You will not believe this ultra cool bassinet. It's great; both beautiful and practical. Lovely, right. I LOVE this. I'm going...
You will not believe this ultra cool bassinet. It's great; both beautiful and practical.


Lovely, right. I LOVE this. I'm going to have to have another baby, just so I can get this! Well, we'll see about that, but seriously it just gets better. This beautiful YiAhn Bassinet is made of laminated bamboo plywood which is made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo and can be easily stained - although, I like the natural color. Ok, here's the best part:


You can keep on using it as your child grows. No need to have a wasted bassinet sitting around. Very slick. Such a great baby product. Also, if you look at that first bassinet picture, the whole tops basket part comes off, and can sit on the floor. This way, you can carry your sleeping babe to another room. Learn more.

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