Hushamok is just about the coolest thing since sliced bread; or I suppose since the advent of the baby cradle....
Hushamok is just about the coolest thing since sliced bread; or I suppose since the advent of the baby cradle. This exceptionally designed baby sleep space was created for parents, in that it's a beautiful piece of furniture, and for babies, in that it allows them a peaceful slumber. Actually, that peaceful slumber bit benefits parents too!


Just a gorgeous look - streamlined, contemporary and it comes in all those great colors - Girlie Pink, Swimming-'n-Blue, Granny Apple Green, Sun-Kissed Orange and Au-Natural. Also this is a safer sleep option. According to Hushamok, "hushamok guards against potentially serious health concerns that can arise during baby’s sleep. The innovative design of hushamok enables baby to sleep soundly on their backs, which is a key recommendation in the prevention of SIDs. hushamok creates a restful and nurturing sleep environment, and is designed to reduce the incidence of flat head syndrome."

baby bed

From Hushamok, the experience includes:
  • A sleep space made with the highest-quality preshrunk 100% cotton, plus the hammock is machine washable. 
  • The Hushamok stand complements any room. It has a lightweight steel construction so you can use it anywhere
  • "Leaf spring—the patented leaf spring guarantees a gentle, natural motion that will soothe any baby into a restful sleep
  • Mattress—soft and comfortable, this poly-filled hypoallergenic mattress fits snugly in the baby hammock and it’s machine washable for easy care
  • Two fitted sheets—the custom sheets are made of 400-count cotton, and are available in the same vivid colors as the hammock (additional sheets sold separately)
  • Travel bag—this convenient cotton bag makes your Hushamok Experience portable so your baby can enjoy a restful sleep
  • In the US, Hushamok baby hammock is recommended for children up to 22 pounds/10 kg. In Europe, the hammock is recommended for children up to 20 pounds/9 kg"
I LOVE, love, love the frame. It's just one of the best looking cradles ever.


It sounds like a dream come true for babies and parents - and perhaps design divas! Learn more.

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