If you're looking for the world's coolest nightlight for your baby's nursery, your search is over! Look at these beautiful...
If you're looking for the world's coolest nightlight for your baby's nursery, your search is over! Look at these beautiful and modern Star Egg Nightlights...


Each of these wonderful eggs is handmade exclusively by J Schatz in New York. At night, light projects through tiny openings on the ceramic egg’s surface. This creates a dreamy star filled space for your baby.


Each egg is finished in a gorgeous glossy color and sits on a polished stainless steel base. Each light comes with a 15 Watt Candelabra Bulb and you simply wipe the light down with a soft cloth to clean it.


I just adore these nightlights and I bet they're very soothing for babies (and mamas, say for midnight feedings). I think these would make a great unique baby shower gift too. You won't believe the other cool egg gear at J Schatz either; all sorts of lovely and fun items. Learn more about the Star Egg Nightlight.

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anglehgx September 28, 2014
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