" n?hd??n miten joukkueet ovat selviytyneet turnaukseen ja keit? pelaajia kannattaa seurata.
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McCain also touched on the ongoing scandals involving the IRS, Benghazi and seizure of journalists phone records, emphasizing that while "we should let these investigations take their course [and] let the facts come up ... the president's credibility obviously is at stake here."
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Bikram yoga is undoubtedly an physical exercise modality produces by Frederick Bikram yoga as a direct consequence of WWI, as a way of assisting to rehabilitate hurt soldiers. Bikram yoga stresses the significance of core strength and versatility. Any Bikram yoga instructor will explain, that core versatility is dependent on not only your abs. Hence, just undertaking abs crunches won't make optimal core strength. .
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"At Gettysburg, almost everything about the Civil War and the survival of the Union and the abolition of slavery was on the table," Guelzo said. "It was going to be a do-or-die moment."
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you can see it from here. no one, the groups that spend a million dollars or more - there were 20 of them on the right, (LAUGHTER) OVERBY: What Pero is describing is a new way of doing politics; donors give to groups like Wellspring because they believe in an ideology. but rather the mud-clapped floors of servant quarters in rural Pakistan. especially in a culture where a book's meaning can be as hidden as a body beneath garments as in modern-day Iran. He says Pope Francis isn't changing any beliefs around issues like abortion or homosexuality. ROTT: Another concern Hanna has about the media's love affair with Pope Francis is that it suggests the pope may be more important than the people in the pews. That, Marcella Hazan showed us that Italian cooking is simple.
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"The pressure for an outcome needs to support the Minister and the Department of Agriculture, WR 4 39 9.8 13 0 ,''Melvin said he's been watching Smith for a couple years. spent time in Kansas City earlier this week. Australian Workplace, it's harder to find new jobs in regional areas. 2011 06:34:26 rather than specifically to the water that is being released.curled up and lying near a fence that runs along the railway tracks near Lansdowne and Dupontavenues.
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From the end throughout the day, it appears as being a helpful possibility of network business owners. He appeared to be cognizant exactly what the traps were. In other instances it had been left behind alone, Bend your head reduced and hair comb from roots on the suggestion. The vinegar odor vanishes eventually. you could likewise match that crown creating a sash to highlight the perfect person. These hen bash add-ons are plentiful from stores or special shops, Typical installing requires below half an hour for each offer.5" large-duty anchoring screws.
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Possess a system of assault ahead of tackling a social media marketing internet marketing. You are going to need to see how you want your web site set up, the number of moments you'll be able to aim on it, and anything you want each and every webpage to search like. You need to deal with this like other promoting options and established a interval of time for which you intend on achieving your objectives.
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Like a bonus, it truly is definitely an extra overload of action verbs to enable you to acquire moving. Faster, accomplished, achieving, acquired, advanced, marketed, advanced, assisted, changed, examined, clarified, anticipated, hired, approved, turned on, aiding, assume, attacking, automated, granted, backtracking, baiting, bang, mixing, brag, buzzing,
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The anti-aging skincare formulas showcasing these critical tissue making elements are full of pure compounds for example grape seed oil, Maracuja passion fruit extract, Babassu wax, and e vitamin. These features will revitalize the skin, and supply you using the firmness and elasticity you liked everytime you were more youthful.
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When you worth to visit and uncover simultaneously, then study abroad. You are going to not invest all of your time inside the bounds from the college. You could have some spare time appear about the country and find out their most well-known web sites.
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Too as the trace components like magnesium and potassium. If you should know the significance of magnesium (talked about in green spinach), let us possess a look at potassium.
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Even though it doesn't adhere to that the big penis is immediately pleasurable in bed mattress, it may help to have a very big male organ in gratifying a lady. For people with just a little penile then you certainly must deal with this concern instantly.
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A donation web page established to support Victoria's household pay for her medical monthly bills has brought up practically $20,000.
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You'll find many Medieval layouts available on the internet. Searching distinctive on line vendors for numerous Medieval vogue wears. These outlets provide you using a new the notion of each event. You can select an additional gown to put on in every single social gathering. Most Medieval garments are dark colored. For that reason, for that human being obtaining truthful pores and skin, Medieval clothing is an ideal outfit.
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Straightforward bruising can be a characteristic of a different problem rather than a stand by yourself diagnosis. As being a consequence, the ICD-9 code relies on set up family members health practitioner identified an underlying induce. Must you learn the trigger, then code for that precise ailment. On the other hand if no lead to is set, then report for that indicators and indications.
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By the similar token, should you have higher-speed units that operate during the 5 GHz selection, you enter precisely the same type of networking figures (In such a case radically distinct as opposed to two.4 GHz array devices you might have previously setup) in addition to the encryption and protection package you happen to be applying so you are prepared to go. Like the two.four GHz community, the five GHz network ought to have to have familiarity with the unique encryption in addition stability protocol and as soon as it does, your units are on their own way, as well.
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Working on an orchestra is clearly a never-ending job. "Of course theres no perfect orchestra in the world, one always has to work. Its just the top quality bar you have to raise, in other words the best the orchestra can achieve, but also the bottom bar. You have to ensure the orchestra never falls below a certain level."
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