Sometimes we end up with more kids than bedrooms which means shared spaces are required. Pottry Barn offers some good...
Sometimes we end up with more kids than bedrooms which means shared spaces are required. Pottry Barn offers some good tips for creating a successful shared space: 1. Create a unified theme across the board but make sure the room balances each child's unique personality too. 2. Rooms should have sleep, work and play areas. A good way to get double the use space-wise is to choose a bedroom set, like the Camp Bunk System shown above, that incorporates a work area. 3. Use labeled bins to help keep personal affects well organized or alternatively you can color code, such as blue bins for one child and yellow for the other. One nice example is the Cameron Shelf above packed with colorful bins. I've got a few more tips for you as well...
  • Remember that kids grow. When planning a shared space, it's fine to start with a toddler bed and crib, but make sure you plan ahead as both kids will need bigger beds. Don't have shelving or other objects that are so big you won't be able to easily upgrade bed sizes.
  • Babies can't have access to the same toys as toddlers or older kids. Make sure any choking hazards are kept on a shelf where your older child can reach them, but they're still safe from the baby.
  • Make use of nightlights. Babies wake up often at night. If you want to get to your baby without waking your older child, place a nightlight in the bedroom - close to the diaper changing and feeding station then you won't have to turn on a bright light.
Here are two more examples of great shared spaces from Pottery Barn Kids... Curious George bedroom Daisy Garden bedroom

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