Against Her Better Judgment, Bonnie Agreed To An Induction, But Bailey Had His Own Plans

Unlike her previous three pregnancies, her fourth was complicated by gestational diabetes and the threat of induction or a c-section. Read on to find out how Bonnie's baby decided to come on his own terms, giving her a smooth labor and delivery without pitocin or a knife!
by Bonnie

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Bonnie's story This pregnancy was number four for me and was to be my last. I knew this going into it and really tried to take in all of the wonders of pregnancy for the last time. Unlike with my other three, I ended up getting gestational diabetes. I was quite shocked and really upset by the whole idea of injecting myself with insulin every day. But scary as it was, I got through it.

As our due date grew nearer we started to get concerned about our baby's size. My doctor was afraid that he was going to be too big for me to deliver on my own so we started talking about induction. I had had my daughter via induction and was less than thrilled with the idea. I knew my labor would be much harder and more difficult and I really wanted to avoid an induction if possible.

About a week and a half before our due date I started having contractions really close and hard. After dealing with this all day, I finally went in to the doctor to be checked out. I was told that I was having false labor and that I was only dilated to 2 cm. I went home and the contractions slowed down but still remained ever-present.

The next morning I awoke to a great deal of bright red blood when I went to the bathroom and no contractions. I went to the hospital and they treated me like I was made out of glass. They told me they were afraid that my placenta was tearing away from the wall of my uterus. If this were the case I would need a C-section. After an ultrasound that lasted for an hour and a quarter, we were relieved to find that my placenta was intact and the bleeding was just another sign of the onset of labor.

My doctor checked my cervix again and told us that while I wasn't dilated anymore than the previous day I was fully effaced and he expected me back in 24 hours. We again went home and waited.

Two days passed. We lost our induction date for the next week since we had missed our regular appointment while we were in the hospital! Friday morning I went in for my regular appointment and received wonderful news. I was now dilated to four, something I had not achieved with my other three with out having my water broken and my doctor wanted us to come to the hospital Saturday morning to have our baby! Wonderful! We agreed to meet at the hospital the next morning and I went off to complete some last minute details.

My contractions had been getting increasingly stronger all day but I just figured that these too would go away. I got home and laid my two-year-old down for a nap and went and crawled in the tub to ease the pain of the contractions. I started to time them and lo and behold they were becoming quite regular. By the time my fiancee came home two hours later I was having to concentrate pretty hard on my "false labor."

I called the doctor and he said maybe we should come in and get checked. We arrived at the hospital at 7:08 pm on Friday the 13th of October. I was dilated to 6 cm and my bag of waters was bulging! I asked for an epidural, as I knew that it was going to get harder, and 45 minutes after arriving had it in place. At 10 pm I was at 9 cm and feeling great. By 10:45 I was at 10 cm and ready to push.

Our little bundle of blue was born at 11:08 pm. Exactly four hours after arriving at the hospital! I was stunned that I had actually delivered so fast and without having to be induced. We keep teasing and saying that our little Bailey wanted to pick his own birthday and that was why things went so fast! After what had been a very trying pregnancy it was really nice to have such a smooth labor and

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