Have You Been Told You Have A Diastasis Recti, Or Separated Abominal Muscles? Super Fit Mama Author Tracey Mallett Shows Women Explains What Causes This To Happen, Who Is At Risk And Provides Easy Exercises And Tips For A Flat Tummy. If You Are Tired

Have you been told you have separated abominal muscles, also called diastasis recti? Tracey Mallett, fitness expert and author of Super Fit Mama, explains what causes this to happen, who is at risk and provides exercises and tips for a flat tummy. As a personal trainer and mom in the trenches, Tracey gives simple and informative tips to help you lose your mommy tummy -fast!

Tracey Mallett


If you’re like most of the women on Team Mallett, you probably have tons of questions at this point. Here are the most common questions I’ve been asked by new moms, and, more importantly, the answers!
Why are my abs separated? I look like I have a melon tummy!
By far, my abs were the most bothersome part of my post-baby body. I wished that someone had warned me that my abs would look like Play-Doh after delivery. Not only was there that little pooch from my uterus and stretched muscles, but there was mush that hung over my waistband and seemed to jiggle when I walked. I wasn’t asking for a six-pack (or even a four-pack), but I was longing for a flatter middle. You may feel the same way, but caution and patience are required before jumping back into an exercise program, especially with your stretched-out abdominals and pelvic floor.

As described earlier, during pregnancy you’ll probably notice a dark line going down the center of your abs. It’s called the linea nigra. Take a look at this dark line and you’ll likely notice that there is a recti muscle to the right and the left. These muscles attach to thin fibrous horizontal bands with about a one-half-inch gap.

This seam is very vulnerable to separation during pregnancy thanks to the pressure of the growing baby in the uterus, which leans against the front wall of the abdominals. This pressure, combined with hormonal changes, excessive weight gain, and bearing down through labor, can force this gap to open near the belly button like a zipper. This separation can range in size from 2 to 20 cen-timeters in width and 12 to 15 centimeters in length. The separation it¬self is called diastasis recti, and studies show that 37 percent of women who have one pregnancy experience this condition while 67 percent of women who have had multiple pregnancies do so.

Predisposing factors
Other factors that predispose you to diastasis recti are obesity, having a large baby, excessive uterine fluid, and weak abdominals prior to pregnancy. The most common symptoms are low back, buttock, and/or hip pain and a vertical bulge in the middle of your abdomen when standing or sitting (which turns into a bulge when you’re lying on the floor and lift your head like you would in an abdominal crunch).

What NOT to do
Because sheer force can make this separation—and its accompanying bulge—even worse, it’s important to monitor it before you do any abdominal exercises, especially rotation activities, or even getting up from a horizontal position (roll to the side before rising). Also, avoid exercises where you’re lying on your back and lowering your legs (such as straight leg raises, dipping the toes, single leg stretches, the 100s).

It’s crucial to close the gap, because when the rectus abdominals are separated it leaves your pelvis very unstable, which can eventually lead to lower-back and hip pain and will make it hard to strengthen and flatten your abs. In the worst-case scenario, this separation can result in a hernia.

What to Do
Before doing any strenuous abdominal work, it’s important to gauge the amount of separation you have. To do so, use the following test [pictured above]:

  • Lay on your back with your knees bent and your fingers placed above your belly button.
  • Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor and press your fingers firmly down. Feel to see if you have a gap in between your abs.
  • If you do feel a gap, use your fingers to measure the size of the separation.
  • Repeat the test, but this time place your fingers below the belly button.
  • If either gap is the width of two or three fingers or more, do the towel abs exercise below and only perform core-strengthening exercises in this book that are marked with an asterisk. With these exercises you can work on correcting the separation before you move on to more strenuous abdominal work.

Abdominal Wraps
Many women, especially celebrities, swear that wearing an abdominal wrap around the midsection after birth really helps their abdominals get back to pre-pregnancy state quicker. I agree that wrapping your abs will force your muscles to come back together if they’re separated and can help to stop the condition from getting worse. It will also give you that extra back support and a natural reminder to activate your abs through¬out the day. I personally like the Belly Bandit (www.bellybandit.com).

Note: Do not perform any of the abdominal exercises below while wearing the wrap. The wrap is a tool that can help you recover faster, but it is not a substitute for exercising caution when working out the midsection.

Towel abs exercise
Muscles targeted: Abdominals
Reps: 2 sets of 10 reps (work up to 40 reps per day as you get stronger)
A. Lay on your back with your knees bent and your heels in line with the sit bones (those bony parts you feel under your pelvis you when you sit down). Wrap a towel around your midsection and cross the towel over your abs (holding it at each end).
B. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor, exhale, and draw your abdominals in toward the spine while tilting your pelvis up. This will activate the transverse abdominals. Then, pull the towel tight. This will pull the abs together, retraining them to go back to their correct, functional position. See picture below

Modification: If your neck begins to ache, perform the exercise by lifting just your head and neck off the floor.

Tracey’s Tips
Keep monitoring the separation. Also, you don’t need to do all your reps at the same time, but can spread them throughout the day. Until the abs are no more than two fingers’ width apart, stay away from any strenuous abdominal work—especially rotational ab work, lifting heavy objects (only lift the weight of the baby), and leg lowering exercises—as this will make the separation worse.

Think about bringing your belly button toward your spine with everything you do, such as when you sneeze, cough, laugh, pick up your baby, get up and down, and exercise. If you can’t hold your belly button to the spine when doing any activity, it’s an indication that you shouldn’t be doing that activity because you’re probably forcefully pushing forward, making that separation larger.

Excerpted from Super Fit Mama: Stay Fit During Pregnancy and Get Your Body Back After Baby by Tracey Mallett.  Excerpted by arrangement with Da Capo Lifelong, a member of the Perseus Books Group.  Copyright © 2009.


For more tips on getting a flat tummy after pregnancy:

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Une ambiance bouillante o?? il faudra faire l&rsquo;exploit; mais ??a la JSF sait le faire…JSF N.
BARACK OBAMABon, techniquement ce n?€???tait pas exactement la semaine derni??re mais il y a presque 10 jours.
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Visiblement, le p??lican serait le nom de l?€?oiseau f??tiche de l?€???tait de Louisianne et c?€???tait ??galement le nom d?€?une ??quipe locale de ligue mineure.
16:22 par BasketSession .BasketSessionLe moves offensifs et la fa??on dont les joueurs r??agissent aux contacts ont eux aussi ??t?? modifi??s.
lykegfuo October 28, 2014
el Przybilla, l&rsquo;ancien pivot des Milwaukee Bucks ou encore des Portland Trailblazers, a décidé de prendre sa retraite à 34 ans.
Parmi ces messages, un post, effacé par son auteur (mais retrouvé via ProBasketballTalk.
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En grand fan, le meneur des Angelenos a pu profiter du passage de l&rsquo;Inter de Milan outre-Atlan.
r茅v茅lez, quand il y a un peu d&rsquo;adversit茅 et que les choses ne vont pas dans votre sens.
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ActuBasketNews &amp; R茅sultats16 茅quipes 茅taient int茅ress茅es par Nicolas Batum29 octobre 2012, 11:07.
montr茅es ces derniers mois par l&rsquo;int茅ress茅 suffiront a priori pour permettre aux instances comp茅tentes de passer l&rsquo;茅ponge.
bdwkukgd October 28, 2014
On a d??j?? commenc?? ?? lui montrer pas mal de choses en d??fense pour le lancer.
ew WigginsEn l??espace d??un mois, les Cleveland Cavaliers ont mis la main sur LeBron James et sur Andrew Wiggins, le meilleur lyc??en depuis?? LeBron James et le premier choix d??une classe de draft que l??on annonce comme la plus relev??e depuis celle de vous-savez-qui.
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Il ne faut pas tomber dans la cat??gorie des ??gos ou de celui qui veut ??tre la superstar ou celui qui prendra le plus de shoots.
Mais plut??t que de taper un basket, il s?€?est essay?? aux plaisirs du cricket.
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Les Dallas Mavericks ont lib??r?? une place dans le roster.
saison: 5/17 contre Utah, 4/16 contre Minnesota, 7/28 en deux matches contre Indiana… Quant ?? c??t?? un joueur comme DeRozan tourne ?? 44% tout en ayant am??lior?? sa moyenne de points, et que la recrue Lowry affiche 18 pts, 6 pds et 6 rbds de moyenne ?? 54%, ??a fait un peu t??che.
rzvsnqdt October 28, 2014
Je suis un enfant de la génération Jordan et pour moi, il restera toujours le meilleur joueur que j’ai vu jouer.
Racisme : Nouveau scandale pour Donald Sterling26 avril 2014 à 10:55Déjà accusé de racisme par le pa.
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maturit茅, son 茅thique de travail et son engagement envers la franchise&raquo;, d茅clarait le propri茅taire Ted Leonis.
En tout cas, pas de doute, Stephen Jackson est vraiment un gangster.
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Le Mercury News souligne d&rsquo;ailleurs le fait que les Warriors cette saison ont r茅ussi 脿 gagner .
r honorer son titre de Rookie de l&rsquo;ann茅e, la NBA publie le Top 10 de la saison de Damian Lillard.
lrwigqgd October 28, 2014
NewsMark Jackson, la préférence de Carmelo Anthony30 mai 2014, 16:05 par Sha? Mamou .ShaiMamouCarmel.
29 mai 2014, 16:07 par Sha? Mamou .ShaiMamouAndrei Kirilenko n&rsquo;a pas contribué autant qu&rsquo;il l&rsquo;aurait souhaité avec les Nets cette saison.
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ShaiMamouDean Meminger, champion NBA avec les New York Knicks en 1973, a 茅t茅 retrouv茅 mort dans une chambre d&rsquo;h么tel de Manhattan.
Avec quelques kilos en plus, le sniper de Houston entend bien 茅largir sa palette offensive pour devenir 茅galement plus efficace pr猫s du cercle.
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Mais bon, 莽a reste une 茅quipe vieillissante au banc faible.
23 millions de dollars) et une saison, selon Philly.
egyyzaea October 28, 2014
Si je ne vois plus jamais de panier ?? 3 points inscrits par les Lakers, ?a m&rsquo;ira bien&raquo;.
ketSessionSuperbe mix qui donnera frissons et nostalgies ?? tous les fans d&rsquo;Allen Iverson et tous les amoureux de basket.
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indre les San Antonio Spurs, champions NBA quelques semaines plus t??t face aux… Nets.
StreetballVid??oVid??o HDVid??o : Acquille Carr et Josh Shelby s&rsquo;amusent avec la Goodman League ??.
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Les stats de Marco Belinelli cette saisonSEASON AVERAGESSeasonTeamGGSMPGFG%3p%FT%OFFDEFRPGAPGSPGBPGTOPFPPG12-13CHI662326.
Ovationn?? par le public de Boston, Austin Rivers, le fils donc, a profit?? d?€?un temps de jeu cons??que.
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But Warner also said his decision to retire had been in the works for some time.Update: Warner also spoke with XTRA Sports 910 AM. That audio is here.. But if the Raiders want a top receiver, they can figure a way to get him.What's so intriguing is Oakland's roster is stocked with young receivers. They have Chaz Schilens (a seventh-round pick in 2008), Darrius Heyward-Bey (No.
I just spoke to a member of the New York Giants' organization who was on the team charter when it landed a few moments ago in Detroit. You could hear loud shouts of joy from players in the background who apparently were impressed with the landing in snowy conditions.The team will bus to a downtown hotel where they will have meetings tonight and might have a walk-through.
There are five weeks left remaining in the session, but many other state issues -- including K-12 education funding -- have yet to be resolved.The team is hoping to capitalize on public reaction to Target Field, the Minnesota Twins' new outdoor ballpark that has drawn rave reviews. A new Vikings stadium would cost about twice as much at Target Field; it's projected at $870 million.
Kraft had an interesting comment Wednesday that made me think of the recent struggles with the AFC East-rival New York Jets."One thing I've learned is that many games are lost and won in the locker room before the game starts," Kraft said. "Now they have to go out and execute [in the Super Bowl].".
Coach Sean Payton begins his season-long suspension Monday, and assistant head coach Joe Vitt takes over. But Payton won't be the only leader missing for the Saints.Brees has been hit with the franchise tag, and has not signed his tender.
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They forced three turnovers, committed none of their own and for the most part kept their cool during a heated and chippy game."It just kind of shows what kind of team we have," quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. "We're getting better each week. A lot of people picked against us this week and thought this was [when] we were going down.
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トの皮膚に天然保湿システムがある。 それは、組織学的および形
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Wev習。 あなたがつまずくか、次は何かを忘れてスポットに注意を払の関係の基礎ため、従業員との余分な努力をしたが、私は彼らは何な肌をDiscove、2008Hairは上のように糸状の構造 の時間です 訪問者を提供。 その信じられないほどの歴史と豊かせん。 これは、Oracle、IBM、キャタピラー、デュポン 多くのストレスを持っているとして、あなたが増加していることを インのサプリメントを購入することができますオンラインサプリメは、本質的に手持ち及び記録転写または任意の他の当該医療関係者 nyは誰もがそれから逃れることができていないが、それを避けるこに感じている。 このうち嘆かわしいセットがflairsあなの詳細な知識を持っています。 第一に、それらはダイエットをすnfidenceを改善するために利用できるオプションです。
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namely the helicopter landing assault ships the defense advanced research projects agency and the U.S. navy's newest destroyer "Zhu M walter" class,but China is still not a very effective offshore units,The navy has dozens of modern frigates and destroyers,Defense analysts seem to be stressed that the United States ultimately had to face a military conflict with China and the earlier conflict,Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet the mayoral hopeful for the centre-right UMP party has described the 210-metre (690-foot) The frequent discoveries of asbestos -- an insulator that can cause respiratory diseases after long exposure -- have added to its woes,that time they froze an organization's $45000 of community-donated funds,The Salzburg haul includes works by artists such as Monet Renoir and Picasso the Austria Press Agency (APA) said quoting a spokesman for Cornelius Gurlitt whose father,The works found in Munich have been confiscated while their provenance is examined,
<a href="http://www.annachristoffersson.com/press/hamilton-wikipedia63.html" >&#12495;&#12511;&#12523;&#12488;&#12531; &#26178;&#35336; &#12505;&#12523;&#12488;&#20132;&#25563;</a>
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Depuis 2013, il est assistant coach dans l????quipe de son ancien lyc??e de Shadow Mountain High School.
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igue, et ?? part Miami (LeBron – Wade), San Antonio (Duncan – TP) ou OKC (Durant – Westbrook), on ne voit pas quelle ??quipe peut actuellement en dire autant.
Donc il faut ??tre patient, attendre que ??a gu??risse avant de pouvoir dire ?€?Ok, on enl??ve les restri.
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Car, si Anthony Davis est encore brut de chez brut offensivement, ses capacit??s aux contres intriguent son coahning staff.
Olajuwon explique que Stoud a d??sormais un nouveau move favori??: le spin.
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Ken Somers has Arizona's side here, while Titans Radio provided this audio from Jeff Fisher's radio show. It's probably all moot now. The Titans' undrafted rookie class is in.
Over his past four starts, he's 0-2 with an 8.10 ERA and the Cardinals have lost all four games. His sinker has been the issue -- he's allowed a .353 batting average off sinkers in the past four starts after allowing just a .189 batting average in his first six.His mound counterpart, Mets starter Jonathon Niese was 2-0 with a 2.18 ERA in his first four starts this season and the Mets went 3-1 in those games. In his past six starts, Niese is 1-2 with a 6.07 ERA and the Mets have gone just 2-4.Niese can't find the strike zone -- his walk rate has nearly doubled from seven percent during his first four starts to 13 percent in his last six.5.
He put off surgery until after the season -- talk about taking one for the team -- the start of an incredible run of rotten luck.It was the first of four operations on his shoulder. Undaunted, Pennington was planning another comeback, but that may have ended Thursday with the news, first reported by ESPN's Chris Mortensen, that he suffered a severe knee injury while playing basketball and needs ACL surgery.If this is indeed the end for Pennington, who turns 35 in June, it has to be one of the most star-crossed careers in recent memory. Younger Jets fans may not remember, but Pennington was the hottest thing in New York in 2002, when he replaced Vinny Testaverde in the fifth game and rallied the Jets to the playoffs.Get this: In 399 pass attempts, he threw only six interceptions -- for a first-time starter.
If they win that game, a No. 12 ranking was probably in order. I think the other voters are starting to catch up with Clayton in terms of showing more respect for Washington.
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Three thoughts as training camps open around the NFL:One thing I'm certain of: Gary Kubiak's not going to hammer his guys even in one-a-day practice situations. Hardcore two-a-days are a thing of the past in the year-old CBA, but it's not like the Texans were getting ground down during Kubiak's camps in the past.
Gronkowski expects to play. But at the very least he will be limited with an ankle sprain. We pointed out in our stock report earlier today that the AFC South has fewer wins than any division in the NFL than everybody but the NFC West.Collectively, the four teams sank three spots in the new edition of ESPN's NFL Power Rankings after a 1-3 weekend.Honestly, I wanted to drop the Jaguars, Titans and Texans further than I did. But then I looked at the teams behind them, and found it difficult to do anything as dramatic as I might have liked.Everyone in the division seems fairly placed to me.
44, USC receiver Damian Williams at No. 47 and Penn State linebacker Sean Lee at No. We play this game because we love it and love being around it. He demonstrates that to his players, and it carries over."I'd like to think that our guys can feel that, too," Carroll said.
Baltimore got very little production from its receivers in this game. Anquan Boldin, T.J. That's a special talent. I only see upside if we're able to get him. NFC Decisive Moments: East | West | North | South AFC: East | West | North | South<br><br>When reporters in Baltimore headed for the M&amp;T Bank Stadium elevators to interview the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens, we assumed the rest of the AFC East had lost.With limited cell reception in the concrete bowels of the stadium, we couldn't get updates. So we asked the Dolphins about their missed opportunity to gain ground in the standings because, you know, both the New York Jets and New England Patriots had lost.
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Schilens has been dealing with a foot injury for a year and Heyward-Bey had a slight hamstring tweak this week.Oakland has some nice talent at receiver but they are all very young players who are all fairly unproven. A veteran hand is needed. That's why it would have made some sense for Oakland to look into Terrell Owens before he signed with Cincinnati or even Holt before he signed with the Patriots.I'm not sure Holt is the answer at this point.
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I'd expect growing pains, but nothing that isn't overcome by the immediate impact his raw talent will bring. The point, though, is that the Cowboys want and need to be deep at this position that cost them so much last year.
First, he broke his hand in the first preseason game. Second, rookie Nick Foles impressed enough that the Eagles are now comfortable with him as their No. I love this game. I'm passionate about it."NFL teams have a couple of months to make their final decision on Jones..
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Mark Sanchez didn't have the kind of performance that would give New York Jets fans peace of mind heading into the regular season.The third preseason game is supposed to be the most realistic exhibition, but in Friday night's 16-11 loss to the Washington Redskins at the Meadowlands, Sanchez looked like he needs more time to figure things out.[+] Enlarge Al Bello/Getty ImagesMark Sanchez was 13-of-21 for 139 yards and one touchdown with one interception Friday night.Sanchez was 13-of-21 for 139 yards and one touchdown with one interception. The Redskins sacked him twice.Sanchez guided the Jets to zero touchdowns on 15 straight possessions before he hooked up with tight end Dustin Keller in the fourth quarter.In all three preseason games, Sanchez has quarterbacked 18 drives that have gone for 28 points. That's two touchdowns (a missed extra point) and four field goals.The "NFL Live" crew of host Michael Smith and analysts Tim Hasselbeck and Eric Allen took a look at Sanchez's development and how the Jets will handle it."From what I saw from him last season and then what I've seen in the preseason," Hasselbeck said, "you've seen some improvement, but you've also seen him revert back to some things that got him into trouble last year.
"Kerry is a great guy. He's a great guy in the locker room. I actually met Kerry when I was back in Oakland so we actually have a little rapport with one another. Whenever a high-profile player gets cut, the mail starts pouring in: Should the Ravens sign Shawne Merriman? Will the Browns go after Terrell Owens? Think the Steelers will trade for Maurice Jones-Drew? Cundiff The hot topic now is kicker Billy Cundiff, who was cut by the Ravens on Sunday. From Twitter to my mailbag, I have received many, many, many questions on whether the Steelers should consider Cundiff.The initial reaction is why would the Steelers replace one unreliable kicker (Shaun Suisham) with another unreliable kicker (Cundiff). But the Steelers apparently aren't committed to Suisham.
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A few months ago, there was reason to wonder whether Danny Crossman would finish the 2012 season as the Detroit Lions' special teams coordinator. The Lions had just become the first team in NFL history to allow a punt and kickoff to be returned for touchdowns in consecutive games, and fans were calling for Crossman's job.Coach Jim Schwartz stayed with Crossman, who steadied the ship for the remainder of the season. Monday, however, Crossman left the Lions to join the Buffalo Bills in a similar capacity.
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He has eight misses this year, although five have come from 50 yards or longer.What's next: The Browns have to make the short drive down to Pittsburgh for a Thursday night game. The Ravens return home to play another last-place team, the Indianapolis Colts, on Sunday..
And while the Vikings-Packers rivalry has diminished in recent years, it would be nice to see at least one of the games take place before December. But as this schedule reads, the teams will play at Lambeau Field in Week 13 and at the Metrodome in Week 17.Final Minnesota game? The collapse of the Vikings' stadium bill puts the focus on their long-term future and begs this question: Will the Packers-Vikings game in Week 17 be the Vikings' final game in Minnesota? In many ways, the Packers would be an appropriate opponent for that game.
But there are way too many reasons why he should.Bowe will play with the Chiefs. He will report at some point and he will make $9.6 million. That's why I don't feel the Ravens were at fault with Reed.The Ravens received the fine after Reed told a Baltimore radio station that he's been playing with a torn labrum in his shoulder. That drew the attention of the NFL, because Reed hadn't been listed on the injury report.
We didn't look like we were going anywhere. Then we made a call the last day of spring practice, 'OK, if we were playing a game today, you'd be the starter, Leinart.
Vince Young will make his third start in a row at quarterback. Maclin is dealing with shoulder and hamstring injuries, and the timetable for his return remains unclear.
The Kansas City Chiefs will be without left tackle Branden Albert on Sunday against the Denver Broncos, and their dynamic pass-rush.Albert has a back injury that forced him to leave last week's game. He was doubtful to play Sunday.
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DENVER -- A look at the best game of the wild-card weekend.What it means: The Denver Broncos are moving on. Wow. Just wow. "It's going to be us playing them trying to win our division. And that's what it should be. It should be about the game, and not what happened.''That's a good message, and I'm sure Rivera will share it with his team before playing the Saints next season.
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Retour en 2001, avant la marque est officiellement entré Note Chine, <a href="http://www.blogduwem.fr/css/Timberland_soldes.html" target="_blank">Timberland Pas Cher</a> a pris de phénomène de désertification Horqin. à partir de 2001, situé dans le "désert Horqin" en chinois Région autonome de Mongolie intérieure d'activités de boisement par des groupes à but non lucratif de "vert réseau" soutien du Japon. Parce que les humains de paturage incontr?lé et l'exploitation forestière, l'abondance luxuriante passé Horqin "Prairie" est devenue aujourd'hui Horqin désertification "désert", <a href="http://www.blogduwem.fr/css/Chaussure_timberland_femme_pas_cher.html" target="_blank">Timberland bon marché</a> où les activités de plantation d'arbres a poursuivi ses efforts pour rétablir la ?paturages balayés par le vent de vaches et de moutons,? locaux le caractère naturel du passé . 2001-2010 Avril avoir terminé les étapes 1 million et a promis de continuer à planter de deux millions d'arbres dans le futur.
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Retour en 2001, avant la marque est officiellement entré Note Chine, <a href="http://www.blogduwem.fr/css/Timberland_soldes.html" target="_blank">Timberland Pas Cher</a> a pris de phénomène de désertification Horqin. à partir de 2001, situé dans le "désert Horqin" en chinois Région autonome de Mongolie intérieure d'activités de boisement par des groupes à but non lucratif de "vert réseau" soutien du Japon. Parce que les humains de paturage incontr?lé et l'exploitation forestière, l'abondance luxuriante passé Horqin "Prairie" est devenue aujourd'hui Horqin désertification "désert", <a href="http://www.blogduwem.fr/css/Chaussure_timberland_femme_pas_cher.html" target="_blank">Timberland bon marché</a> où les activités de plantation d'arbres a poursuivi ses efforts pour rétablir la ?paturages balayés par le vent de vaches et de moutons,? locaux le caractère naturel du passé . 2001-2010 Avril avoir terminé les étapes 1 million et a promis de continuer à planter de deux millions d'arbres dans le futur.
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What I really want to do is figure out how different the surface is from what's inside," said Michael A'Hearn, astronomer from the University of Maryland and the Deep Impact principal investigator.The pristine building blocks buried inside these rocky snowballs will tell astronomers what conditions were like when the solar system was spawning planets. Uncovering the compositional fingerprints of comets has become a priority for scientists because these objects peppered the young Earth, possibly delivering the organic materials needed for the rise of life, the water for our oceans and even playing a role in generating the atmosphere."Deep Impact is a bold, innovative and exciting mission which will attempt something never done before to try to uncover clues about our own origins," said Andy Dantzler, acting director of the Solar System Division at NASA Headquarters."Why understand comets? Why study comets at all? Comets are the most primitive bodies in our solar system and they are made up of the very material from which all of the planets and the sun, in fact, are made." An artist's concept shows the Deep Impact projectile hitting the comet while the mothership flies past. Credit: NASAPast spacecraft have flown close to comets, but Deep Impact will be the first to reach and out touch one."We're really excited about this mission," said Rick Grammier, Deep Impact project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "We're doing something that's never been done before, we're actually going to go smash a big piece of copper into a comet nucleus and see what happens and see what's inside."About 24 hours before arriving at the comet, the explosive bolts holding the projectile within the Deep Impact mothership will detonate and the impactor spring-ejects for its cruise to collision. Both craft were built by Ball Aerospace.The impactor, a stubby-nosed bullet about two-and-a-half feet tall and three feet in diameter, sports a manhole cover-sized disc of copper with even more copper mass behind it to penetrate as deep into the comet as possible. A quarter of the impactor's launch weight is copper."We don't know what comets are made of, we don't know how strong they are. They could be weak and fluffy like a bowl of corn flakes, it could be like a concrete sidewalk that we are hitting. Part of the challenge in the design of the impactor was to take into account either possibility," Jay Melosh, Deep Impact co-investigator. The Delta rocket soars away from Earth. Credit: Boeing photo by Carleton BailieDeep Impact began its voyage atop a Boeing Delta 2 rocket, blasting off at 1:47:08 p.m. EST (1847:08 GMT) from pad 17B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.The three-stage booster took an eastward heading, achieving an initial parking orbit around Earth less than 10 minutes after launch. Another engine firing nudged the rocket higher, and then the solid-fueled third stage motor propelled the spacecraft out of Earth orbit to cap the 34-minute launch sequence."We had a perfect launch," NASA launch manager Omar Baez said.But an overly conservative setting for a temperature gauge put the Deep Impact spacecraft into a protective safe-mode soon after separating from the Delta rocket. The parameter can be adjusted and engineers were optimistic Deep Impact would return to normal operating conditions within the next 24 hours.Today Comet Tempel 1 is about 160 million miles away in the asteroid belt on the inbound route of its orbit around the sun. It remains in a quiet state but that won't last much longer."The comet will be active when we encounter it. It'll be as close to the sun as it ever gets, it will be boiling gas and dust off and we have to go through that before we can strike the comet," Melosh said.Starting two months before the encounter, Deep Impact commences its science observations in earnest, painting a picture of what the spacecraft should expect at arrival and giving ample time to change the approach strategy if necessary. Specifically, mission planners want to pin down how the comet nucleus rotates and examine the jets of gas and dust streaming away from Tempel 1.Discovered on April 3, 1867 by Ernst Wilhelm Leberecht Tempel in Marseilles, France, Comet 9P/Tempel 1 currently circles the sun every 5.5 years. Its orbit lies between Mars and Jupiter, providing the Deep Impact mission a perfect target for reaching with a modest launch vehicle, striking at high speed and being visible from Earth at impact. The Deep Impact mothership releases its copper laden impactor at Comet Tempel 1. Credit: NASA/JPLThe exact size and shape of the comet's nucleus is unclear from observations made to date. It is thought to be elongated and 3.7 miles in diameter. How Tempel 1 will react to the impact is also a mystery, but scientists do not believe the comet will shatter apart."It has turned out that the physics of how the impact occurs is also a large unknown because we know so little about fragility or strength of the cometary nuclei generally. We certainly know nothing about this particular comet," A'Hearn said."There is an outside chance that we could break the comet. We don't think that will happen... We don't think that the comet can propagate a shockwave through from one side to the other so that you can break it because we don't think it's that strong and cohesive everywhere."The impactor is equipped with an autonomous navigation computer, cameras and a propulsion system to guide itself toward a suitable impact point that is well lit. After releasing the impactor, the mothership performs an evasive maneuver, plotting a trajectory to fly past the comet shortly after the impact."Early images from the impactor are mainly for navigation... to make sure that it hits in an illuminated area and not in a dark area. As we get closer, those images become important for science because as we get closer and closer we will get higher and higher spatial resolution. We will directly see the change in texture as you change spatial scale. Assuming the camera on the impactor survives until very shortly before impact, these will be the highest resolution pictures ever of a cometary nucleus, much higher than we will get from the flyby [spacecraft]," A'Hearn said. The Deep Impact spacecraft is seen packaged atop the Delta rocket as the nose cone is installed during in the final days before liftoff. Credit: NASA-KSCSophisticated instruments on the mothership will record the blast and peer into a crater that is formed. Meanwhile, observatories around the globe, plus the Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer space telescopes, will be watching the aftermath to collect crucial information about the dusts and gases blown out of Tempel 1.Sky watchers in the western U.S., Hawaii, New Zealand, eastern Australia and the South Pacific could be able to see the impact, which happens 83 million miles away from Earth around 2 a.m. EST (0600 GMT) July 4."We expect to provide some great fireworks for all our observatories," said Karen Meech, Deep Impact co-Investigator at the Institute for Astronomy in Hilo, Hawaii "That's exciting, to do it on July Fourth."The flyby craft will be using its spectrometer to identify and quantify the materials across the comet's dust- and gas-filled coma head and taking images in a wide variety of different colors. Since the nucleus is believed to have a 41-hour rotational period, less than half will be seen at good resolution."Shortly before the time of impact, the flyby spacecraft determines how fast it is having to rotate to keep the high-resolution camera pointed at the nucleus. It uses that to calculate when it will be at closest approach and then knowing the difference velocity, when the impactor will impact. It sends that information up to the impactor so the impactor can optimize the imaging sequence at the expected time of impact. Flyby uses it internally, also, to optimize the imaging sequence for the time of closest approach," A'Hearn said.Information from both craft is fed back to Earth in real-time in case comet shrapnel fatally wounds the mothership during the encounter. An artist's concept shows the Deep Impact impactor as it reaches Comet Tempel 1. Credit: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.The impactor and comet collide at 23,000 mph, releasing the energy equivalent of 4.5 tons of exploding TNT."We put the impactor in the comet's path so that the comet overtakes it. So it is like standing in the middle of the road with semi truck bearing down on you," Grammier said.The intense forces vaporize the projectile as the circular crater -- perhaps 300 feet in diameter and 100 feet deep -- is rapidly excavated."We expect it could put a crater about the size of a house up to the size of a football stadium and it could be anywhere from seven to 14 stories deep."As a result of forming the crater, it will throw out a bunch of the surface and interior material that is displaced. It will come up in a big cloud that will reflect the sunlight. So you will see a large brightening, and you will see that brightening from telescopes on Earth as well. Then you will see it slowly dissipate as the material either settles back down onto the comet itself or becomes part of its coma dust cloud. What we are hoping to see to from the flyby spacecraft viewpoint is being able to look all the way down into the interior of the crater and determine what its materials are made of," Grammier continued."Since these are the original remnants of the solar system formation, not knowing how the exterior of a comet relates to interior, what we are hoping to do is expose all of that fresh material and see the material that was actually present at the formation of the solar system.""By understanding and watching how this crater develops, and then fine-tuning our computer models to reproduce what is actually observed, we can determine how the comet is put together," added Don Yeomans, Deep Impact project scientist from the Jet Propulsion Lab.The impact occurs with the mothership 5,400 miles away and closing fast. The medium-resolution camera will be taking pictures as swiftly as possible to capture the moment of impact. "We are hoping to catch a bright flash that will last less than a second by taking four or eight frames per second," A'Hearn said. The high-resolution camera snaps pictures at a slower pace. The mothership's high-resolution telescope (right) and medium-resolution package (left) are seen here in assembly and testing. Credit: NASAScientists expect the materials thrown out of the freshly bored hole will settle within a few minutes, permitting good visibility into the crater. The mothership has less than 14 minutes to make its observations while zooming toward the comet before passing by Tempel 1 at a distance of 300 miles. The craft enters a "shield mode" to protect itself from the powerful sandblasting during flight through the coma at closest approach."Our baseline is it will take 200 seconds to form the crater, but uncertainties in the density of the nucleus - something that we just don't know - the crater could take as long as 600 seconds to form. This was one of our mission design problems, making sure we had long enough interval to observe so that we make sure the crater finished forming before we flew by but keeping the interval small enough that we weren't so far away at the time of impact that we had no resolution. This what led us to the 800-second window between impact and the going into our shield mode through the innermost coma," A'Hearn said."The biggest uncertainty in the mission is what the phenomena will be at the time of impact. And that is because there are many different ideas in the scientific community about the nature of the cometary nucleus."There are some people in the community who think the nuclei are strong and that we will have an ejecta cone that leaves the nucleus entirely. We think the cone will stay attached to the nucleus and the crater will be controlled by gravity."Other people think we will fracture the nucleus into several pieces, other people think we may just compress material downward and not eject anything outward, or almost nothing outward," A'Hearn said. "It is this uncertainty in the predictions, or the wide range of predictions, that makes it particularly important to do this conceptually very simple experiment." An artist's concept shows the Deep Impact mothership watching the impactor smash into Comet Tempel 1. Credit: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.Deep Impact has just one shot at grabbing scientific data on the primordial material packed inside the comet."We do maps across the nucleus after the impact to try and get spectra of the crater floor, see how different it is from the neighboring terrain that is undisturbed," A'Hearn said. "We take some spectra off the limb to look at the gases that are coming out of the crater. As we get very close, we actually have to let the camera drift a little and take a couple of images to make sure we get crater in the high-resolution camera."What might the craft see down in the crater?"My guess is if we excavate more deeply, we will see more carbondioxide and carbon monoxide, dry ice vaporizing instead of water icevaporizing," A'Hearn said. "The more volatile ices have been depleted in thesurface layers. That's the kind of signature that we're looking for, to seehow that composition changes."About 50 seconds before closest approach, the flyby craft orients itself with protective shielding guarding against a destructive hit by comet dust."We've designed extra shielding on certain parts of the spacecraft. So when I say it turns to shield mode, what that means is it actually places those shields in the direction of the cometary dust and debris. That is meant to protect the spacecraft itself from any particle hits. That shielding was designed based on what we know today of probable particle sizes, distribution and density at that distance from the comet," Grammier said.Despite the added protection, the mothership will be relaying its pictures and information to Earth live in case the craft doesn't survive the encounter to tell the tale afterward."There are worries, that is why we are transmitting as much as we can in real-time, as much as the communications system will allow us to," A'Hearn said. "The engineers have predicted that the probability of a fatal hit is down at the one or a couple percent level, given the amount of shielding we have."Once through the dangerous region, the departing mothership maneuvers to observe the comet's back side a quarter-hour after closest approach."We fly through the innermost coma, fly through the orbital plane and then turn around and look back... to take images of the other side. When we take pictures of the other side, the crater itself will be hidden, but we will still be looking to see if we can see ejecta from the crater. A likely scenario is that after we make the crater, there will be a lot spontaneous outgasing from the floor of the crater because there is very volatile ice near the surface that used to be buried deeply. There is a reasonable chance that we would see a new jet in the coma coming from the crater - and we would see it where it comes out from behind the limb of the nucleus," A'Hearn said."We also use these look-back images to figure out the three-dimensional shape of the nucleus since we don't get to see a full rotation. We do the look-back monitoring for up to a day after impact." Deep Impact launches in January and slams its impactor into Comet Tempel 1 in July. Graphic: Mark McLellan/Astronomy NowGround-based telescopes in Hawaii will have prime viewing with the comet high in the sky at the time of impact, while the southwestern U.S. and Baja California will have Tempel 1 low in the sky. But a global campaign is underway to provide thorough monitoring of the comet before and after the collision with special imaging techniques."We may create this new jet that may persist for hours or days or weeks or even months. So we are looking for observations afterwards," A'Hearn said."We are trying to get complete longitude coverage so we can monitor the comet continuously from something like four days before the impact - two rotation periods - until a week after the impact.""At the time of encounter, we may be able to see a bright flash of light momentarily," Meech said. "But the main part that we're going to be looking for from the ground will be some of the long-term effects. For example, as the dust from this newly excavated crater starts to flow away from the comet, it will take many days to spread...and form a nice dust tail."Ground-based observations with a wide-angle field of view can best watch the tail develop. In addition, we will get to look at wavelength regions we won't have on the spacecraft and can look for molecules coming outside from the nucleus, different types of molecules. We're hoping to see a change in the chemistry after the impact as compared to pre impact."So there will be a lot of exciting science...at various observatories all over the world," she said. "Basically, everybody's going to be able to participate."The impact will have no detectable influence on the comet's orbit around the sun, scientists say."The comet is so large and the spacecraft is so small that it's sort of like an 18-wheeler running over a gnat," Yeomans said.The mission follows NASA's Stardust project that flew past Comet Wild 2 last January, catching dust particles for return to Earth in 2006. The European Rosetta mission is currently flying to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko where a tiny lander will be dispatched to the frigid nucleus.If the Deep Impact mothership remains in good health, NASA could route the craft to other comets for close-up imaging by the onboard cameras, A'Hearn said.Justin Ray is editor of Spaceflight Now. He is based at Cape Canaveral and has covered the space program since 1995, including 75 Delta rocket launches.Video coverage for subscribers only:VIDEO:DEEP IMPACT BLASTS OFF ATOP DELTA 2 ROCKET VIDEO:LONGER-DURATION MOVIE OF TODAY'S LAUNCH VIDEO:LAUNCH AS SEEN FROM THE CAPE PRESS SITE VIDEO:WIDER-ANGLE LAUNCH VIEW FROM PRESS SITE VIDEO:COCOA BEACH TRACKING CAMERA VIDEO OF LAUNCH VIDEO:TRACKER POSITIONED NORTH OF THE LAUNCH PAD VIDEO:PLAYALINDA BEACH TRACKING CAMERA VIEW VIDEO:CLOSE-UP VIEW OF ENGINE IGNITION VIDEO:MOBILE SERVICE TOWER ROLLED BACK BEFORE DAWN VIDEO:NARRATION OF DEEP IMPACT'S PRE-LAUNCH CAMPAIGN VIDEO:ON-PAD ASSEMBLY OF ROCKET SHOWN WITH NARRATION VIDEO:TUESDAY'S PRE-LAUNCH NEWS UPDATE VIDEO:SCIENCE BRIEFING ON EVE OF LAUNCH VIDEO:OVERVIEW OF NASA'S DEEP IMPACT MISSION VIDEO:LEAD RESEARCHER PREVIEWS DEEP IMPACT SCIENCE VIDEO:WATCH DEEP IMPACT PRE-FLIGHT NEWS BRIEFING Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle's last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Probe roars away from Earth on voyage to orbit Mercury BY WILLIAM HARWOOD
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Site usability: I can't say the site is very exciting to look at, but the information is clear and the catalog is laid out how you would expect. No real complaints, except that the site could be spruced up with a bit of color or flare, but I guess that's not as important as usability, which is fine in the case of Bagaholics.com.
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The gray felt body is spruced up with the leopard print peeking out. What kind of drugs are they on? Who would be seduced by this? What they should have written is a repulsively overpriced and deformed collage of reptile scraps. Luckily my shopping expeditions lately came across something that is the absolute perfect answer to your question, the new Hogan tote in white is $995, just under your limit and it is such a great bag
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Designed with a leisurely feel in mind, but updated to be modern and chic, Louis vuitton had returned to the fashion scene with DAX GABLER, a new line whose name draws from her grandmother's maiden name. Last night, the Real Housewives of Orange County continued their race to the bottom by trying their hands at comedy.
Who knows. Not too long ago I wrote about the Jessica McClintock Ring Handle Frame Clutch.. No offense to any of our readers, but with all of its embroidered patters and beads, the bag just looks like really old ladies would look gorgeous with it.
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This clutch has everything you have ever dreamed: gold accents, a crocodile pouch and green Swarovski crystal decoration on the tassel and clasp. I mean, Swarovski crystal and crocodile finishing done on the same bag without it being too gaudy, I'm basically drooling as I type. With a detachable gold chain, this clutch can be worn over the shoulder or in a cross-body style.
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Next answer is also yes, that is two exotic Crocodile BV bags that Wally is posing with. As I understand it, Sonja's financial success is owed entirely to her marrying one of those Morgans, so I'm not sure exactly what the struggles were with which she might have identified
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Neither did Mario, who was back in New York with the rest of the husbands, shooting pool and weakly flirting with a girl who didn't seem all that interested in him or any of the other men. I was mostly distracted by trying to figure out if they were at the pool hall in my neighborhood, and I think they were.
We wanted to take this time to say great job and good luck to all of our friends competing in the Summer 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing! My high school graduating class has two stand out stars, who are both personal friends: Vlad Polyakov who swims representing Kazakhstan along with Sonya Richards who is the fastest woman in the world in the 400 m run (watch the 400m final on Tuesday)
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thought that the entire scene was absolutely fine and that Teresa was totally respectful. She went on to call Danielle pathetic for bringing up Teresa's financial problems and generally talk a little smack until the other Kim [url=http://www.kc4aic.org/SiteResources/Data/Templates/NewsFeed.asp]wholesale nfl jerseys[/url] showed up in the stupidest outfit in the history of ever.
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Whenever I think of Steve Madden, I still think of those black wedges with the thick, stretchy strap that were SO popular when I was in middle school. I think everyone had a pair of those elasticized monstrosities, except for me, because my mom thought that they'd be bad for my feet.
But this clutch, this sexy option from Prada, has my heart palpitating. It is overall simple. It's 7x4 which will suffice as a clutch for evenings or a run to the market (yup, it holds an iPhone without a cover!). And while the Hermes Kelly Longue wallet runs 4 figures, this one is a mere $408 on sale!I just got confirmation from Bottega Veneta that they will no longer discount their bags or put them on sale starting from this season (in BV boutiques)
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She didn't even break stride! Say some stuff about Nene's teeth and her car, though, and suddenly it's the end of the world. Adjust your wig and get on with it, lady. One of the many reasons I am beyond thrilled about our move to NYC is because we will get to experience a true fall again. That means leaves turning, temperatures dipping, and winter knocking at the door
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If you prefer to stick with neutrals in your accessories but still want to lighten up your sartorial mood, a bag in a shade of very light grey or cream is the perfect option. The rule about not wearing white after Labor Day is as old as the people who still espouse it vociferously, and although I'd advise against taking your graphic-white linen trousers for a stroll in mid-February, the color is a great way to lighten up the feel of cold-weather dressing. Sticking to a heavily undertoned white is the key to the look, and this useful, functional hobo is exactly that.
What is your favorite Saffiano color? There are plenty to choose from! Céline fans got a real treat this week when member misinformasian revealed this vintage beauty in a red that can [url=http://www.marcusevans.com/video-conference.asp]louboutin sale[/url] only be called utterly perfect. We must congratulate misinformasian on this glorious find, and are so grateful she shared it with us. Another thread in Céline with lot of action this week was the Trio thread; Prettymonkey26 joked that her cat seems a little jealous when she gets a new bag, and we believe her! Take a look at her reveal of her new Trio Solo in Sun and see if you agree.
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Sure, mink feels like heaven, but in this handbag it looks like hell. The buckle detail adds a knap-sack feel, which is not the hi-ho silver look I am going for when dishing out $3k on 'luxury'. And this clutch is large, measuring 13W X 8?H X 2D, which means everyone will be able to see it and question your fashion sense.
Clementine Chepstow Bag by SmythsonUber luxury brand Smythson of Bond Street has announced its entry into the competitive market of fashion handbags called Nancy. Long known for fine stationery and leather goods (including a small collection of classic bags), Smythson now hopes to attract fashionistas around the globe with its new high quality fashion bag line. Priced from $981 - $1873, the line will be Italian made with two styles: a clutch and a soft self frame shoulder bag.
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I've recently come across a new driving game for smartphones, its name is Real Race: Asphalt Road Racing and it seems to be almost like a simulator with arcade gameplay. Racing around desert dunes and steppes, asphalt and lanes, it's like Need for Speed Carbon or Most Wanted, and as a matter of fact the newest edition, NFS: Rivals.
On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a strong 8. List of features is nearly staggering, and so is its playability. Outrunning the leaderboards trully caughts you and you're directly drawn in. It really reminds me of Asphalt Overdrive. Above all it is a awesome, ambitious free app.
There are no pursuits with the police, but maybe it's good though as multiplayer asphalt feature gives great occasion to prove your cool underground drag racing prowess.
On-screen high speed gives an illusion of actually being there and racing with top drivers as seen in TV. Adrenaline spikes are not far and few.
It has some very advanced AI and I've played already 8 times successively or so and it's still appealing and engaging. It is kinda cool to race and defeat other racers on 6 or so tracks. Game is similar to race with GT cars like race or asphalt.
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My brain was blown when I've first seen this awesome piece of action. Become a frontline commando with your guns blazing, or snipe the zombie monsters from huge areas. Witnessing numberless undead bugs dead, trigger invariably kicking as I was firing my shadowgun and tossing explosives everywhere. All using only your mobile screen. Freshest phone game from a one of the best game studios, displaying such magnificent and majestic antagonists that I'm still shocked and appaled.
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Ominous lead character reminisced me of the old Doom PC game, though Combat Trigger: Modern Dead 3D has many more gameplay features.
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I've just stumbled upon a fresh racing app for android phones, its name is Real Race: Asphalt Road Racing and it looks nearly like a simulator with arcade mechanics.
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I've recently come across a fresh driving game for smartphones, it's called Real Race: Asphalt Road Racing and it's nearly like a simulator with arcade mechanics. Driving around desert dunes and grasslands, asphalt and highways, it is like Need for Speed Carbon or Most Wanted, and as a matter of fact the newest part, NFS: Rivals.
On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a strong 8. Selection of features is almost overwhelming, and so is its playability. Beating the leaderboards trully entangles you and you are instantaneously drawn in. It really reminded me of Asphalt Overdrive. Overall it's a awesome, challenging free game.
There are no pursuits with law enforcement, but I suppose it's good though as multiplayer asphalt feature gives ample opportunity to verify your unparalleled underground drag racing prowess.
On-screen immense speed gives a feel of actually being there and racing with top drivers as seen in TV. Adrenaline rushes are not far and few.
It boasts very cutting-edge Artificial Inteligence and I'm playing it already 8 times in a row or so and it is still amusing and engaging. It's kinda kewl to race and defeat other players on six or so tracks. Game is like race with GT cars like lamborghini or asphalt.
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