The symphysis pubis is the front part of your hip bone, and, as the name might suggest, it can be...
pregnant woman exercise fitness physio ballThe symphysis pubis is the front part of your hip bone, and, as the name might suggest, it can be felt beneath where the pubic hair grows. These bones are connected by ligaments -- ligaments that can loosen quite noticeably during pregnancy, due to the effects of the hormone relaxin. The purpose of this is to allow your hips to open just a bit as the baby moves through the birth canal. Even a few extra millimeters of space can make a difference to his progress! (See also: Why do your feet get bigger during pregnancy?) The down side is that the loosening can be painful, particularly when moving from lying down to a sitting or standing position, or when going from sitting to standing. The pain is often more pronounced in a second or subsequent pregnancy. The best way to manage this aching joint is to exercise care when moving your hips in order to avoid strain. For example, be careful getting in and out of bed (try turning on your side, then move your legs off the bed) and try not to twist or flex your hips too much. Use pillows to help you get into comfortable sleeping position that won't over-extend your joints. For relief from the discomfort you can engage in a couple activities that take the weight and pressure off the area. Floating or swimming in a pool or deep tub can feel positively blissful. You may also find it comfortable to relax on an exercise ball. The pubic bone can also make its presence known after birth -- especially after delivering a particularly big baby, or one with a huge head. When it manifests at this time, walking can be near impossible for a day or two because of the sharp pains that occur every time you put weight on the joint. Take it easy for a little while, and you'll be just fine.

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