Becoming a new mom is hard work. Luckily there are many places that expecting and new moms can go for...
Becoming a new mom is hard work. Luckily there are many places that expecting and new moms can go for advice and support, such as new mom message boards. There are fewer places that focus specifically on new dads and their needs. Here are some ways you can help your partner to become a responsible and engaged father. presto44_p1050387_8×10-250×200.jpgPut him to work. Give him important tasks before your baby arrives. Let dad install the baby’s car seat. Tell him that you’d love a hand in keeping the house clean or picking out a special outfit for your baby to wear home from the hospital. After you bring your newborn home encourage him to jump right in. He can change a diaper -- in fact, with very little practice he’ll become a pro. Burping, dressing, and bathing are great baby care tasks that he can participate in. Actually putting parenting skills into practice will build confidence in a new dad. Encourage your partner to attend baby activities. Granted, at this point your little one won’t have a full social calendar, but baby activities, such as doctor appointments and playgroups will help your partner to learn how to take care of a baby -- from someone other than you. This will build morale -- and who knows, he may be able to teach you something new. Interested in more ideas that will help your partner to be the best father possible? Your partner does not need rescuing. It can be agonizing to stand by and watch your partner stumble around trying to figure out how to work tiny snaps on a onesie as your baby screams. However, if you jump in and save him, he’ll never learn to do tasks his own way (not to mention annoy him and/or undermine his confidence). Also, you may never get a break because guess who will always be tending the baby? Trust me. You want the break. Discuss important decisions (and even the smaller decisions). It may seem easier to make choices about pediatricians and what kind of crib to buy on your own. But it’s important to encourage your partner to help make choices that will affect your baby. It’s empowering for your partner to hear that you value his opinion. By putting these ideas into action you can help your partner to focus on becoming an engaged, responsible, and committed father; in other words, the kind of father you’d love your baby to have.

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