How hard will it be to get around after your baby is born? That depends a lot on what kind...
How hard will it be to get around after your baby is born? That depends a lot on what kind of birth you had -- how long it took, how much you tore, if you had an episiotomy, etc. In general, these are the factors that will impact how easy -- or how hard -- it will be to walk after giving birth vaginally: Swelling/stitches: The labia and perineum are likely to be pretty sore, even if you didn't tear or receive an episiotomy. Until the swelling goes down and the wounds start to heal, it's going to hurt to have your legs together! (You might also have an ice pack down under.) Bleeding: You will probably have a lot of blood coming out of you, which may be caught by an industrial-strength maxi pad. It's not going to be too easy to walk while keeping what seems to be a sheepskin seat cover in your pants. Bone brusing: This isn't a problem for everyone, but if it is, it usually affects the tailbone or pubic bone, generally where the baby bumped against you, or where the bone separated a little during birth. It's especially noticeable when your baby had a big huge head, and makes it sort of feel like the leg muscle's no longer connected to the hip bone. Even after the birth of a 15" round head, however, we can tell you that this lasts no more than a day or two. (The wonders of the human body!) Similarly, the pain from back labor can linger a couple days as your tailbone protests loudly whenever you walk or sit down. This, too, should get a lot better quite quickly. Exhaustion: Extreme fatigue can lead to weakness, dizziness and simply feeling tired down to your bones. Be careful on your feet! Effects of medication(s): If you're on Vicodin or something similar, you might be a little spacey and ought to stay off your feet until you feel stable and/or are off the meds. Even if you don't feel like it -- and even if you really, really don't feel like it -- the hospital staff will try to get you up on your feet very soon after birth. They may get tricky, doing things like taking out your catheter (if you had one) to leave you with the option of peeing in your bed or walking to the bathroom. They will also try to entice you with things like a nice shower... and some have been known to use the lure of a cute little newborn baby to get you puttin' one foot in front of the other. As hard as it may be, it really is in your best interest to get back to walking around on your own. And rest assured, it will get easier every time. But be careful out there, and do not try to carry your baby at all until you're steady on your feet.

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