If you need some accent punches for the nursery then Pixie Dust Decor Tuffets are an amazing choice. These adorable...
If you need some accent punches for the nursery then Pixie Dust Decor Tuffets are an amazing choice. These adorable tuffet pillows can be gathered in a story time corner, placed on a bed (once your little one is old enough for pillows), or used to lounge around on. You'll love these as much as your tots too because they come in an array of gorgeous designs and colors.


The Tuffet is Pixie Dust Décor's most popular product and it's easy to see why. Each Tuffet is a 36" round floor pillow, slip covered in a fabulous poplin.You have tons of lovely fabric choices - for boys and girls, and you can even have them monogrammed. Another nice feature is that your baby can use this with supervision to prop up on and as he grows the pillow will still have tons of uses.


Visit Pixie Dust Decor to learn more.

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