Whether you're looking just to trim your bikini area or usually aim for a complete Brazilian, the body logistics of...
Whether you're looking just to trim your bikini area or usually aim for a complete Brazilian, the body logistics of late pregnancy can make reaching your nether regions a little difficult, to say the least. Rather than us offering you suggestions, we're going to let a few anonymous "been there, done that" moms from our message boards tell you how they handled the pregnancy and pubic hair issue:
I got out my own trimmer and razor stood in front of the mirror and did what needed to be done! I had a doctor's appointment with my first cervical check, and the hedge needed a trimming. No way around it! Man, I may not be able to see it, but I can sure feel it! Call me Helen Keller with a trimmer, baby! I still trim the hedges and break out the edger, all without sight! We are on a tight budget these days - I just can't afford a lawn guy. and my husband isn't up for the job! Still able to manage myself, but I am sure that soon enough I am going to have to have my husband step in. Don't think he is looking forward to it -- I guess he is afraid of cutting me. But there is no way I can just let it go... it would just get way out of hand. Not one of those lucky ones that can do without. I have been doing it blind for over a month now... yikes! My husband said he would help now if I need him to, but for now, I am still okay in a mirror! I can't stand the thought of baring it all for a wax job in a salon, but that would be a good alternative! I am still okay on my own. But when I can't use my razor anymore, I'm heading for his clippers... The thought of letting him near me with a razor makes me want a blood transfusion waiting. Either I'd wind up with a major piece missing, or he'd shave some kind of funky thing in there. Yup the husband helps me, too! He is a little nervous with a razor, but does fine as long as I dont move a muscle. I have to keep some semblance of order, because of the Mommy and Me swimming classes that we go to, but the parts about the clippers really got me thinking. I think I will have to have a go -- I just shaved my husband's head for his work... About pregnancy bikini waxing -- don't do it unless you have a numbing cream or an extremely high threshold for pain. My best girlfriend did it when she was 6 months pregnant. and she said she almost died -- everything is much much more sensitive than usual down there! Right now, I can still see down there so I am managing on my own, but I've decided that as soon as I can't anymore, I'm treating myself to a leg and bikini wax (definitely not a Brazilian though). I just don't trust anyone down there with a razor -- even someone who loves me.
If you're nervous about looking positively perfect for the crew who will be delivering the baby, well, try not to stress too much. They've seen it all, they're not likely to care one way or the other, and there will be a lot more important stuff going on than for them to take bets on whether your pubic hair has been trimmed into the shape of a heart or it's just a simple "landing strip." That said, ladies, good luck -- and be careful with the sharp implements.

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