A drug commonly used to halt premature labor may be associated with brain damage and intestinal issues in premature babies, according to a new analysis of studies on the issue published today in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
When a woman goes into labor early, obstetricians are faced with the possibility of delivering a baby who is not ready to breathe air on its own. Often the mother will be given both a tocolytic agent, or drug used to stop labor, and a steroid to help the baby's lungs mature faster. After the baby has had a couple days to allow the steroid to work, the tocolytic agent will be stopped and the mother may give birth shortly after.

"As pediatricians and neonatalogists, it's important for us to know whether the benefit of these drugs outweighs the potential for complications for these medically fragile children," said Sanjiv Amin, M.D., assistant professor of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center and author of an article on the subject. "In the case of the tocolytic agent indomethacin, we know it impacts blood flow but there have been no large randomized studies to evaluate the effects on the baby."

Dozens of studies have been done, but none have had a large sample size or a definitive outcome on the effects of indomethacin. The new analysis of a collection of studies, or a metaanalysis, by University of Rochester Medical Center researchers pulls together enough data to conclude that there is an association between use of indomethacin and babies experiencing periventricular leukomalacia (white matter injury by decreasing blood flow in the brain, which may lead to cerebral palsy).

The analysis also showed an association between indomethacin and necrotizing entercolitis (a condition in which intestinal tissue dies, which can sometimes be successfully treated with antibiotics but can require surgery and even cause death), especially for those babies who were exposed to the drug within days of birth. However, use of antenatal indomethacin is not associated with intraventricular hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain), patent ductus arteriosus (a congenital heart defect), respiratory distress syndrome (a life-threatening lung disorder) or death.

Obstetricians often use indomethacin only when women go into labor extremely early. But many obstetricians believe it is more effective and has fewer side effects for the mother than other commonly used tocolytic agents, and so they may use it for woman whose babies are farther along.

Christopher Glantz, MD, MPH, professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Rochester Medical Center and a co-author of the paper, said he hopes the analysis will encourage obstetricians to use the drug only when women are in labor very early when their babies are at most risk of the problems related to prematurity.

"It's important for us to realize that these drugs are not benign," Glantz said. "None of the drugs we have to stop labor work all that well, and we're stuck between a rock -- a premature baby who could benefit from more time in the womb -- and a hard place -- a baby who may develop problems because of drugs such as indomethacin that may provide extra time in the womb.

"We need to use the drug only on those who need it most." PregnancyAndBaby.com

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A lot of affiliates consider cupboard stifles its voice and also is reduced the part for keep councillor.

Evenly long term usually are fears above "closed doors" whenever key or even hypersensitive selections tend to be described.

It is All of our Region (IOC) innovator Cllr Anthony Abilities claimed his / her party was "actively exploring" choices to showcase that may be presented because protection plan.

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Cllr Joe Matthews, Impartial class director, mentioned his users sought "changes in some form" in order to making decisions in front of the election.

Individuals shifts, reported Cllr Matthews, centred about thoughts close to a head unit that's based a lot more all around special committees compared to a one case growing the actual scope regarding counsel.

Display case, that way, may be composed of this board chair with the local innovator getting the sending your line vote, he stated.

The particular motive to switch, discussed by simply Cllr Matthews inside of a notice into the Hereford Instances recently, moved this abolition motions forwards.

The role connected with critique is largely seen as needing a change too.

In Could, your Independents together with Tories procured power over the particular synopsis and inspection committee, ousting your IOC chairman together with deputy chairman.

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The Government has recently unveiled an assessment upload licences, but zero selections were taken on suspensions.

Mister Connection explained: "Both Processor Clegg and i also consent that we should suspend export licences designed for military services equipment that is used by Israel in Gaza. We're causeing the situation in Administration yet haven't been able to uncover seek it. I really hope and also expect of which to switch immediately.Inch

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I like to see young guys get a chance."Parcells also recalled what he declared "my saddest day in professional football," when he guided the Jets to the AFC Championship Game and had a 10-0 lead in the third quarter before succumbing to John Elway and the Denver Broncos.Parcells compared that defeat to the top-seeded New England Patriots' stunning elimination Sunday."It was such a devastating loss, it's hard to explain how I felt," Parcells said. "I'm sure it's how Bill Belichick felt last Sunday.
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"When he has the ball the last drive of the game, defenses are terrified. That's what you want as a quarterback. Brooks Conrad had four go-ahead home runs in the seventh inning or later this season, the most on the Atlanta Braves, and two shy of the MLB leader, Carlos Lee.He hit .378 with runners in scoring position (fourth-best in the NL, sixth-best in the majors, minimum 50 plate appearances) and .341 in what are known as "high-leverage situations" (a Next-Level stat, measuring performance in situations in which a team's chances of winning are most dependent on performance).Season ChronologyMay 11: In his first start of the season, filling in for an injured Chipper Jones, Conrad homers and has a Web Gem in an 11-3 rout of the Milwaukee Brewers. He'd start again the next day, hit a home run and drive in four more.May 20: Conrad caps a ninth-inning rally with a walk-off pinch-hit grand slam, giving the Braves, who trailed 9-3 entering the ninth inning, a 10-9 win over the Cincinnati Reds.
The Padres went back and forth with the Giants during the month of September, only to lose three of four to the Chicago Cubs in their second-to-last series of the season. The Padres won at least 90 games for the fourth time in franchise history, but this is the first time they won at least 90 and didn't make the postseason.2009 Detroit TigersLed AL Central by 7 Games on Sept.
Based on reps this summer, Dennis Dixon is the next player in line if Leftwich cannot play. Dixon, who completed his only pass against Carolina on Thursday, did not distinguish himself (two interceptions) in extended action Sunday against Denver.
There's certainly a chance that San Antonians could draw the short stick, depending on how the schedule plays out.If you believe in karma, this isn't a good move for the Cowboys. They've obviously never won a playoff game after holding training camp in Oxnard.
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Chargers quarterback threw for 373 yards. Tight end Antonio Gates continued his hot streak with 167 yards receiving.While he didn't have a huge game, San Diego running back LaDainian Tomlinson made history.
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The Philadelphia Eagles signed former Bengals starting linebacker Rashad Jeanty to a 1-year contract Sunday. It seems like the Eagles take a chance on an injured free agent every offseason, but with Jeanty, they might have hit on something.He's returned from an ankle injury that kept him out for the entire 2010 season. He was a productive player for the Bengals in '08 and '09, and he's only 27.
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If the Giants can get their running game going again, Manning will be that much more dangerous. Last season, the Giants finished last in rushing. Imagine how much deadlier Manning can be with an effective running game and play-action? Manning threw for 4,933 yards and 29 touchdowns last season without a top-notch running game.
Jefferson, who made seven starts last season after Toler was injured. Throw in third-round choice Jamell Fleming, the team's most impressive rookie during minicamps, and the Cardinals have a genuine camp competition on their hands. The assumption is that Michael Adams would project more in a nickel role, not as a starter.
Cocky. Immature."The result was about a six-month period when Gilyard was homeless. He lived out of his car -- a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am -- while working four jobs and trying to get back in school and on his feet.Gilyard is not ashamed to share his story."I speak it truthfully and as gracefully as I can," Gilyard said.
The Bills would've liked to keep Edwards, but chances are his salary was too much for the role Buffalo had in mind for him in 2012. Edwards should have no problem finding a new team. Solid defensive tackles are hard to find.What's next: The Bills' starters are set.
The Baltimore Ravens desperately need a pass-rusher.Osi Umenyiora wants a raise and potentially a change of scenery.Are Osi and the Ravens a great match? I think so.With few pass-rushers available in free agency, the Ravens would be wise to make their best possible pitch to the New York Giants for Umenyiora, who is unhappy. He had 11.5 sacks last season, which is only 15.5 fewer than the Ravens had as a team.Baltimore plans to be more aggressive getting to the quarterback this year. But for the most part, the talent along the front seven is the same, with linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs being the only natural pass-rusher of that group.
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We'll get some pictures of it this evening and I'll know more tomorrow. He could have gone back in the game. I believe the Eagles and McCoy will get a deal done eventually. I do not know if it will or can be done before training camp, before the regular season or before next offseason.
New Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton brings a West Coast style offense, but he will try to carry-over some of the best elements of what Bruce Arians pulled off in Andrew Luck's first season.Hamilton spoke with Indianapolis media Wednesday and the team shared a transcript."We're not just a one-dimensional football team," Hamilton said. "We want to create conflicts for our opponents.
Andy Reid's decision to go with Michael Vick as starting quarterback is stunning.[+] Enlarge Randy Litzinger/Icon SMIMichael Vick has been named the starting quarterback in Philadelphia.It's also a mistake and out of character for an organization that usually doesn't make reactionary moves.The Eagles' plan was to develop Kevin Kolb as Donovan McNabb's replacement and have Vick available as a backup and to run Wildcat plays. Unless Reid feels as though Kolb has serious concussion issues, the decision to make him the backup is further proof the Eagles should have waited a year to make a quarterback transition.The Vick comeback is one of the best stories in football this season.
1 receiver Marques Colston out with an injury, that didn't change anything. The Saints simply got guys like tight end Jimmy Graham and Adrian Arrington more involved and the offense didn't miss a beat.What else I liked: The defense got some redemption after a horrible performance in the opener against Green Bay.
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It's hard to be too critical of the Lions given their history in these types of games. They overcame a 20-0 halftime deficit at the Metrodome last season and already have three fourth-quarter comeback victories this season.
Emmanuel Sanders, Pittsburgh17. Percy Harvin, Minnesota18. That will make for a lot of prognostications about an aerial assault and a big shootout in Miami.Trouble is, it's pigeonholing either club to suggest it's all about Peyton Manning or Drew Brees.The Saints are a balanced offense, with a run game that was sixth in the league keyed by Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas. The Colts have a stingy scoring defense that's allowed only 18.2 points a game and limited opponents in the regular season to seven passing plays of 30 yards or more.Turnovers, always a key, are a New Orleans forte.
With minicamp opening, we may start to get some sense of their plans. Claiborne won't be on the field this week, but he'll be there learning the defense with the rest of the guys.
I didn't want to to come out to my mom anytime soon, as soon as I walked into my door my mom started yelling and screaming asking why I did that and calling me a freak. I am eighteen now and she supports me a hundred percent.What did you say? I told my mom that nothing was different about me just that I love a different way.
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Rebilas/US PresswireThe Panthers have done a great job of developing rookie quarterback Cam Newton.Newton has totally blown those doubts away in his first seven games. He's proved the critics wrong. But the thing that people need to realize is that the Panthers deserve a ton of credit for cutting right through all the myths about Newton very early in the process.General manager Marty Hurney did more homework on Newton than he ever has on any player.
OAKLAND &ndash;- Unless the Kansas City Chiefs collapse in the second half, the Chiefs will eliminate the Oakland Raiders before they play on Sunday.The Chiefs are rolling, 31-7, against visiting Tennessee early in the third quarter. A Kansas City victory would make it 10-5 and eliminate the 7-7 Raiders, who host the Colts on Sunday. Interestingly, the big screen in Oakland was displaying updates of every game in the NFL except one &hellip; the game in Kansas City.If San Diego loses on Sunday afternoon at Cincinnati and the Chiefs hold on to win, the Chiefs will win their first AFC West title in seven years.
Smith (knee), running back Brandon Saine (knee) and cornerback Sam Shields (shin) did not return to the game. Erik Walden replaced Perry, Brad Jones played for Smith and rookie Casey Hayward had two late interceptions after replacing Shields. We'll provide an update Monday on their statuses.Defense shines: Even with those injuries, the Packers doubled the number of sacks Texans quarterback Matt Schaub had taken (three) and the number of interceptions he had thrown (two).
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