Kool Roomz has some great baby bedding. Right now they have Dwell baby items in stock; which is great news...
Kool Roomz has some great baby bedding. Right now they have Dwell baby items in stock; which is great news because Dwell makes top of the line, amazing baby bedding. Seriously lovely items. One of my favorites from Dwell is their Blossom Garden set, which is really delicate and pretty. Pale pinks and browns; perfect for a little princess.

crib bedding

I also like the mod factor of their Robin Motif set - nice and fresh.

baby crib

One of the best things about baby Dwell supplies are the pillows. Now remember, you cannot allow your baby to sleep with pillows (or blankets for that matter) because it's not safe. However, these pillows are so adorable and fresh that they'd look great tossed around the floor, or on a chair. Your baby will enjoy climbing around them while you watch. You won't believe how cute the pillow choices are. Take a look:

baby pillows

Everything you see in this post is available at Kool Roomz.

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